How Facebook has changed over the years [Comic]

How many dotTechies are Facebook users? Aside from an account to maintain dotTech’s Facebook fanpage, I am proud to say I am no longer a Facebook user. Keyword to note is “no longer”; I actually was one of the first Facebook adopters (before it became really big, actually) but quit roughly five years back because I realized it is stupid and I don’t need it. Luckily I quit right as Facebook started to become more Myspace and less Facebook, so I left it at a high point. For those of you that have stuck around with Facebook through think and thin, you will probably appreciate the following comic. Check it out:


[via C-Section Comics]

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  • tejas

    Never been to FB, likely never will……………… ;)

  • lancer

    The only really good use I’ve had for FB was during floods a couple of years ago. It was like an old party line telephone. You could connect with friends and find out which roads were open, who needed help etc. As there’s almost no media coverage in our rural area we used FB to show photos of the devestation and put out calls for volunteers to help with the cleanup of the school and homes that were flooded. The results were very positive.

    Apart from that I’ve seldom used it.

  • Strahd

    I never got into the social media thing (facebook, myspace, twitter etc.). I never found it appealing to use. Sure friends ask me to make an account, but i tell them that i prefer to speak to them in person or at least in a phone call and that its good to “hear” from them instead of read of them.

    I made a facebook account for a freebie here on dottech some years back but after creating it and getting the licence, i deleted the account, and never went for those facebook freebies again.

    I say there is no reason to use social media anymore. With the creation of skype, Tango and other voip apps/software, you can now see and hear the people you are wanting to keep in touch with all over the world.

  • JC

    Yup! Actually I was never much of a FB Fan, but did join way back also, just to see what all the commotion was about. Only I thought they were too intrusive, wasn’t about to upload all my contact data as requested, and to me it felt like Google on steroids. I was convinced there was a method to the madness…

    Although I was never much for MySpace either. I grew up in the DOS BBS world. So give me some good old fashioned traditional forums any old day. : )


  • David Roper

    Trouble is (and I tried to quit for 3 months) that you cannot go anywhere or post a comment without being on Facebook. TV Stations have caved in so that A comment requires FB status.

  • AFPhys

    As real investors say: Next.

  • Tom

    True. Not funny.