TenClips gives you 10 clipboards and the ability to purify copied text

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At one time or another everyone of us has copied something then copied another thing (effectively overwriting the former copy) without remembering we already had important data copied (a few obscene and censored words usually follow after the fact). To help users avoid this problem, there are many clipboard managers out there, such as Clipboardic, Clipmagic, ClipX, etc.; TenClips is another software created to allow us to easily copy and paste multiple things at once without data conflict. However, TenClips is not another clipboard manager in the same sense as the other mentioned software are.

TenClips does not track all the data being copied to your clipboard and list it for you so you can paste it back at will. Rather TenClips gives you 10 clipboards (Unicode is supported for all clipboards) and you are allowed to copy and paste to/from any of the 10 clipboards easily and at any time (each clipboard works just like the normal Windows clipboard). The advantage of this approach is your copy/paste process is a lot more streamlined. The disadvantage, obviously, is you will not be able to copy/paste more than 10 things at a time. I personally love the 10-clipboard-with-hotkeys approach much better than the typical clipboard monitoring approach.

What makes TenClips so useful, and streamlined, is it works exclusively with hotkeys:


You can access these settings by right clicking on the system tray icon and selecting “Settings…”.

You simply have to press Ctrl+1 to use the first clipboard, Ctrl+2 for the second, Ctrl+3 for the third, and so on and so forth (these hotkeys are completely customizable). Once you are using the clipboard you want, the usual cut/copy and paste procedures will get the job done (i.e. Ctrl + X/Ctrl + C and Ctrl+V or Right click -> Cut/Copy or Paste).

In addition to giving you 10 clipboards to use, TenClips gives you the ability to paste “purified” text (by default hotkey is Win+V to post “purified” text). “Purified” text is the text you copied with all the formatting removed. The effect of posting “purified” text with TenClips is just as if you were to copy heavily formatted text (for example green, bold, and underlined), paste it into Notepad to remove the formatting, and then copy it again. This feature is extremely useful for people who copy text often from websites.

Another handy bonus feature is, TenClips allows you to post your text in all uppercase or all lowercase letters.

Keep in mind when posting purified text (or uppercase/lowercase text), you will be posting from the clipboard you are using currently. In other words, if you are on clipboard 5, you will purify the text in clipboard 5 and paste it. If you want to post the text in clipboard 1 you need to change to clipboard 1 before trying to post purified text.

If at this point you are thinking “this is great and all, but how do I remember what clipboard I am on and what text it holds”, don’t worry. TenClips has a system tray icon that displays the number of the clipboard you are using currently and holding your mouse over the icon will tell you what text is in that clipboard:


Other useful features of the system tray icon are:

  • Double clicking on the system tray icon will clear the contents of all 10 keyboards.
  • In addition to using hotkeys, you can switch between clipboards by right clicking on the system tray icon:


While I must say I really like TenClips, I really wish there is one feature the developer adds. The ability to see what is in your current clipboard by holding the mouse over the system tray icon is nice, but I would rather the developer adds the ability to view the contents of all clipboards at once. This makes it easier to view the contents of your clipboards than having to rotate through each clipboard to try to remember which clipboard holds what.

Another (novelty) feature I would like to see in TenClips is the ability to share and sync clipboards across networks and/or the internet.

Overall, though, TenClips is a great program. So far it is one of my favorite clipboard utilities because I personally love the 10-clipboard-with-hotkeys approach much better than the typical clipboard monitoring approach. You may download TenClips from the following link:

Version reviewed: v1.1

TenClips officially works on Windows XP/Vista/Win7

Click here to download TenClips

Be sure to check out dotTech’s review on Best Free Clipboard Manager for Windows!

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  • I believe it leaves TenClips for dead, and has many other features. :D

  • Ashraf

    @Bettie Page 9000: We can’t guarantee anything simply because we don’t know everything. However, I assure you anything that is posted about on dotTech has been tested by us and to the best of our knowledge is virus/malware free.

  • Bettie Page 9000

    Hey there Ashraf! – Love your quality info!
    Are all the (non-advertisement section) downloads on your site here guaranteed tested free and clear of viruses or malware of any kind, not counting toolbars we can opt out of by not checking a box to add them at the installation agreement stage?

  • peter

    hi Ashraf
    you may like to try ditto.it’s a open source clipboard manager with keyboard shortcuts for recent 10 clips.

  • Ashraf

    @Rob: That software looks nice but I really hate these text-snippet-word-sentence-completion type software. They so annoying imo. However I will take a look at it thanks!

  • Rob

    Hi Ashraf,
    You might like to check out PhraseExpress.
    It is free for non commercial use.
    I was trying your TenClips and ClipX etc, when I tripped over PhraseExpress.
    I believe it leaves TenClips for dead, and has many other features.
    You can add a new high level folder called Clips, and pop your frequently used clips in there. Just ensure that the clip you wish to store is in the Windows Clipboard, and click the systray icon, and click the Create new Phrase option under your Clips menu item, and hit enter or click Save. Presto it is stored, and is easily pasted from the systray from now on.
    You can also assign a hot key, if you want, or an Auto text code.
    EG If I had robhp@bigpond.com.au in there, I could assign robhp` to it. Then when I wanted that, I would type robhp` and a space, and hey presto it has expanded it.
    You can choose what the trigger character is. I chose the ` (top left of the keyboard), as it does not require the shift key to press it.
    (PS I don’t have a bigpond email address.)
    I have another high level folder called Phrases, and that is where I store the more permanent strings, such as my email address.
    Generally I would just use the Clips folder for semi-temporary clips (and would rarely assign Autotext to them).
    Talking about the other autotext features of this program. It is very well done. We both shared dislike of those programs, but this one is very good (not a PIA).
    It also remembers recent clipboard entries.
    It has many other features as well.

    PS I typed re` and a space,
    to get

    PPS Not related to above
    Did you know that in CometBird (and I assume FF), you can highlight some text, then right click it to choose – ‘Search Google for PhraseExpress’
    It opens up a new Tab, with the Google page, and the search completed.
    ACTUALLY I LIED, as PhraseExpress, has a similar ability to do that, from any other program (Notepad, Word, etc)
    I am typing this into my Notepad’ish program, and I just highlighted ‘similar’
    I then pressed Ctrl F8, and up popped a popup menu. I just hit enter twice, and it opened up a new tab in my browser, and Googled for me the word ‘similar’
    And I decided to make ‘ACTUALLY I LIED’ into uppercase and PhraseExpress converted that for me.

    PPPS They make their money by employees recommending the program to their companies.
    You may be able to get them to provide a link from your web site, and they may pay something if there are multiple downloads.

  • KillNoise

    I found me to not realy get to use those clipboard managers i installed before. But this one is different & outstanding for its text formating options.
    Thank You for the tip, Ashraf !

    However, i’ve one other point the developer might change for better:
    Double-click on tray icon will erase all clipboards – none intuitive for me and thus anoying.
    Better (intuitive): use double-click to open a list of all 10 clipboard items, then single click one clipboard item to activate.
    Further possible extension: second double-click on clipboard list item might immediately paste (at last caret position).
    The clipboard list from tray might be left open for further select/paste until explicitly closed or possibly timeout.

    Wouldn’t that be fine ?
    Maybe you are in contact with developer to forward this idea.

  • eightyj

    Or you could just use Yankee Clipper III.

  • Sue D. Nymme

    Wow, you read my mind, Ashraf. :-)


  • Ashraf

    @Janet: I replied to a comment on another post =). If you click on it the link will take you there.

  • Janet

    How can the first post be a reply…..:-)….?

  • Ashraf

    @Sue D. Nymme: While TenClips still does not give you the ability to exclude an app from posting to clipboard, you can solve your emac problem by changing the clipboard to say, clipboard 10, while using emacs then change it back to clipboard 1 so your “main” clipboards don’t get junked up.