Not sure if you want Windows 7? Download the 90 days Windows 7 Enterprise evaluation copy today and give it a go

I recently made the switch to Windows 7and love it. It is [feels] faster, better looking, and has more features than my previous OS, Vista. Also I do not have to restart my router to get internet every time I restart my computer… like I had to on Vista (!!!!). Of course I got Windows 7 for very cheap: a whopping $15 for Windows 7 Professional x86.

Before I got on Windows 7, I was not really sure if I wanted it or if I should stay with Vista (the cheap price made me pull the trigger). If you are in the same boat as I was, Microsoft has released a 90 days evaluation copy of Windows 7 Enterprise (x86 or x64, English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese) which you can download and try for 90 days to convince yourself if you really need Windows 7 or not. This download is available to the whole public (thought technically it is for “IT Professionals”) and you need not be part of special groups like TechNet and what not. Take note this is RTM – not Beta or RC – so it will be the exact same version as what will be sold in stores come October.

If after you have used it and decided you do not want Windows 7, you can “uninstall” it/remove it from your computer by following the directions I list at my post on how to remove Windows from your computer.

You can download 90 day trial of Windows 7 Enterprise from the following link:

***You will download an ISO which you will need to burn to a DVD or put it on a bootable USB

Click here to download 90 day trial of Windows 7 Enterprise

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  • Ashraf

    @Emrys: Wait is FF 3.5.2 buggy or Win7? Because neither FF nor Win7 is buggy for me. However I am on RTM and not RC.

    Yes I do suggest you go for this 90 do trial because this is RTM and you have RC. RTM is a later version and more stable.

  • Emrys

    I’m running Win7 EC build 7100 on my Vaio VGN-NR120E 32 Bit 2G RAM. Usually use FF3.5.2 also. It’s a little buggy. Seems to become unresponsive at intervals of 20-30 min and then come back normally without reboot or FF restart. Aside from that nuisance, I’m glad I dumped Vista. Initial boot time is much faster too. If you have any ideas to smooth out system performance, please let me know. I already did a disk cleanup with the usual MS software after install, in case you wondered. Should I install this 90 day version?