Reasons to visit Wikipedia [Comic]

Remember the days of the hardback encyclopedias? The ones that salespeople would go door to door to try to sell? Yeah, well, aside from colleges, universities, and libraries, no one really has those anymore. We all use Wikipedia now (whether you admit it publicly or not). My question to you is why do you visit Wikipedia? To get an assignment done? To learn something new? To prove someone wrong? Yeah…


[via Doghousediaries]

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  • David

    No, I use it to prove my wife is wrong! That’s the end of the story.

  • mukhi

    wikipedia is a great source but the information should be checked before using it in a formal write-up.

  • thegreenwizard

    I though the first reason was:

    Writing the “true” about ourself…

  • AFPhys

    I always admit I use Wikipedia, but also always add the proviso that I verify the information I find there if there is any possibility of it being a “politically correct” article for some reason… (religion, politics, biography, unfortunately some fields in science, etc.)