Liger vs tiger, fight! [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Tigers have made repeated appearances on dotTech’s Amazing Photo of the Day, while we also had a day where I shared a few liger photos I found on the Internet. How about a tiger and a liger in the same image?

Check out the following image. It appears to be a tiger and a liger duking it out. Chances are, the image is photoshopped… especially considering how rare ligers are. Check it out:


[via Facebook]

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  • Giovanna

    It’s not a liger.
    It’s a snow white tiger. It happens when a white tiger breeds a golden tiger.

  • Ray Mr. E0™

    That’s certainly NOT a liger. It is a snow white tiger. It’s the offspring of a white tiger and a golden tabby tiger.

  • Paul D

    Unlike the cheetah v leopard I’m not certain of this, but I reckon that’s a white tiger, not a liger.

    Just google “liger” in google images. There’s a mixture of ugly ill-proportioned dirty grey brown or striped animals. Nothing like the magnificent beast pictured.

    But it will be added to my wallpaper collection regardless.

  • etim

    I don’t know about photoshopping, but it is staged, at least. Unless the tiger hired some high dollar groundskeepers, they’re playing on astroturf.
    And I too, am experienced a cat overload, but then, I just finished watching “The Life of Pi”.

  • Susanne

    No limit at all on cats here, big or small. As for the photo, since ligers come from tigers, it’s possible to find two together, I should think. Siblings wrestling, maybe? A little parent-to-offspring disciplining? Even if it IS photoshopped, it’s amazing to see these beautiful animals in any surroundings.

  • JMJ

    Nice picture but “Cheetahs -vs- Leopards” exceeded my Maximum-Weekly Requirement of big cats, thank you. Have a great weekend.