This hilarious video explains why Windows 8 sucks [Video]


Windows 8 has been out for a few months now. In that time, it has won over some people and distanced others. Brian Boyko is clearly in the latter group because he has created a bloody hilarious video explaining why Windows 8 sucks (in his opinion). While I have personally reserved judgement about Windows 8 until I actually use it for longer than a few minutes (although I am not looking forward to Start screen), I must admit the video is funny. Check it out (warning: the video uses some cuss words):


[Thanks Col. Panek!]

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  • tomi01

    You nailed it ! Thank you for your post. I couldn’t agree with you more.

  • Flop Shop

    FIRST….Well done and effective vid to Brian. The 4 ‘C’s make sense to the rational mind.

    Here’s how I see it(shills and puppets of marketing hype need not reply):

    Apple(while not utterly useless, to be sure) is restrictive, greed driven and NOT the salvation from OS hell. Gives a measure of stability at the expense of software availability and GUI options, among other things(generally speaking). Minimized freedom = minimized usefulness.

    Win XP sp2 (while not UTTERLY perfect) gave freedom to the USER…deeply incorporating your four ‘C’s. Generally logical file system. THIS is the primary reason why it is so USER friendly. Files and features tend to be where you THINK they are, NOT because you had to struggle through a high learning curve, but because of direct association by proper labeling and proper place in the directory hierarchy. PERIOD. This is how our minds work with the brain hardware that we have…There is LOGICAL association(the file system)….then experiential association(the learning curve). If C follows B, and B follows A in your system logic then the learning curve is easy, and user is happy and productive. :-) Conversely, if C follows M, and M follows B then, even though one CAN learn the system, it is nevertheless not as efficient as the first example(even if it has ‘shiny lights’ and ‘happy bells’ tinkling in the background).

    Contrary to all these MS shills and school boys who talk about you needing to just LEARN the new Win8, Win10 operating systems, the reason why XP is loved so much is because the core FILE SYSTEM is based on straightforward logic. YES, I too, can learn to drive the proverbial car with the steering wheel under the drivers seat(Wins V7, 8 & 10)…and I could even become proficient at it….that’s NOT the point. The FOUNDATION is flawed.

    OK, a brief history:

    Win Vista/7: Two steps backward, one step forward – Win Vista really started the current parade of dogpile-ware. It convoluted the logical file system of XP, and saturated it with bugs, moreover it was totally unnecessary for users to have over XP. in other words, a greed driven marketing scheme. Vista= 2 steps backwards from XP.

    Win7: Some ‘neato’ new features, sure, but were they worth all the ones left behind? Moreover, the convolution of the file system started sneaking in with Win7….the first drop of ‘poison’ is ‘poison nonetheless. See if you really think Win7 didn’t steal your computing freedom relative to XP, particularly in the comments section. Puppets need not apply here either, too much sound reasoning might make your hair catch fire,…just go get your daily instructions from a commercial or something. They have your best interest at heart…no REALLY, they DO…just ask ’em.
    – 7 undid some of the mess from Vista, but still abandoned many good features of XP, such as the XP search system where you can easily set very specific parameters…and let’s not forget the Taskbar…Yes, you CAN fix Win7 to Taskbar rationally to good effect….but it’s just another step you have to take to get back to a logically useful feature of XP. Many example of this kind of thing are given in other posts and in link above, so I’ll digress. – Win7= 1 step forward from Vista, but Vista was two steps behind XP.

    Win8 – MS starts taking control over YOUR system in a big way. NOT only do you have to TRY to correct it to gain back lost features, NOT ONLY is the file system gone even more wild, but it is yet ANOTHER example of of greed driven, ‘if it aint broke, drop it off a tall building till it is’ convolution of what the USER wants….the USER who is PAYING $ for something that should work for HIM, NOT for M$. Between the video by Brian, and all the great posts I’ll leave it at that for Win8.

    Win10. – This Operating Spystem…oops, I mean System…has deeply entrenched spyware mixed in with the convoluted file system intact from previous floats in this M$ parade(charade) of OS madness. DON’T install if you can at all avoid this. M$ basically says in their End User agreement(EULA) that they will have total access to your system. – Tough crunchies for YOU. This is ON TOP of the incorporations of bloatware and adware to make you buy more M$ ‘products’.

    Finally, if Operating Systems were CARS(my take):

    WinXP – A beefy 4wd pickup truck, that gets great gas mileage, yet can take you off-road whenever you feel like it. A full size truck bed that can haul all your equipment. Easy to fix, Steering wheel right in front of driver. Lets you drive where you want, when you want.

    WinVista – Clown Car from Circus of the Stars. A little flashy, ineffective, and full of creeps wearing fake smiles. You can stil drive where you want, but ‘how far you gonna get’ in a clown car?

    Win7 – A shortbed pickup truck, flames painted on the sides, steering wheel on passenger side. Still drivable, unnecessarily high learning curve. Covers on the headlights that have to be removed every time you drive at night. Useful, but not AS useful. Relatively inefficient, Needs huge motor just to match XP speeds.

    Win8 – A Roll Royce KIT car on a Yugo body(do they even still make Yugos?). Complete with steering wheel under driver seat, must use legs to steer. M$ programs car to only turn on streets whose name begins with a vowel. Even less control for the USER who ‘bought’ it.

    Win10 – A wheelless El Camino that needs a jet engine under the hood just to start the %$@$ thing up. Bloatware, Adware, Controlware and SPYWARE permeate this crossing of the ‘line in the sand’ excuse for an Operating System. I’ll stop computing altogether before I would give MS another dime for their offenses against the public. I WONT use Apple for reasons above and more. I’ve never used Linux, but if that’s the only source that isn’t trying to rip me off when/if XP stops working, then so be it.

    Steering wheel in the trunk? Ha! What steering wheel ?!?!!? M$ has taken remote satellite control over this abomination, and allows you to ‘ride along’ if you’re willing to pay the $FEE, oh, by the way….if you ‘act now’ they’ll give you a swift kick in the teeth as a bonus.

    I think I’ll go do something unselfish and nice for somebody else now…just to disassociate myself from these corporate devils.

    Have a nice day, and don’t forget to unplug and go look at the stars every now and then.

  • Jamie Huntoon

    Awesome…my feelings exactly. LOL watched it twice.

  • Matthew

    I love windows 8 i have had it for over a year and i have had no problems

  • dingledomg

    Lol, god article, although a bit old, I guess. I think thats why in most Microsoft commercials that I’ve seen, are just folks dancing around or tapping their pens on their table, and aren’t actually doing anything productive… is because they couldn’t figure it out either.

  • Delbert McCord

    Classic Shell is what I use. Windows is trying to be everything to everyone. Why don’t they design a tablet that is better than everyone else and also continue selling a Windows operating system for computers that is not trying to make my computer into a tablet?

    They had a good operating system with XP and Windows 7 but they want to give everyone a reason to go buy a new operating system. I understand them Microsoft needing to keep money coming in so why not continue supporting XP or Windows 7 for a yearly fee? I was happy with my XP computers on my networks at my businesses and my VISA processing company FORCED be to retire them and replace them with something that Windows supports with updates. I had to buy Used Windows 7 machines off eBay because Windows 8 is not compatible with our software.
    I’m 57 years old and I hope I can retire or die before I am forced to give up my Windows 7 computers.

  • Dion

    My conclusions exactly. Windows 8 is completely unusable. And I’ve had it for a year on my only computer. Finally, I wiped my hard drive and installed a copy of Windows 7. Here’s hoping Microsoft wises up before I need to buy a new PC.

    P.S., Outlook 2013 blows pretty hard, too, but for completely different reasons.

  • Puggle

    Windows 8 is awesome.
    It was still in development of course there’s gonna be a glitch!
    microsoft did their best to make it user friendly but some people out there r just as thick as a brick
    its like a banana eating a monkey…

  • windows

    lets use linux………..

  • windows

    hahahaha pppfffffuu windows 10 hahahahahaa


    1OO PERCENT AGRRE WITH THE CXRAPPYH WINDOWS 8… it nfuckin realllhyn sucks 111111111111

  • MiSCHiEF

    Oh and I thought of a good example. BF4 was a steaming pile of fuck compared to BF3, the controls were all fucky and bugz made it unplayable. But after some patches and getting used to the controls, its not to bad. The difference is WIN8 will never work.

  • MiSCHiEF

    Well I’m probably not the first, but I ended up rage smashing my laptop yesterday. For whatever fucked reason after typing a 4000 pg book i’d hit shift B and some random shit would pop up, deleting my essay (IT WAS MORE LIKE 100 WORDS ) So now im typing all this on my PS3 one letter at a time …which is a blessing after using that cluttered, cluster fucked , horse shit WIN 8…..i say kill the people responcible with fire!

  • Adam

    I read that easystroke would work but it didnt. I read that Solaar would work but I have nooo idea how to install it or anything really. hoping for some help here

  • Adam


    I have a quick question about this trackball mouse i have. It is the basic logitech Trackman model that doesn’t have a scrollwheel. I was told that I could easily download software to be able to customize one of the smaller buttons so that I could use it as a scrollwheel. Is there a Zorin version software that I can use?

  • Steve

    [@Sunsmasher] I think it is you who is being inaccurate because the overall issues with Windows 8 which are well described in this article are problems that have little or nothing to do with the author failing to learn how to use it. If I bought a car where the gas petal was on the left and the brake was on the right and turning the wheel clockwise made a left turn while turning the wheel counterclockwise made the car go right, would it not be appropriate for an automotive reviewer to complain about that? Of course it would. It would be completely irresponsible for the automotive manufacturer to say “Oh you just need to learn how to drive it”.

  • Microsoft SUCKS

    Well said.

    Windows 8 is a complete clusterfuck.

  • Col. Panek

    Just install ZorinOS and you have your choice of a Windows 7 look, a Mac look, an XP look, or a ..well, Zorin look. A modern, safe OS, for an unbeatable price, and no licensing grief.

  • Jan de Vries

    Just install Classic shell on windows 8 and it will work for the greatest part like windows 7 again (you never have to see the metro interface anymore)
    or install windows 7 on your machine and use the windows loader so you won’t need to buy a license that is no longer available from MS.

  • Michael J Nicholls

    An amusing video…and a very accurate one. I am no developer, so I cannot pass comment upon how such a person does their job. But my observations, based upon NOT using Windows since XP, are that this is the biggest disaster in the history of Microsoft, and it deserves to die as a company as a result of this. I will NEVER use Windows ever again, and my reasons for not doing so are thus;

    (1) Cost. There is no way I can find the money to keep my computers running using Microsoft products.
    (2) Stability. What I do requires my machines to WORK, and work constantly.
    (3) Security. I do not have the time, or the inclination, to deal with EVERY bug going, because my system is so insecure.
    (4) Simplicity. I like a LEAN and uncluttered desktop. I dock all of my applications in the bottom panel in my Linux Mint 17 desktop, and launch them from there.

    So taking all the above points into consideration, the only logical choice for me is Linux.

  • Your comment about too much choice reminds me of Henry Ford, who gave a choice of any color Model T, as long as it was black. Aren’t we glad the auto industry overcame his virtual monopoly? Yes, he put America on the road, but innovation stagnated until others like the Dodge brothers broke away. Same thing is happening with computers now…

    If people want just one choice of Linux instead of searching for something well suited for their particular tastes, I just give them Mint Cinnamon. Everything works, the menus are Windows-like, not so much eye candy, just get back to work (you can play with it later when you have time).

    The Chinese office suite is now called WPS Office. It’s like the pre-Ribbon MS Office. I haven’t tried. It doesn’t look like it does anything more than LibreOffice or MSOffice. I’ve used Scribus to edit a newsletter and it’s like MS Publisher or Adobe Pagemaker but LO Draw does most of the same things anyhow. I also like to be able to open up PDFs to edit, which you couldn’t do in MS OFfice. I usually go to Gismo’s freeware ( to look at reviews and listings of Linux apps, then use the Mint Software manager to install.

    Switching monitors is done in most Ubuntu-variants as System settings–>Hardware–>Displays, and turn on and swap primary and secondary monitors, set resolutions, etc. Same place installs printers with a couple clicks (I use a wifi connected Epson all-in-one at home).

    You can get well-built (and pricey) laptops from System 76 with Ubuntu built in. Dell also sells Ubuntu laptops and you get $50 off the Windows price. And of course there’s always Chromebooks, but putting a “real” Linux on them is a chore.

    If your church computer is possessed, Linux will exorcise it for good, and all things work together for good (Rom. 8:28).

  • Adam

    [@Col. Panek]

    Thanks for all the info. Unfortunately, this wealth of diversity is also part of the problem with most Windows users. We don’t want a thousand options. We just want one good one that we can learn and stick with. Maybe that’s just because we were groomed that way from Windows 95 through Windows Seven, which perfectly corresponded to my entire schooling career. I’m like the Windows 95-Seven generation. I hate Windows 8 so much and I really want to love Linux (fill in the blank) but its almost like someone ripped out the outlets in the walls and wants me to connect my devices by twisting the wires together. Is it not possible to nearly perfectly mimic the Windows Seven OS, as far as functionality goes (I don’t care about looking pretty)?

    No, let me just back up for a second. Honestly, I really only need about three things most of the time. The first one is already done (fast, simple, bugless browsing).
    The second one is Microsoft Word, or something genuinely equivalent. I am not your average Word user. I have literally used Word to do things that people cannot do with PhotoShop. Through years of necessity in school projects, I became familiar with ever single nuance and trick of this editing program and not having it is like going back to being a 7th grader in terms of creating and editing flyers, programs, documents, reports, etc. Is this Chinese version you speak of truly similar to Word?
    The third thing is compatibility when it comes to plugging my laptop into a projection screen via HDMI and connecting to my printer. This could be remedied with something as simple perhaps as someone showing me how to make it work correctly. Of course, none of the pictured short keys on my keyboard will function properly as they are labeled for Windows (is there like a Linux based laptop, complete with specific key functions and stickers?).
    I work at a local church and my computer is an essential tool so I must find adequate solutions to these problems. I have Windows Seven on my computer, however, despite my weak attempts to resolve some virus issues, it runs so slow I want to throw my computer into the highway.

  • Col. Panek

    [@Adam] Yes, Linux is different, and there are new things you’ll have to learn and new problems to put up with. When you consider how long you’ve been using Windows, though, the learning curve is not going to be that steep, the aggravation is less, and the choices are great.

    You’ve tried the probably noob-friendliest Linux, and you’ve got 200 others to try. Ubuntu 15.04 just came out; but I’m not such a big fan really (can’t get into the interface). I usually come back to Mint Cinnamon because the menu makes sense to me, there’s even more drivers than Ubuntu, and things like installing printers are click-easy. Ubuntu MATE is now an official flavor, so you might like that. I might try Kubuntu next. I have 3 OSes on my laptop, 4 on my desktop. Just for fun. Have a look at the screen shots and reviews on’s search page to see what appeals to you.

    If you have some extremely important feature of Word you cannot live without, and running it in Wine doesn’t work, you’re stuck with Windows. If it’s a preference thing (you like the ribbon?) you can get used to LibreOffice, KOffice, or that Chinese copy that’s supposedly the closest to MSOffice (can’t remember the name). It’s a matter of time and getting used to it. I use LibreOffice Presentations hooked up to a projector occasionally, and collaborated with the MSOffice users in the office.

    If you absolutely have to use Adobe’ programs, you’re stuck with Windows (unless hell freezes over, which it almost did this February; Hell, Mich. did). I get along fine with Gimp, Digikam, Avidemux, and OpenShot. The flash plugins work well in Firefox.

    There are forums, tutorials, and helps aplenty for Ubuntu, which they realize is for beginners and has a large user base (in the millions). Not as good for Mint, but the Ubuntu helps usually apply to that too.

  • Adam

    P.S. I also despise Windows 8 with a passion and do not consider touch screen interfaces on a desktop to be a step forward in computer tech. It’s kind of like 3D movies. They are novel and new, and have some minor cool advantages, but overall, they give you a headache and distract us from actually moving forward. Can we just get rid of them and move on? I understand touch screen for phones and even tablets, but I feel like a mischievous ignorant child touching a screen on a PC.

  • Adam

    [@Col. Panek]

    I have Windows 7 and Zorin loaded on my laptop. I love using Zorin for browsing interacting on the internet because it is very fast and not buggy at all. Plus the interface mirrors Seven pretty well. However, the reason why I still have to use Windows is because so much of the editing software is not user friendly. I can’t really operate well without Microsoft Word, for example, and the LibreOffice is not really an adequate substitute. Also, it is very difficult when, say, trying to install windows apps (flash, Adobe, etc) and I cannot interact with my wifi printer as well. Finally, when I am doing things like presenting on a screen, the projection interface is not intuitive. Do I just need a better course in Linux or is there a simpler solution?

  • marty

    Can t sent picture or document attachments, can t install stuff from usb stick, can t put pictures in picture library, can t install printer, what a total piece of shit. Total waste of money, wish I had never brought it.

  • Lidia

    There really needs to be a class action law suit. Unusable is right. I appreciate the humor but this OS is wasting my time and I need a solution.

  • Col. Panek

    “If Win 8 can be made to look and operate like Win 7 why don’t the folks at M$ tell people that?”

    Well, then people would logically ask, “Why should I buy it then, when it looks just like my Windows 7 but I have to install it, modify it, and learn it ?”

    Next question: why buy a new operating system, when you can get an up to date one for free that looks and works like Windows 7 (or Vista, or Mac, or your old trusty XP), but doesn’t get viruses and updates for free, forever?

  • burt

    If Win 8 can be made to look and operate like Win 7 why don’t the folks at M$ tell people that? Anyone home?

  • zach

    Microsoft is thinking…thinking very hard how to take control of your computer (for themselves, Hollywood, NSA, third party payers). It’s ridiculous we’re paying for a computer and their business model doesn’t include customers. Most adults use computers to work, not for entertainment, etc. These changes are made on purpose. The crippling of the search engines after XP was the start, to prevent users from findings files and potentially “copyrighted” content. Tiltbits then slowed the computer down tremendously, with VISTA and later versions again to protect copyright material and the computers stayed the same speed or slightly better, but due to new chips, not the software. The ability for windows to alter firmware is very dangerous for security and now have the ability to delete programs and files from one computer. If the software was designed for users, it would be blazingly fast with the newer chips, but no they trash all the new hardware for their real masters. Pretty soon computers will be just like TV, crap.

  • James P Henley Jr

    I am an IT director. Windows 8 is an unmitigated disaster. I did try hard to learn Windows 8, and did a number of installs, but finally ended up scrapping them and deciding to hold my breath and hope Microsoft follows their normal habit of alternating bad and good operating systems. Some of our clients, however, go out and buy computers from Walmart, and we have to support them.
    Windows 8 is an unmitigated disaster, there is no other way to say it. I have been struggling with how I was going to cope with the day that Windows 7 is no longer supported. I finally figured it out: RETIREMENT!

  • Gordon Wagner

    I’ve been (trying to) use Win 8.1 since Friday, and this video was hilarious and all too true. What the heck was MSFT thinking? I cannot comprehend how this got past alpha, much less released. Total dog poop.

  • Tooty

    [@dopey joe]
    Ashraf, please remove this filth!

  • Tooty

    That video should be REQUIRED viewing to all employees at MicroSoft

  • Dan

    This. I have never seen anything like Windows H8. Diabolically bad. So bad that you think they had to have done it on purpose. I still think that is the case I read that Gates instituted some kind of bullshit corporate competition like the Race to the Top BS he promoted in public schools that drove out many fine teachers and left the suck ups, drones and incompetent. I heard they finally stopped it at Microsoft AFTER Windows 8 came out. I have lost a year of my life to this system that was just unusable in any consistent way. I have used computers for 30 years and I thought it was my tablet computer at first. My first version of Windows 8 was on a Samsung Ativ 500T running the dual core Atom. The damn thing would start out fast and then suddenly starting lagging like mad, like it was infected. It reminded me of the execrable Windows 95. Pages took forever to load, it froze for 5 minutes routinely, nothing would happen with mouse clicks or taps or ten things happened in rapid succession. The random switching back and forth between metro and desktop was the worst. I couldn’t believe that Microsoft would do something this damn stupid so thought it had to be Samsung. But no It was Windows 8 because as soon as I was able to disable Metro and stay away from it entirely the tablet started to behave like a PC again. I tried it again on a quad core Atom with Window 8.1 and it was only a tiny bit less infuriating. Something stinks badly at Microsoft and unless heads roll way up the line this will happen again and again now. If you have any of their stock, sell it now before Windows 10 brings their house all the way down.

  • nanette

    I’ve never been so frustrated in my life. I can’t get any downloads to work properly. Everything is taking me an hour to figure out! I finally gave up and I’m returning my computer in.


  • StupidConsumer
  • dopey joe

    Windows 8.anything is shit fucked on a cum basted suck.

  • Col. Panek

    My HP laptop runs great. I just installed Mint 17.1 on it. Let me know when you’re not totally satisfied with Windows.

  • james

    absolute lack of research and development – its like no one actually tried to use their laptop joke before they sold it. had i known how bad of a hacked up, hair-pulling pos this mess is then i wouldnt have bought it…thanks windows for a $700 waste of money

  • james

    they ought rename windows 8 – total abortion trying to run the pos computer

  • Col. Panek

    Hey Rachel, Fallout 3 got a Platinum rating on Ubuntu from WineHQ.
    So let’s have no more jibber-jabber, download Ubuntu or Mint or Zorin, install the Steam client, and get back to “work” free of Microsoft’s ball&chain.

  • Rachel dubois

    I didn’t read all the posts, there’s too many but I’m an avid gamer and I almost threw my entire computer out the window in my frustration over trying to run older games( not THAT old either, we’re talking fallout 3) but I eventually calmed down as I Irealized the computer was worth more than this piece of shait os and since I can’t find any copies of win 7 to fall back on, I’m doomed. I’ve spent 4+hrs today just on following so-called helpful tips from 20 different sources, none of which worked at ALL. So as a gamer, I’m boned and that pisses me off. They really screwed the pooch on compatibility mode with win 8 and 8.1 as it doesn’t work at all. I’d kill for an old copy of win 7 sans oem but they’re nowhere to be found. MS had them taken off the shelf so fast I bet it left store clerks with massive cases of whiplash.

  • blahblahblacksheep

    He forgot some of the best stuff…
    1) win 8 on pc looks same as on phone, but the os is different enough that you can’t use phone apps on pc and vice versa. Not kidding. Devs have to port their phone app to pc and vice versa. You get stuck maintaining two separate apps, and pc and phone stores don’t have the same apps. Compare that to android, which has one app store and apps work on any android device.

    2) to close a metro app you drag from top down to bottom … on pc. On win phone you hold the win button to see all apps and x the ones to close. On win pc… win button doesn’t do that. Again, no consistency across devices.

    3) trying to figure out how to select and copy text on pc and phone touch UI in windows is unintuitive. I have a win phone and tablet, and haven’t figured it out. I googled it one day, but then forgot how to do it. Its frustrating.

    4) win 8 is fairly optimized on the back, but the UI is so bad it overshadows the performance gains.

  • Col. Panek

    [@Lynne] You were NOT forced to buy Windows, you just didn’t realize you have an option. Now that I’ve just informed you of this fact, if you go out and pay good money for Windows Nein …uhh, Ten, it is your own fault. “Fool me twice, shame on ME.”

    So when you get tired of Windows, let me know. We can fix that in about half an hour. (Well, you have to download Linux first, but you can do that overnight.)

  • Lynne

    I agree 100%. I too was forced to purchase windows 8 because 7 was no longer available and found myself pulling my hair out within 30 minutes. Please please please let me know if and when there is a recall. I would be more than happy for that to happen. I wish that I had taken the plunge and spent more for the apple.

  • Mario

    Windows 8 was designed specifically for mobile phones and tablets. Obviously, they cannot develop a 200$ OS for these devices, but more likely a downgraded 20$ version. PC is for working, mobile phones are for other things, you cannot mix them. All these new “features” and the fact that Microsoft arrogantly are trying to sell a cheap product is a big slap on the face of their base customers.

  • Alex Winter

    Making themselves indispensable has always been Microsoft’s business model. Recall when Gates and Allen made sure they rode the computer wave all the way to the beach by getting a royalty on every PC sold instead of just a flat fee. Then recall when Gates was taken before congressional committees for strong arming manufacturers into bundling their products which were interpreted as breaches of anti trust law. What the video said about swipes being the same motion as simply moving your cursor from one place horizontally to the other cracked me up. That’s one of my biggest gripes is that I keep popping up stuff I didn’t intend. I wish you would have mentioned that upon boot up the first thing you have to see is what amounts to a store to sell Windows apps. And all the passwords and codes to JOIN Microsoft when all you want to do is get your email is just an imposition, the goal of which is to find cheap ways to make themselves indispensable.

  • Antoine Matthews

    Ok first things first i am currently in college for Game Art. Meaning i have to use very powerful engines on a dell inspiron laptop compatible with the windows 8 laptop. That said I am a big gamer, i play games like a crackhead. But i swear to god if even want to play a single fucking game i get a DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION. Truthfully i don’t even know how that even works so fuck me right. I just want to play my games without BLUESCREENING EVERY FUCKING TIME. I literally can’t even do my homework half the time. One time i had to use UDK to make a basic model and lo and behold DPC VIOLATION. I hope windows 10 works better i fucking swear man

  • Marg

    The platform is not useful as a desktop product and the amount of effort required and downtime is unbelievable. I think the distinction needs to be made re business desktop platform and maybe personal platform which may be all that some people need and may be ok for them but small business that has supported MS desktop apps over the years have been shafted.
    And don’t get me started about the auto updates…something always changes/breaks…

  • Dean Richardson

    For those shooting down his review, most professionals I know agree with this 100%. In fact he is being somewhat kind. Its completely unintuitive, new features generally BLOCK you from completing tasks, much less help. The interface fights the user instead of complimenting you. If you go one computer sales sites, Windows 7 now has a high premium, because no one wants Windows 8. I find it hilarious those decrying the video say things like Windows 8 is only “very frustrating”, or “Most of the annoyances of Windows 8 have been solved now in 8.1” (they haven’t, but whatever).

    I was never part of the anti-MS counter culture that had to be different. I generally like them, but this product was the worst release of any OS Ive ever seen, and I started computer programming in 1993 at University of Illinois and have used almost all systems at least in passing. This is beyond a trainwreck.

  • Sunsmasher

    This video is funny at times, but really inaccurate. He’s complaining because Win 8 is not intuitive, which is true in many ways. He needs to RTFM. Read the fine manual! Seriously, he’s basically complaining because he hasn’t learned how to use the OS. I bought a new laptop a while back, and yes, it was frustrating at times to adjust to the new methodologies of Win 8. More than it should have been. But certainly doable. Once I learned how to navigate (yes, very frustrating at times), I was able to get around and use the OS. You just have to LEARN how to use it. Yes, it should be more intuitive, but it isn’t, so either light a candle and learn how to use it, or just curse the darkness and complain about how it sucks.

  • Col. Panek

    [@Betty] Don’t hold back, Betty, why don’t you tell us what you really think?

    Fortunately, you don’t have to put up with it any more. Don’t get mad….get Linux!

  • Betty


  • me

    Great review and spot on. I’d kill myself before using that turd of an OS full time. Literally.

  • Col. Panek

    [@rabongle] Not to worry, Linux will run on your PC. Try Zorin, it can look like Windows XP, 7 or Mac if you want. I prefer KDE or Mint Cinnamon.

  • rabongle

    Windows 8 is too horrible for words. I have used Windows since 95 and never considered a Mac until now. If you like The Simpsons think of the car Homer designed..8 is the unfunny version of that.

  • 13asdlkj

    wow, and i was wondering if i should upgrade to Windows 8 (by the way im the opposite of a power user). If somebody put in all this effort to make his point beyond clear, then it must really, really suck!

  • nrg04106

    Brian’s video was hilarious and SO spot on.

    My old PC died on Wednesday this week and I had to write a paper for grad school by Friday so I was forced to go out and buy a new laptop, complete with Windows 8. I got the paper done (while the PC capriciously switched to screens I could not figure out how to get out of) and submitted it at 11:45 on Friday night.

    I am now ready for a vacation in the looney bin, thanks to Microsoft “innovation”. Never mind tech stocks, buy psych pharmaceutical stock. I think they are behind it all. (Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they are not out to get you.)

  • SG

    Watched your video on Windows8 and have a hard time disagreeing with any of it. Ok one I found how to get rid of the weather page because they did keep Task Manager, ctl-alt-del at least still works. In essence MS increased the number of mouse movements or clicks to do the same task in Windows 7. Turn off 2 to 4. Was efficiency a dirty word at Microsoft? Bill’s programs are deteriorating as fast as his haircut. Right now I’d buy anything not to use Windows8 anyone got a suggestion? I’d use Apple but they won’t run several of my programs.

  • Blake

    Amen Davey….FUCK YOU ALOOF TECH DORK BASTARDS AT MICROSOFT. I’m offended that anyone would try to cram this piece of absolute shit down my throat with a new computer…FUCK YOU AGAIN!

  • davey

    [@Mark] Fuck you, Mark. Fuck you.

  • davey

    The worst part is EVERY microdouche employee responds with some bull like: “while most users are thrilled with windows 8, some are used to the old version.” They are also always so superior sounding when they condescendingly answer your question. Fuck you microsoft. Fuck you.

  • davey

    You, Sir, are my hero.

    IF you ever want to become president for the sole campaign promise of bringing Microshaft to its end, you have my vote.

  • Blake

    This POS OS seriously made me physically ill, i’ve tried to use my new computer 2 times and had to muster the courage to do it the second time because i damned near puked with frustration the first time. I thought maybe I was just having a bad day, but guess what? This BS POS made me want to puke and jump off a building trhe 2nd time! I’m pissed that the dude selling me my new desktop didn’t tell me that Window’s 8.1 was not good for…..well…anything!

  • M Ptty

    I agree… Bought a computer today… In tears cause I can’t DO ANYTHING! I’m not even old and I feel like a helpless old lady who has zero technology. or Someone who was handed a computer for the first time and told to figure it out. We are returning the computer! This is crap!

  • Brian v.

    Yes , 8 sucks . It’s not smooth . Always getting lost in the computer moving around from this or that . I have been using for over a year and still have problems finding the print & power down buttons from windows 8 . Bad design .

  • mark

    [@Mark] Ok Merriam-Webster, I think it’s time to add “Windows 8[.1]” as a new idiom (is that the right word?). I was driving through the local shopping mall recently, where the parking lot is very user unfriendly, has little overall planning, and has haphazard intersections at odd angles, thinking, it’s the “Windows 8” of parking lots.

  • jackwu

    Windows 8.1 is extremely brain damage design. I just spent more then 1 hour and still can not get my network printer work. It took just 10 minutes in Windows XP to set up the same printer. Then about same time for Vista. Windows 7 was the easiest OS, I do not need set up that printer, The Windows 7 comes with the driver for that printer. So less 5 minutes or even less, I do not remember that.
    But windows 8.1 ? really want to say F word to it.

  • Pablo

    I have a 8.1 windows laptop, and 8 windows desktop! Honestly, they both suck! They both freeze too frequently! Can’t get any tasks done. Both versions restart unexpectedly too often, no warning!!!! So frustrating I regret buying them! Windows 7 was the best for me…..

  • Agua Hondo

    Windows 7 on this machine and love it.

    Switching to MAC for my next laptop after helping way to many people deal with Windows 8.

    Been with MS since DOS; adios.

  • d hawx

    [@John from Canada] why should i have to do ANYTHING to FIX what suck’s. i want a COMPUTER not an far as remembering command’s . NO i will not do it. if this is so fantastic YOU come teach my father how to use it.he won’t learn to copy and paste so you have your work cut out for you.i myself have no intrest in having to LEARN how to do this all over again, it is not my job to RECONFIGURE my computer or RELEARN all this b.s. some moron had in his wet dream

  • d hawx

    [@Mark] [@Mark] fine for you but not everybody want’s to go through 10 years of college to use a computer, i will never use or buy windows 8 period. you sir are full of shit. it sucks for the common user and you are not common so your statement is bullshit

  • disgrunty

    I work for one of the largest multinational corporations in the world. It has decided not to use windows 8, but instead use mac or linux for ALL users. Originally i thought this was overkill, or at best a money saving move, but using windows 8 at home, which i’m unfortunately stuck with, I can see how it really kills productivity to such a degree that this actually makes sense from a productivity standpoint. I can’t get anything done. Example: Windows backup all the way up to windows 7 was an excellent cheap way to make backups to a secondary disk or storage. IT has been totally replaced with ‘file history’. (You have to figure this out as the movie says). File History is utterly unusable. I’ve been hacking at it for hours.

  • diane

    I just wanted to scan and send an email .Now im in a padded cell banging my head against the wall.Please Microsux give us back the old operating system this windows 8 is like a horror movie.

  • Mark

    I totally agree. I made the mistake of installing windows 8 on my main PC. Now it’s turned off and sits in a corner. I thought maybe I need a touchscreen to make this work better – so I went out a purchased a new touch screen PC. Nope. not any easier. I have three macs now, and the touch screen – well I will occasionally start it up to have an old movie running while I work on my mac. Until I get frustrated and turn it off again, or after it crashes or auto updates and can’t find the boot drive (probably the cheap hardware, can’t really blame windows 8 on that) I had hope on the latest version where they said the brought back the start menu– But no, that just starts Metro again. What are businesses going to do when they stop supporting windows 7?

  • Mark

    Most of the annoyances of Windows 8 have been solved now in 8.1
    I have been a happy user of Windows 8 since a good year.
    The interface is something to get used to, true
    Under the hood, this is the best OS yet, as it is fast and has the best hardware support of all Microsoft OS’ses
    I hardly ever use metro, as i hardly ever used the startmenu from Windows 7
    I am not from Microsoft, but i am Microsoft admin, so for me the learning curve is not a steep one.

  • Tom

    Nothing could be more right on. I looked at new laptops for a year. I wanted the X1 Carbon and finally got one. I had gotten a copy of Windows 8 and put it on my older ThinkPad and my desktop for dual booting on each so I could check it out. After a couple of months of the same stuff this guy went through I took it off both computers. I absolutely hated it. It cannot be less user friendly or intuitive. It is crapware, made for tablets and totally incompatible with a desktop. I finally bought my X1 ThinkPad which came with Win 8 and “just in case” I got the touchscreen. Again after trying to use it for a few weeks I just reformatted the hard drive and installed Win 7. My biggest regret now is having bought the X1 that has the touch screen because it adds a little more weight and thickness and I will never ever use Windows 8 again. And don’t tell me you can make it like windows 7 by adding a start button etc. It is still crapware no matter what you do. I even can’t stand the awful colors it displays. Metro must go. MS will never be Apple and they should stop trying to be copy-cats with metro, apps etc. They will never catch up and should just give up.

  • k

    back in 1995 in Mexico, when i was 13 or 14 years old, i was able to set up tcp/ip configurations to have the módems working WITHOUT ever doing that BEFORE on Windows 3.1 and then on Windows 95 and adjust everything i wanted on my pc. Sure, once in a while i messed up, so i backed up, formated everything and started all over again, it was tedious but at least i felt IN FULL CONTROL of my actions. Im not a power user, but i feel that everything went downhill from there, with things beginning to happen in the background, things downloading by themselves, useless ram-comsuming animations and transparencies and what-nots, but still it was all manageable and at least i always reverted the desketop theme to the plain Windows 95 style. When i saw Windows 8 and how it worked i really couldnt believe… sure, maybe its designed for touchscreens but it was installed on a touchscreenless laptop!! (why would i want to lift my arms putting unnecesary stress in my shoulders, when i can do everything much more efficiently with a mouse? ) i really couldn´t do anything!! maybe i couldn´t because i wanted to do it the old way, but then again, the new way does not represent an improvement, just plain bad design. Im not an Apple fan either, but at least they got their act together in terms of interface. Hope they learn from this

  • Microsoft Arrogance

    That’s right about the forcing. Every software company is now doing this. Forcing “change” because of developers sitting around with nothing to do. No-one is really asking any tech company to “change” things just make it (1) RELIABLE AND (2) FAMILIAR please. Microsoft has been on the change-for-no-reason bandwagon that google started about six years ago. Flat, 2D looking icons, wow what “progress” for the computer world. One window at a time, wow what “progress”. Software used to be about engineering and human factors now it’s some kind of popularity contest and change-for-no-reason and “relearning” the UI every 14 months. It’s going to continue unless the general public learns to speak-up and demand that reliability is deemed #1 and familiarity #2. Just because software *can* be changed doesn’t mean it should be. Hardware developers know this because it’s nearly impossible to change out the chips on a finished motherboard i.e. built-in discipline. But software companies LACK DISCIPLINE. Stop forcing change, let the user decide, preserve the existing, familiar interface for users. I have a feeling if all these “new” user interface “designs” were turned OFF by default and were opt-in NO-ONE WOULD USE THEM what does that tell you.

  • Doug Nix

    Dude, I so wholly agree with you. You’re review was spot on. I use a computer to get a job done. I don’t care if it’s a PC, Mac or command line linux box. I just want to do my job. Using Windows 8 and/or Windows 8.1 was such a frustrating experience that I actually became physically ill. It put me in a bad mood for hours.
    If Microsoft has become so out of touch with what users in a business environment need to be actually productive then MS needs to go bye bye.

  • tom


    I think I will be next George

  • George

    Windows 8 has made me a new MAC customer forever.

  • tom

    I dual booted with 7 and 8 for a few months and hated 8. I then bought a new Thinkpad X1 Carbon that came with 8. I tried to use it but it drove me insane. It would not allow me to install 7 for a dual boot. You can only dual boot if 7 is installed first. Microsoft is FREAKING EVIL those bastards. So I wiped the drive and installed 7. I created images of the 8 drive on a thumb drive and a USB drive in case I ever wanted to go back if they made improvements. Both backups evaporated and are each just a single empty folder. So MS also makes a copy of your Windows 8 drive dissappear. MS is EVIL!!!! This has gone way beyond funny.

  • jerry

    [@Lisa] Down load goggle chrome and see how smooth it runs in w-8

  • Lisa

    I’m one of those people who obsesses over optimizing productivity and efficiency. I’m so disgusted with the hot-mess of Windows 8 that if I want to research something on the internet, I grab my iPad. I used to be the sort of person who used my iPad hardly ever. I’ve changed my behavior and use my iPad for everything except writing (because I need Word to do that). But even then it’s a pain in the ass. One day I was happily typing away when my computer froze. A frowny-face popped up (a brief warning–gee thanks), and WIndows 8 alerted me that my PC ran into a problem (AGAIN?!?!?!) and had to reboot. WTF!?!? My biggest annoyance was that I had to go online and install numerous DVD players in order to play a DVD. See, I drag my computer into the garage to use my bike trainer. While I’m working out, I like to watch movies (makes the time go by more quickly). The first time I popped a DVD into the computer, nothing happened. In other words, my computer didn’t know what to do with it! That’s when I discovered that Windows 8 doesn’t instantly play DVDs. After downloading 5 DVD players, I found one that worked. Problem is, I’ll be cranking away, happily watching Season 2, Episode 5 of Sopranos, and my damn computer freezes (hello, frowny-face) and reboots…in the middle of my workout. I’m so fed up that I ditched the idea and just ride my trainer with my iPod and listen to music. And don’t get me freaking started on the swipe screen. It’s stooped. Plain and simple, I want my PC to behave like a PC, not a tablet. I say we all band together and picket those Windows stores at the mall (another reactionary measure that created very little benefit to the consumer).

    At least Windows 8 has cut my computer-loafing time down significantly. I actually spend more time NOT in front of my computer. Yay, me!

  • Terri

    I think it’s time to go Apple…I’m on my 3rd windows 8 computer….I am so over the tediousness of 8 and the instability of it all.

  • John

    I hate Windows 8! It took me so long to figure out how to restart the computer, I just forced it off. OMFG! Everything doesn’t work like I want, or think, it should work. Why Microsoft, why?

  • Cordelia

    PS – while trying to send my comment the computer froze twice and your video keeps stopping. This, by the way, is a new computer (Dell), and not the cheap version. Ahhhhhhh!

  • Cordelia

    Thank you so much. I’m older and not always great with computers, so everyone assumes I’m the idiot who can’t make the computer work. Since you sound like someone who actually knows how to use computers, you have made me feel much better. It’s not me!!!. Now what do I do about it? I can’t even figure out how to use my picture files anymore (a staple for old ladies who use computers).

  • Lister S

    Basically what it boils down to is that Microsoft is obsessing over this Metro Slide Your Fingers thing. Im guessing they think it looks cool to hide features and apps and add extra swipes simply because they want all of us to swipe this way and that like retards. They think that the whole dragging and swiping looks cool and futuristic but in all reality it looks useless, time consumer, retarded, and immature. Microsoft is obviously on it’s down slide and long past it’s heyday.

  • James

    All this could have been avoided if microsoft took some lessons from game designers: tutorial mode.

    Another failure is the failure to make users aware that , in the start screen, just typing starts searching, and that almost everything is available that way.

    Want the control panel, hit windows key (to open start page), type “control”, and so on. Advertising this feature to users when they get to the start page would save a lot of users a lot of angst.

    That said, overlying touch/gesture features onto the touchpad (not the touch screen) was evil.

  • Tom

    One instinctively knows when something is right…….follow you instincts.

  • tom

    Right on Derrick. I happen to be due for a new laptop and don’t know what to do. I hate windows 8 so I see no point in paying extra for a touch sreen that I don’t need with windows 7. But in the back of my mind I keep wondering if they might someday fix 8 and I will regret having no touch screen. Naaaa I think I’ll stick with 7 and no touch

  • Derrick Nel

    Microsoft has finally killed Windows…. Using windows 8 makes me want to cry..

  • Sluggy

    This OS has me banging my head on my desk and makes me pull out my hair in great big heaps.

    I can’t even begin to explain how much I hate everything about this sanity shredding abomination of an OS.

    It’s definitely going. No more MS for me.

  • john

    [@jerry] Thank god I found this before return policy expired. What a piece of crap, thought It was me just being stubborn. It truly is unusable for any business application.
    I can sleep now, Thank You.

  • john
  • tom


    Exact situation as me only it’s more than 4 months. I absolutely hate it. Even the colors scream “CHEAP!”

  • James Carlson

    [@Nicole Pepe] I found an app that fixes the Windows 8 problem, It’s called The Prompt. I’ve been using it for a couple hours now and it’s so great. Really fast too. Try the beta,

  • James Carlson

    [@Bill Riemers] You are very right, without metro Windows 8 would be amazing. Is there a way to take metro off?

  • James Carlson

    I agree completely with this video, I know so many people who find it hard to use Windows 8

  • Bill Riemers

    I don’t really mind Windows 8. But then I don’t use the metro screen. I just click on the desktop square and go straight to that. In the few cases I have started apps from the metro screen the experience has been so horrible I haven’t tried it. As for the “charm bar”, I only found that because the mouse location is mirror imaged for gnome. One of the annoyances though with the charm bar, is often it won’t come-up if you have a window that is too close to the edge… I also find windows 8 is far more useful with dual monitor system. Even though windows regularly decides to replace everything shown my left monitor, it leaves the right monitor showing the desktop, so I don’t have to struggle to get back to my application.

    If Microsoft were to strip off the metro UI portion of Windows 8 it would be their best release of Windows ever.

  • Nicole Pepe

    PREACH Brother. I hate this shit. Windows 8 is totally unusable.

  • wyz

    [@tom] I wouldn’t go so far as saying Windows 8 will drive businesses completely to Apple or linux but I do think IT departments will stay put with what they are presently using and wait to see if Microsoft adds the necessary options to Windows 8.1 to make it more enterprise friendly. I believe the feedback from the general public and businesses is so negative on this operating system that even the always headstrong and arrogant M$ upper management will not be able to ignore the criticism. The real question is how much will it change? Lots of alteration will be a tacit acknowledgment that the Windows 8 design was a flop, and we all know that M$ doesn’t have a history of owning up to colossal mistakes easily. They better get this right or Windows 7 will become A LOT more popular.

  • tom

    I have mine installed on a separate partition just to play around with for the last 4 months or so. I am not even paying much attention to it because it’s not interesting or fun to even play with now. I can not imagine trying to use it at all for business

  • Christopher

    My company refuses to buy this garbage. IT team uninstalls 8 on all purchases and installs 7. Totally unusable for business.

    Microsoft took a big dump on their business users to try and play catchup with the iPad. I predict version 9 will abandon this crap because the business community will not support an OS that doesnt allow for easy multitasking.

    This could drive business completely to Apple or Linux

  • Joy

    Two words: Classic Shell, a free program that restores usibility to this travesty of an operating system. I also deactivated my touchpad to prevent accidental swiping. But of course this means I am giving up some of the functionality of my laptop!

    I’ve found ways around the problems, but don’t even get me started on how MS Access was ruined with a white-on-white design. Have the student interns taken over at that company?

  • tom

    It’s really hard to believe that a company that has so many extremely smart people could shoot themselves in the foot so badly. Surely they must have some common sense employees that were saying WTF are we doing? Maybe the corporate culture is one of not tolerating any criticism. Keep your head down and your mouth shut if you want to keep getting the huge paycheck and stock bonuses generated by our software monopoly. I am just totally puzzled by this one.

  • jimjames

    [@Bob] Totally agree with all the comments that suggest W8 is bad to the bone, a backward step .. but what can we ACTUALLY DO to get MS to acknowledge this ? coz lets face it, there’re going go down the tubes BIGTIME when Joe public walk away on mass !

  • Bob

    I got a new laptop for my wife with Windows 8 preinstalled. I wasted no more time with the operating system when I discovered that I couldn’t easily turn off the computer. I actually had to search for “how to turn off computer with windows 8,” and there was this huge multi-step process for shutting the damned thing down. Even then I couldn’t get the computer to shut down; I literally had to remove the battery to get the thing to turn off. I knew if the computer couldn’t easily be turned off, then the rest of the operating system was going to be a disaster. I didn’t even bother going any further. I just wiped the hard drive clean and installed Windows 7. It works fine now.

  • WisenCynical

    Hilarious! The worst part is the lack of choice. Windows 8 once learned, works fine.. just much differently. We should be able to get our choice of currently supported versions of Windows when a new computer is purchased. The right people targeted for Windows 8 (tablets) will edge into Windows 8, but please let the folks who dig the old interface keep it for as long as possible!

  • Thomas Murphy

    Microsoft should fire every person who gave their ok to this abortion and hire Brian Boyko to manage correcting it.
    Honestly, I thought my new computer was defective and started to return it (luckily, I resisted my urge to throw it against the wall).
    I have used this a month now and have found it no less annoying and unusable. I agree completely that there should be a product recall or maybe better a forced breakup of Microsoft’s and it’s near monopoly.

  • wyz

    [@jerry] No Jerry, you aren’t alone. I would venture to say the vast majority of people who have tried Windows 8 feel the way we do. It’s so badly thought out I can hardly believe it. Every task that’s easy on any other operating system is a major chore on this one. Microsoft’s upper management should be unmercifully flogged for gross incompetency in thinking this ill thought out mess would work well as a desktop O.S. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, who I’ve spoken to who has tried this browser thinks it’s awful. No one Ilikes it!

  • Kind_of_blue

    [@MB] ya i gave up tring to print so dl’ed irfanview.

  • MB

    Wait til you open a PDF fie using Windows 8. Now there’s a nightmare. After much frustration (I’m talking weeks) I solved this by downloading a copy from Adobe to my DESKTOP so I wouldn’t have to use the “charm” version. So now I have 2 versions of the same program….

  • jerry

    [@wyz] At least I Know I am not alone in my thinking..unuseable!!

  • wyz

    In a most amusing and easy to understand way Brian Boyko explains exactly why Windows 8 is so terrible. After I got done laughing at his presentation I sat there nodding my head thinking he’s right. He’s absolutely right, Windows 8 is such a bad operating system it’s unusable. How could this happen? How could Microsoft, a company of such great wealth and resources, produce something that is so badly designed? They can go out and hire the best and brightest minds on this planet. This is what they come up with? Is the decision making process in Redmond so flawed they couldn’t see that Windows 8 would be impracticle for desktop computing? We aren’t talking about a problem or two, no, this operating system is riddled through and through with serious design errors. Didn’t any of the project managers see the mistakes? It’s hard to believe that. Far more likely is that the pressure to conform, at the expense of advancment, must be so great at M$ that designers go along with badly thought out ideas. How sad! All I can say is there must have been an awful lot of ass kissing at the Microsoft convention the year of Windows 8 inception.

  • wyz

    [@Harry44Callahan] Learning more Linux is not a bad idea. I have Linux Mint 14 KDE 64bit on my computer and I could’t be happier. Ironically I found there was a greater learning curve going from Windows 7 to Windows 8 than Windows 7 to Linux Mint 14 KDE. How weird is that?

  • wyz

    [@marg] That’s CRAP in capital letters.

  • wyz

    [@Frustrated] You say they are out of touch with their users. Yes, but the policy makers at Microsoft have always been that way; arrogant with a we know best attitude. They produce an operating system and say to the masses: We are M$ and here is Windows. You will buy it, use it, and like it. That policy/philosophy has worked and has remained the same for years. What are people to do? There is no choice. Oh yes, a few people will go off to Apple or Linux, but not enough to make a whole lot of difference. If a user is not happy with the version M$ wants to foist on them their only recourse is to stay with an earlier version, providing it’s still being supported, and wait for the next release. Does M$ loose users to the competition? No, not many. It’s true their sales go down for a quarter or two but does anything really change? Are they any less arrogant? No. When the next version comes out they are no different.

  • wyz

    [@MacFan] Have you ever used Windows 8? While you can debate certain things that were said in the video there is no arguing the fact that this is an incredibly frustrating operating system to use. There is nothing intuitive about it! Brian Boyko makes his point!

  • wyz

    [@answer-man] Linux? Absolutely! Ubuntu? The Unity desktop sucks. I think Linux Mint 14 KDE 64 bit is better, but that’s just personal preference. While we could argue what distro is best all day we do agree that Linux has an awful lot going for it. I swear by it now and like you I’m not looking back.

  • wyz

    [@tom] People should wake up to the fact you don’t have to use M$ or Apple. There are viable alternatives. After wiping Windows 8 from my hard drive I installed Linux Mint 14 KDE 64bit in its place. I couldn’t be happier as it’s very fast, stable, secure, highly customizable, and flat out beautiful. These are only a few of many sound reasons to use Linux. It’s too bad it took as long as it did for me to realize there was great free software available that could dethrone Windows as my default operating system. You see I too was totally ignorant of just how wonderful a computing experience using Linux could be. Although I dual boot with Windows 7 the M$ o.s. is there only as a backup should I have a problem with Linux Mint. Tom, go with the penguin! ;-)

  • wyz

    [@janet] Without question this is the worse operating system I’ve ever used; no, tried to use. Doing even the most simple computer tasks proved to be a chore. Can an o.s. get less intuative than this. It’s awful! To think that Steve Ballmer, a man who takes home around $1.3 million a year, gave the green light on this garbage is absolutely mind boggling. Windows 8 was on my machine for only 3 hours, but that was 2 hours and 50 minutes too long. That’s right, it took me only ten minutes to realize I would NEVER be able to live with this train wreck of an operating system. For the curious, the other 2 hours and 50 minutes was for wiping this pos from my hard drive.

  • kt

    [@answer-man] Steam is out for linux, so the games for it will be quickly getting more and more. AND there is a NATIVE version of TF2!

  • kt

    Yay windows 8 gave me another reason to say why Micro$oft sucks. Valve approves it. Linux is made by users, user friendly, fully controlled, and FREE. So both to Apple and Micro$oft : *fork* YOU!

  • tom

    As one who has worked in Sales and Marketing for many years I am continuously amazed by the arrogance of MS and how THEY get to decide what crap they force on us. Unfortunately I think some of this comes from their extremely dominant, almost monopolistic market share. I hope however that these stumbles will help to reverse this. I think AAPL probably has a technically better technology which unfortunately has always been the Sony Beta (vs. VHS) of the computer software market. I think Office 2010 and some similar MS programs are further examples of MS crap-ware and bloat ware being shoved down our throats.

  • marg

    I purchased a new desktop a month ago and unfortunately came with Windows 8. It is the most frustrating system I have ever used and I have tried to persevere with the system in the hope I could get used to it or like it. Now I understand persevere is not associated with a good change it is a bad change. I shouldn’t have to persevere with something that has a really bad UI, is not intuitive and worst of all is so slow at booting up (I have disabled most startup programs), programs freeze including the browser and has significantly impacted my capacity to work efficiently…or at this stage I’d love to just get things done..
    At first I thought it was hardware but after searching the web for “Windows 8 sucks” I find a lot of people have the same issues and frustrations. My next step will be to change the would be nice to get my money back from MS for what is an absolute load of crap.

  • Tim


    Stop making a mountain out a molehill.

    Just install Windows 7.

    You think Apple are any better? LOL.

    Windows 7 forever.

  • Frustrated

    I’m certain that if Microsoft doesn’t improve their relations with customers by releasing a fix for Windows 8 or a new OS quick, they will lose market share quick. They tried to copy the style of other tablet OSs and yet force it on users. Lots of people hate iOS and OSX because things are hidden and sometimes beyond user control. That is exactly why many users stick to Windows, but Microsoft blundered that one. Microsfot shouldn’t have tried forcing this on people especially with an OS that is like their competitor rather than what set them apart and made them a strong company. They are out of touch with users to the point they will fail unless they get back in touch.

  • answer-man

    Try linux generally and ubuntu specfically.

    Linux has hundreds of OS versions, literally. Nearly all versions have GUI too.

    Linux is free, free, free.

    Linux is stable and secure.

    Linux apps are generally free and very, very wide ranging.

    If you are half way a tech there is tons of free help.

    Linux users generally have a copy in their bag to give away. Oh, it is free.

    Linux can do most anything windows does. And no ‘BSofD’ either.

    Linux is way secure.

    Most versions of Linux can easily run off a zip drive or thumb drive.

    Most versions will operate in ‘live’ mode so you can try it out without loading it on your computer. Some versions can be completely loaded into RAM making them lightning fast and still fully functional. Try that with Windows 8! And in ‘live’ mode you can test your computer’s equipment to see if linux will work nicely on your system.

    Linux code is WIDE open. Yup, if you are a programer you can play with the actual code. That is a GREAT big ‘no-no’ with Microsoft that will get your hands spanked big time.

    Linux has killer chess apps.

    Lots of folks outside the U.S. use linux. The Chi-coms do and so do the Russians and increasingly the Federal Government. Why? You can freely change the code, it is way secure and linux is stable. Oh, and it’s FREE.

    Linux is readily available as a download on the internet. Check out for the latest and greatest. Burn a copy and give it a spin.

    I use Ubuntu 12.04 but Mint is nice too.

    I left Microsoft in the middle of XP, which I liked, and NEVER looked back…never.


    Linux doesn’t do everything.

    Linux does, like everything, have a learning curve.

    Linux doesn’t do those killer windows games.

    Linux doesn’t run on all computers. Linux prefers Nvidia Video cards and HP printers and it is picky about network adapters. It doesn’t much like Broadcom network stuff. Altheros and Intel should mostly be ok.

    Yeah, I like linux. Can you tell? I use windows to check out the weather.

  • Brian

    In my best comic book guy voice:

    Worst…. OS…. Ever!

  • Katie

    While I will admit that I hate Windows 8, the guy that made this video needs to stop reviewing products.

    Windows 8 isn’t easy, or user friendly; but a so-called ‘tech guy’ should be able to figure it out by simply playing with it for half on hour or so. I did and I am in no way a ‘tech gal’.

    Also, his tone of voice is completely annoying.

  • Al

    W8 is pure crapware

  • tom

    Good for you. I hope MS is getting the word. I didn’t pay for mine at all. Doesn’t it seem unbeleaveable that they wouldn’t even have a Windows 8 disk? They just can’t let us have one good OS even when they finally get it right. XP was so good and stable. Vista was rushed onto the market half-baked just to try to get us to spend more money and was an insult to the public. Windows 7 is good and stable but we really got ripped off because it’s really just a service pack or fix for Vista. It should have been free, So now that it’s a well liked, accepted and stable OS they want more money so out come a worse-than-Vista piece of junk. I suspect a big push pack from the public.

  • Peter Leonard

    I tried for a week, but finally got so frustrated I asked Best Buy to install Windows 7 on it. They told me they didn’t have a Windows 7 disk. So I told them to take it back and refund my money. They did. I have since ordered a laptop from HP loaded with Windows 7.

  • tom

    I have been testing it out for months on a seperate partition. I absolutely HATE Windows 8. It is the most un-intuitive Un-user friendly piece-o-crap I have ever seen. It makes me hate MS more that ever.

  • Brian

    [@Doreen] You can print from Reader by hitting Ctrl-P, and you exit the app by either dragging down from the top of the screen until the app changes from full screen to a smaller version, then keep dragging it to the bottom of the screen. (Who thought of this???). Alternately, Alt-F4 still works to close everything.

  • Doreen

    What a great video. Windows 8 comes with “READER” which is microsofts version of pdf reader. It isn’t adobe acrobat reader and get this….YOU CANNOT PRINT PDF FILES FROM READER. You must purchase an add-on product. I tried to download a printer fix, but couldn’t because there was a flaw in the download process. I had to go to my old HP tower CPU computer (yes, it’s from the 1990s) and print the fix because large files wouldn’t download. I want to return my new HP computer simply because I HATE WINDOWS 8. It really, really SUCKS.

  • MacFan

    I am truly an apple fan.. But this review is flawed in so many ways.

    1.Random things just keep popping up: That is so absurd dude. You must be accidentally pressing the WINDOWS key or WIN+TAB.. there is no other reason why a metro app would pop out.

    2.Difference between a swipe gesture and a scroll: Swipe is done from an edge pixel of the screen. You won’t touch a screen edge for scrolling, unless you are trying to scroll something from outside your screen, from like thin air, into your desktop. that is not how people use it. Same applies to the touchpad – swiping from border is diff from ‘swiping right’!

    3. You’re blaming MS since your OEM did not put a sticker of the product key.. I guess you are not aware of the fact that a product key is INGRAINED in an activated OS. Google ‘how to know my windows product key’ and you’ll know. It is as easy as checking computer properties.

    Personally I feel that there is no one right or wrong here and that Windows eight is based on simplicity… I like it that way.

    Nice effort and cool video. Thanks!

  • jac

    ditto that

  • jac

    [@Jeff] [@Jeff]

  • Alexander

    Or Ubuntu

  • janet

    Whoever approved the production of Windows 8 should be fired. No, not just lose his job. I mean FIRED as on a BBQ grill, after being scewered with one of those little sticks that turns round and round to get all the sides good and charred. I’m not usually so prone to violent visions. But really, It took me an hour just to figure out that it takes about 5 steps just to shuit the shut the damn thing off! Really, you can’t have a button on the task bar that says “shut off”? And you have Menus that are invisible? “Charms” bars? Windows that hog the entire screen and no obvious way to get out of them? THIS is better? Well excuse my unenlightened self but I thought using a computer was supposed to be easy and fun, not annoying and impossible. Nothing about this new set up makes sense to me, and I am certainly not going to be able to teach my ol mom how to use it. This thing is going back to the store and if they won’t give my money back I’ll throw gas on it and watch it burn instead.

  • Jeff

    I have a new laptop with Windows 8. Here’s how I’m going to fix it. I am never buying a Microsoft product again, ever, no really NEVER. Apple here I come.

  • MacFanBoy

    UPDATE! I found how to cancel the ‘gesture’. In the bottom right corner, where volume and wifi bar indicators are, is a little up arrow. It is for hidden icons. Clicking there reveals a taskbar program ASUS smart (sic) gesture center. In there are the settings to turn off the stupid charm bar BS. And I found it purely by accident. Salvation.

  • len

    My girlfriend just bought a new pc with windows 8, after a few days with this os she has become so frusrtrated with it im sure it will become her new paperweight.

  • MacFanBoy

    Johnfromcanada call Brian an idiot without realizing HE is the idiot. I am using a new laptop with win8 and I hate it. I did not come from a win7 laptop, I came from a Mac. I am using this Asus because of price, and number pad. I admit that I am biased to osx. Will john admit he is biased too? Prolly not. But here is the deal: 8 SUCKS. Royally. As the video says, it has touch screen interface pasted over the desktop. On a non-touchscreen ‘puter, it is a layer of useless gobbledygook to ignore. In the three months I have been using this laptop, not once have I used metro, and not gone to desktop. It is just an unnecessary extra click. But while metro is pointless, the charm bar is an aggravation. How user friendly is an os that regularly aggravates you? These ‘gestures’ that Brian describes are a pain in my ass. Msoft, in its infinite arrogance, err, wisdom, has added touchpad shortcuts for metro and charm bar. The ‘gesture’ takes precedence for whatever you’re doing, even in a game. Yes, I CONSTANTLY have games interrupted by the charm popping up. And I curse every time. I hate it. Win8 literally interrupts the users production experience. And that makes it a baaaaad os. Coming from an osx Mac, I understand hot corners. But screwing up the trackpad input on a laptop is just idiotic. Do I need a mouse? Ugh. Win8 is an attempt at ‘verticle integration’ of the experience from phone to tablet to ‘puter. But win phones are non-existant, the tablet is underwhelming sales, and the ‘puters suffer to justify the former two. Metro sucks, gestures suck, and win8 sucks.

  • janhit

    I totally agree that Windows 8 sux big time! I have had nothing but trouble (runs slow, mouse pad just decides to stop working, MS Word stops responding, etc). And to top it off, I have Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 that doesn’t work properly either! I can’t even set security levels for programs on the computer. The set up screen for this is blank!

  • Mark

    Totally agree with the video. The solution to windows 8 is to ‘windows7ify’ it!

    I’m going to post a video called ‘windows7ify your windows 8 PC’ on youtube soon showing how you can accomplish this.

  • Bob

    Wow, I thought I was the only one who thought this new pretty, touchy-feely, hip, cool, targeted-to-ten-year-olds “OS” was a huge mistake for MS. Did MS forget that some of us like to use their computers for business use and could care less about skyping, getting constant feeds from facebook and so on and so forth? Have they not heard of the iphone? If MS does not do an about face with WIN9, I guess I’ll have to go to (gasp) mac.

  • fido mcgee

    @John from Canada: dear god, are you stupid or what? The very fact that this article, or the utilities it references exists proves what a stinking pile of s##t windows 8 is.

  • John from Canada

    This guy is an idiot. He is just full of it and does not know anything about OS. You can convert windows 8 metro to look and act like windows 7 by simple config change. The OS will boot directly to win 7 like desktop interface. I have just customized win8 to look like win7and it works perfectly. Remember, you need to customize this OS, because it is designed for several different hardware applications. Check the following link

  • hmclark

    thought it was just me…..going to return this POS immediately!

  • DoktorThomas

    Conveyance is always a problem with MSFT products, not just winOS’s, like win(H)8
    Continuity is another weakness across MSFT apps.
    MSFT can stick the Metro Panel. Can we get Steve to come in at this point?
    My tablet is yellow with blue lines and bound; it never crashes!!! Always user friendly, never out of date nor patched on Tuesdays. OS easily replaced. Do you have a pen on you?
    Ballmer has always been on my “Idiots in Business” and the Cast Iron List ©2011
    Gr8 vid; tweet ad nauseum. Maybe someone in Redmond will see it and get a clue.

  • Fantastic video that really illustrates how wasted Win 8 is w/o touch! MS truly rushed out an OS that pushes productivity out of the way for consumption. Loved sharing this video on social media! Thanks!

  • Kiong Ping

    I think Windows 8 not design for the use as PC user. May be Microsoft wants us change to other OS! or, they want to promote others software to support them. Pokki is one of the best start menu for me.

  • clockmendergb

    @Harry44Callahan: I really find the latest Ubuntu Easy to use.
    I have it on a spare machine and its just as easy to learn as Win 8 for me

  • clockmendergb

    I sat with my teenage son and watched this.
    I seemed to have all the same experiences but my son would hit the screen and do all the things this guy could not.
    All without batting an eyelid I might add.

    yes it was really funny and I could really relate to his experience but maybe,just maybe we are getting a little old to learn new tricks.

    I just found out how to get it to start to the desktop so I think I am back in Win 7.
    That helps a lot.
    Have not added the start button on this machine yet but I think I will.

  • amy

    everything on your video it’s TRUE!!! even worse: I called Microsoft for tech support help….. he told me, I have to pay $300 for one year tech support service. I told him I am going to return it so he can stick it in his butt!!!

  • JonE

    What can I say that hasn’t been said already? Gremlin farts perhaps. I guess that would be the same thing as Goblin farts; love that comment.

    Thank you Col Panek for pointing us to this video; very informative and while peppered with humor not really funny when you consider the topic and conclusions.

    @Harry44Callahan: MS has been forcing stuff, OS and otherwise, on us, to some degree, since XP; definitely since VISTA. Don’t misunderstand; I agree with you about XP being solid and still use it, but also realize that I really need a new PC and OS to keep up with technology, but it definitely won’t be Windows 8. My new machine will definitely have Windows 7 Professional, although I do have reservations even about this version of Windows. At least XP users have the ReactOS project, but honestly I haven’t kept up with it.

    Microsoft is slated to support Windows 7 through 2020; that’s the latest info I was able to get. Microsoft still sells Windows 7 although their prices are let’s just say on the steep side. If you look around online you can find Windows 7 for lets say more reasonable prices at places like, eBay, and others.

  • Harry44Callahan

    Great video. The shame of it, as the author noted, Microsoft is forcing this OS on us. At least when they had the great Vista failure they still sold XP and supported it. In fact they kept increasing the non-support date for XP after all the unfavorable fallout from the public on Vista. I think it would be appalling for them not to do the same for Win 7. If they will not continue support for 7 or keep selling it, then I will learn more Linux and Ubuntu rather than Win. 8.

  • etim

    Ugh. Goblin farts.

  • One of the better critiques of Windows 8.

  • Donna

    Last year I purchased Windows 7 with the option to upgrade to Windows 8 for $15.99 I have until Jan 31, to make the purchase. I am so glad I held off. Even though I have the option to reinstall 7 if unhappy with 8 I will not purchase. Why waste $15.99 or go through all the hassle! I have not read or heard of any good reviews and this review beats all. I hope by the time I need a new PC Microsoft repairs their biggest umph yet!
    Thank you, I mean THANK YOU Steve Balmer for the great review! And Thank you Ashraf for posting it!

  • I hate single-sign-in services

    The best way to describe this video is:

    Mr. blogphilofilms hit the nail on the head. Repeatedly. And then he did it some more. And again. And again. And also again. And then from another angle. And then again. And then again. And again. And then he paused but only to get a new nail and start swinging the hammer again. He kept doing this until you’d have to be insane and/or Steve Balmer to not get the point.

    In other words, in one smooth motion he completely obliterated Win-duh-ohs 8 while also nailing it to the proverbial wall. Well played, sir. Well played.

  • Mags

    I watched this and found it extremely funny providing information as to why WIN 8 is a fail.

    It will never work as an OS for writers, students or people who need it for business. That is where it fails big time!

    @lljwagg: I agree 100%. Win 98SE was the best for the longest time. I was never truly satisfied with any MS OS after that until Win 7.

  • lljwagg

    Funny how every alternate Windows OS since 98 is a dud. Glad I’ve got 7, especially after Vista.

  • Shawn

    Best 23:41 minutes spent…

    Now that was priceless…

  • RealBull

    Wow! Glad I bought Windows 7 before W8 came out. They (MS) should have used W8 for pads and phones and kept W7 for the PC. W7 is not even that old!!!
    Anyway, funny video, too…thanks.