Can anyone identify the computer being smashed here? [Image]

How do most dotTechies deal with computer problems? Heck, how do most normal humans deal with computer problems? My guess is first they try to diagnose the problem themselves and, if they cannot fix it or don’t know how to fix it, they ask for help from someone who does know how. However, Tim and Eric of ‘Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!’ are hardly what I would call normal people. So what do they do? They smash; check it out:


Anyone know what computer Eric is smashing in the above GIF?

P.S. I don’t really know if Tim and Eric had a problem with that computer or if they just wanted to smash it for the heck of it.

[via Reddit]

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  • newJason

    I know this one :)
    It is a
    Compaq LTE Lite series notebook

    I still have mine.
    Complete with the Smart Station

  • Hamza

    What he did ?! computer like this one should be kept in the museum ! :o

  • Keith

    Maybe it’s actually a ‘hand held’ calculator from the 1960’s….?

  • greg

    Spitting image of my NEC Multispeed.

  • bernhard

    Looks like an ol’ HP or Toshiba or Panasonic

  • I find it painful to watch, even though it might be outdated and useless.

  • David

    It’s an old Compaq.

  • A&L

    toshiba 486

  • Keith

    Old IBM Thinkpad.

  • Kerry

    IBM or apple is my guess, but kinda looks like my old gatway solo I got here tho too.

  • chuck

    Hope it’s a Mac!!