This is something you never want to happen in a room full of computers [Image]

What is one thing computers do not get along with? No, not your grandma or grandpa. No, not your dog or cat. No, not your baby sister. Well, yes, probably all those things but that isn’t the answer I’m looking for. Rather, I’m looking for you to say “water”. Computers and water just don’t mix well (quite literally, if you get what I mean). So the following is something you never want to happen in a room full of computers; check it out:



The above is a computer lab in some school. It isn’t entirely clear why the sprinklers went off.

[via Reddit]

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  • JonE

    If you look closely you will discover that there is no water jetting out of the few sprinklers there are visible in the ceiling; this downpour is not being caused by the sprinklers. Also notice how the ceiling tiles are becoming soaked; the sprinklers would not cause the tiles to get wet or become saturated. Also notice the water pouring out of that air conditioning duct. And I’m thinking it’s the heat of the light bulbs that is causing the foggy steam; an illusion of mist. Water and electricity do not deal well with each other either. It’s only a matter of time before some of those light bulbs exploded or the water caused some kind of electrical problem, like a short. I would hope the person taking that picture didn’t hang around too long.

    So it was either a broken water line in the ceiling or perhaps . . . . . . . .
    I couldn’t find a link to the exact photo here, but perhaps this was the cause:
    Or something similar.

  • Merlin

    Some time ago at work there was a problem with the airconditioner in one particular room. The water outlet was blocked and the water that was taken from the air kept filling up the reservoir until it tipped over.
    All the water came down over the racks with about 80 servers. One rack didn’t get a shower, but the others did.
    Quite exciting, you know…
    Luckily there is a strict and good backup prcedure, otherwise it would have been a complete disaster.
    Now they had to replace a bunch of servers and restore the images and backups. Good thing we have a Next Business Day Service contract.

  • Ashraf

    @BGM: I don’t always have the story behind an image. This particular one, however, is of a computer lab in some school. Don’t know why the sprinklers went off, though.
    @Paul D: I actually had to remove the Reddit link in this post. For some reason it was redirecting iPhone users to Reddit when they visit dotTech.

  • Paul D

    @BGM: Hint:- Click on the Reddit link below the picture!

  • BGM

    Like so many of your images, Ashraf, the picture is interesting, – but it would be much more interesting if we knew the true story to go with it!