Is technology making us stupid as time goes on? [Comic]

The general idea behind human growth, as a species, is that we build upon knowledge of the people that came before us to become smarter with every passing generation. And, to some degree, this is true; we have, and we do, indeed use existing knowledge to innovate and create or find new things. However, there is some concern that technology may be “dumbing down” the average Joe…


…and there may be some truth behind it.

[via Manu Cornet]

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  • sl0j0n

    Hello, all.
    @ “AFPhys”.
    My neighbor’s nephew killed himself,
    late last year.
    Seems he was driving, & texting, at the same time, & hit a tree.
    Talk about “stupid”!
    Have a GREAT day, neighbors!

  • etim

    Point #1–I saw an actual, functioning pay phone yesterday!

    #2–quick–what’s your home phone #? How many friends can you actually call on the pay phone?

    #3–can you still write in longhand lebigly? Without a splchekur?

  • Keith

    Yes. Technology IS making us stupid, as well as dividing us. The race we’re actually in is between the point where we’re still smart enough to meld with the intellegent machines we create and the point where we lose the intelligence to create those machines. We stay in more, interact less with real people in meaningful and really challenging ways, and shut off our brains every chance we get. We watch life on TV instead of living, old re0runs of Friends instead of going out and making new ones, computer games instead of outside sports. Not true of all of us, of course, but it seems like more and more of us.

  • AFPhys

    True – it is quite scary that in many ways.

    Follow it up with a similar commentary about using texting (even while in the same room) in lieu of phone contact or face-to-face contact.