Forget micro apartments; try living in ‘Roll it’, a home made of three cylinders [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Yesterday we shared with you an interior design of a 300 square feet micro apartment. If you found the micro apartment to be too small for your taste, then you probably won’t be found of ‘Roll it’.

Developed by two students out of University of Karlsruhe in Germany, Roll it is a home made of three cylinders that provides you a bedroom, work area, kitchen, bathroom, and exercise area all in one small space. The idea behind Roll it is you roll each cylinder to change what it is used for. The bedroom converts into a work area and the kitchen converts into a bathroom, and vice versa. The bedroom/work area of the home comes with a bed, table, and bench while the kitchen/bathroom area comes with a stove, sink, and a toilet. Check it out:








Practical? Probably not. Novel? Indeed.

[via GizMag]

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