Mesmerizing time-lapse of the night sky above Death Valley [Video]


Sunchaser Pictures is a small Hollywood firm run by Gavin Heffernan. Aside from short stories and regular movies, one of the things Heffernan like to do is make time-lapse videos of nature. The following is one of their most recent ones.

To capture this video, Heffernan and his crew trekked out to Eureka Dunes in Death Valley National Park on December 13 (in freezing temperatures). Aside from the night sky, they supposedly even captured a UFO (see 1:30-1:35 in the video). Check it out but do note the time-lapse part doesn’t begin until about 1:15 minutes into the video:

[via Geeks Are Sexy]

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  • Lena Black

    I wonder what the time between shots was?

    Two went up; one came down.

    Must have been a long time. :>)

  • jayesstee

    Thanks Ashraf, a privilage to watch. Although I live in what is termed a semi-rural area, the light pollution from nearby towns, is such that we don’t see much of the night sky.
    I was aboy in London during WW2 and due to the wartime compulsory blackout order, the sky was full of stars when there wasn’t any aircraft about and the associated searchlights lighting up the sky.