• Fum

    Are there any other free alternatives?
    Tag2Find doesn’t support 64-bit windows :(

  • Ashraf

    @Bill: It saves it to your computer.

    As for not being able to use Tag2Find in the future: as I said in my post, back when Tag2Find was just taking off (3 years ago) the developer of Tag2Find pledged there will always be a free version for home users. However now Tag2Find is about to go open source so it is guaranteed to always be usable by everyone.

    @david roper: No worries.

  • david roper


    If you take JPG photos, it is possible to save data “inside” the JPG itself and no matter where it goes, the data in it stays with it, like yur “genealogy, brother, Disney Vacation, Bob, and a date”. We should take this discussion somewhere else I fear. Maybe over in the forum?
    Sorry, Ashraf. ;-(

  • Bill

    Hi Ashraf. Nice review. Does this tag2file software save your information to YOUR computer or to a server on the internet?
    Do you know of any other software that will allow “tags”, as the license agreement for tag2find says you have to remove the software once they finalize the product for the street. I am looking for something like what they have on flickr, where you can leave all photos in one directory, and give each one multiple “tags” for finding them, except the program should keep all information on my computer (i.e.-not share it over the internet).

    In other words, if I have a photo of my brother that I took on vacation to DisneyWorld, I could set up multiple tags, such as: genealogy, brother, Disney Vacation, Bob, and a date. Then I could move it to one directory with all of my other photos, and only have to keep one copy.

  • dingo

    I agree with you that 70 Mb RAM usage is far to much but I can live with that. More important for me is the lack of a right-click context menu entry. Thank you for your review.

  • Ashraf

    @Austinkir: I would have to disagree with your statement about most GOTD’s having “above average” computers. I say this because many GOTDers don’t live in Europe, America, and/or other developed nations. Many GOTDers infact probably don’t have that great computers because of the limitations where they live.

    Furthermore, even though I have 3 GB of RAM I won’t use this program because regardless of how much RAM I have, I just don’t like RAM eating software :D.

  • Austinkir

    Cool, thanks for the review. Because I personally have 2GB of ram I’ll go ahead and use this. Also, I’d guess that most GAOTD users are more the type to have above average computers — and honestly I could not imagine the less computer savvy type with 512MB RAM to use this program, its way to complex…. Just my opinion. But it’s something the developer should work on. But thanks for the review, I always find them helpful to read so that I know how to use the programs.

  • Ashraf

    @Purple: …or 14% of someone who only has 512 MB RAM. In elementary school I learned the world does not revolve around me.

  • Purple

    wow, 70 MB is a lot of RAM?!! That’s 2% of yours pc 3GB!!! give me a break.

  • Ashraf

    @sos4ever: One article a day… keeps the commercial-ware away.

    How is that for being poetic.

  • sos4ever

    Wow. As always, I am very impressed by your review. I rarely read the other comments at GOTD. (unless thumbs up to thumbs down is pretty equal) I look for your review then jump here for a more in depth look. You Rock and I am still going thru your tips and trick in my “spare time” LOL I just recently installed ManicTime, “scary”

  • Ashraf

    @David Roper: Call my lawyer. :P

    @goyal6624: You are welcome.

  • goyal6624

    Wow, what a prompt fix by you! I have enjoyed your forum and s/w freebies so much that I became a registered member of the forum and added your site to my daily FireFox “auto open tab” (Morning Coffee plugin)! Thanks for your hard work..

  • David Roper


    Okay, this is serious. That’s number 1….

  • Ashraf

    @goyal6624: Oops LOL! Thanks for pointing that out. Yes it is a typo. I am surprised no one else has mentioned it yet. Maybe you are the first one to notice =).

  • goyal6624

    Ashraf, in your Final verdict you mention Tag2File rather than Tag2Find. Is that a typo?

  • Ashraf

    @giovanni: I know about Executor and I also got your earlier e-mail. It is on my list of software to talk about.

    Now Giovanni I am going to have to ask you one thing: stop posting about software and/or topics that are not relevant to the article on hand. Until now I have been moderating your comments through but from now on if you post about a topic/post/software/etc. that is not relevant to the article you post on, I will delete the comment. If you want to give lots of suggestions, we have a forum for that.

  • giovanni

    Hey Ashraf!!

    If you are looking for a FREE TOOL capable of optimizing your daily work flow when searching for programs in your folders, well I suggest you looking at this little gem:


    As you can see this tool is a multi purpose launcher powered by hot keys and keywords, both customizable to an impressive degree, through that have properties like shortcuts!!

    Great tool if you are eager to reduce mouse usage and don’t want to use the start menu anymore….LOL!


    •Keywords have properties like shortcuts, and you can for example drag-drop a shortcut/file/folder/favorite to add it as a keyword.
    •Auto-completion for keywords, file system and history (can also be configured).
    •Url detection, Enter URLs directly (like http://www.google.com, mail.google.com, google.com or http://www.google.com).
    •Keywords support parameters. Example “google latest executor” “wiki nirvana”.
    •Besides keywords Executor can also optionally and dynamically add matching start-menu items, control panel items and other handy items to the drop-down/list.
    •Ability to add your own paths to scan for user defined file extensions.
    •Keyword “find [text]” for using Windows Instant Search (Vista) feature or Windows Desktop Search (WDS for XP etc.).
    •Can add keyword integration with popular services like GMail, Twitter, GCal, RTM and many others (see forums for howto’s, tutorials and tips).
    •Optional show icon for current keyword/input.
    •Optional show drop-down box for current keyword/input (auto-completion).
    •Optional drop-down box can be set to auto-open (like windows run) displaying auto-completion suggestions.
    •Optional Vista like list displaying matching items.
    •Layout can be customized. Set colors, font, dimensions, position, transparency and more.
    •Skinable. Supporting alpha blending effects and free positioning of all elements.
    •Each keyword can be assigned a hotkey, so Executor can also perform like many popular hotkey managers.
    •Many settings to customize the program as you like.
    •Can be launched from an user defined hotkey.
    •One keyword or text input can start multiple keywords/urls/programs/documents/files etc. Example one keyword opens three websites and/or programs.
    •Each keyword have properties like optional group (to organize into groups), customizable icon and other properties.
    •A number of special commands (like for example pause and replace tag with parameter).
    •Optional windows context-menu integration (as another way of easily adding new keywords).
    •Optional show title for the current input.
    •Can import keywords from windows start-menu.
    •Can auto import keywords from an url on startup, so you can share keywords between different Executor installations (for example for cooperate use).
    •Executor has a number settings on how you want it to find desired item(s). Text could “start with” or “contain text” (substring) or short form detection (for example typing ffox for firefox).
    •All file-paths can be auto-completed (also when file-path is a parameter).
    •Keywords to manipulate the current active window (center, resize to specific size, maximize width or height etc).
    •Special keywords to list (and open) running applications, text previously copied to clipboard and recent documents. Can also strip formatting from clipboard text.
    •Many special keywords like for example lock computer, restart, shutdown, standby, turn off monitor, mute sound, show date/time/week number etc.
    •Shortcut keys for faster navigation.
    •Integrated calculator.
    •Import/Export keywords (import can also import directly from an url rather than a file).
    •Option to override windows run hotkey (Win-R).
    •Optional sounds.
    •Integrated Windows context-menu (for example when right-clicking list items).
    •At startup a number of keywords/commands optionally be launched.
    •Set simple a simple alarm, timer, stop-watch (with optional alert sound).
    •Pressing enter with no valid input will launch first suggested item (optional).
    •Be able to grab text from hidden launched console applications and display text in input or in multi-lined text.
    •Several hidden experimental/minor settings to play with (Example show time/date/other stuff when idle).
    •Plus more…
    •Free for commercial use.

    AWESOME TOOL man and not just because it’s FREE…LOL!!!


  • David Roper

    Very tempting piece of software. My Gmail tabs and labels do the same thing — well, sort of.

    However, being a GAOTD item, I would hate to spend the time learning all the facets and tricks of it only to upgrade to Vista or Win7 and lose it being still free to reinstall. I gotta love those reinstall anytime Freeware and Opensource programs (which cannot die).

    I actually got tired and bored watching all the features in their YouTube video (5 minutes+ ) for demonstrating how to use it. And THEY know how to use it already.

    Reminded me of Fences, it failed me too, or rather I failed Fences. But, enough about me.

    Great review. I don’t see how you do it day after day. KGDS.
    (Keep Going, Don’t Stop)

  • Janet

    This sounds something like Virtual Disk, which was a GOTD offer a while back. Is this substantially different in terms of WHAT you do with it? HOW you do it?

  • Emrys

    Meh. I think I’m better off sorting this kind of thing myself. Thanks again Ashraf! I’m now on Win7 Ent with your help, and yes, it’s more stable than RC 7100.

  • Ashraf

    @Andrea D’Intino: Thank you for the kind words; and you are also welcome at the same time =).

  • @Ashraf:

    It’s alright, we took a while to figure out the difference ourselves :-)
    Good review by the way! It points out well where we need to do some work…thanks!

    The Tabbles team

  • Ashraf

    @Andrea D’Intino: Ohhhhhh. I should read more closely. Thanks I will update my numbers.

  • Hi,

    a small note from the developers:

    Tabbles does not require the “.NET Framework 3.5. SP1” but the “.NET Framework 3.5. SP1 Client Profile”:
    while the first weighs 230MB and takes forever to install, the latter weighs about 28MB and typically installs in 7-8 mins.

    Best regards,