Leaked documents confirm Google is launching Android 5.0 (aka Key Lime Pie) this spring


Leaked documents from Qualcomm have revealed a spring announcement for Google’s Android 5.0. The documents have since been taken down by request of Qualcomm, but the information in it, as always, will live forever on the internet.

One of the documents say that the “K release” of Android should be hitting in the “March – June” window. Another document outright calls it Key Lime Pie. Gizmodo notes that Google tends to announce these new versions of Android during their I/O events, which falls on May 15 to 17. So to round it all up, Google should be showing Android 5.0, which is called Key Lime Pie, at their Google I/O event that’s from May 15 to 17. Yup, that looks about right.

Mark your calendars! If you thought this was predictable, hopefully Google’s latest mobile OS will bring something completely unexpected.

[via Gizmodo, Android Police, image via Luca Nebuloni]

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