Adobe Flash is under attack, update to Flash 11.5.502.149 to stay safe

Attacks on Java may be subsided for a few days but the other kink in your armor — Flash — is now under attack. Adobe has released a security bulletin notifying Windows and Mac OS X users to update to Flash 11.5.502.149 because of an ongoing attack targeting Windows and Mac OS X users, an attack that exploits a Flash vulnerability in previous versions of Flash.

According to Adobe, in-the-wild attacks aimed at Windows users via Microsoft Word documents that contained infected SWF content; this attack is being conducted via e-mails that are spreading these Word files through attachments. The attack on Mac OS X users is via websites that utilize drive-by-downloads (i.e. something that is automatically downloaded to a user’s computer upon visiting an infected website). Any Mac users running Safari and Firefox is susceptible to this attack.

If infected, the vulnerability in Flash allows scumbags to remotely take over your computer.

Windows and Mac OS X users are encourage to update to the latest version of Flash — 11.5.502.149 — that protects against this particular vulnerability. Chrome and Internet Explorer 10 will issue their own updates to Flash. Adobe has also issued updates to Flash for Linux and Android but those platforms are not currently under attack via this specific vulnerability.

If you are unsure what version of Flash you have, you can hit up this link which will tell you what version you have:


If you do not have the version of Flash listed in the following chart…


…then you are highly recommended to manually update Flash now by hitting up the link below. I know I have to update.

Adobe Flash download page

[via PCMag, Adobe]

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  • j

    hi all!

    don’t be upset about flash.
    it is one beautiful way for animated “eye candy”.

    As far as I know, nothing can replace flashs action script.

    take a look at

    and let it on for one or two minutes. watch the way that motocycle gets shown from different angles!

    it is and has been state of the art flash since the past 10 – 15 years.

    warning: this is CPU intensive! it takes you to 1080p interface and HQ sound. Don’t get upset if your PC starts to stutter. that only means it IS time to upgrade. :-)

    also take a look at

    they also create beautiful funny flash, that imho, is not possible to be done without flash.

    For everybody, who likes to do “offline installation”, head to

    for the firefox, opera and safari browser

    for iexplore go to

    best regards


  • Ashraf

    @Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Phd: The only benefit is being able to run Java programs/applets. If you don’t need Java, then you don’t need it.

    Java is more heavily used in the business world where companies are reluctant to upgrade out of Java programs they have been using for years.

  • Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Phd

    I don’t even have Java installed and I’m a heavy computer user. Can someone tell me why they need Java so much? For example, Java RE is recommended for Libre Office, but I run it without it. What would my benefit be to install Java?

  • Ashraf

    @michel: HTML5 is slowly chipping away at Flash. In a few years, if all goes according to plan. HTML5 will completely replace Flash.
    @GF: Most viruses/malware don’t dmg hardware. Some do, but those are very rare and typically involved in targeted attacks as opposed to in-the-wild attacks.

  • GF

    @Nancy: > its just not easy to go out and buy another computer

    Why do you say that? As far as I know viruses/malwares don’t crack at all our PC, they damage programs only. There is not need to buy another PC.

  • michel

    @Ashraf: I just wish I could do without it. it’s slow, crashes frequently and uses too much bandwidth. Plus, it installs updaters and services that eat resources. And now we’re learning how insecure it is.

    All in all, it’s terrible and I wish it could be easily replaced.

  • Nancy

    @GF: Ain’t that the truth! It takes someone very uncaring about how others are going to cope with a bad computer crash.

  • Ashraf

    @etim: You are welcome! I’d suggest you try to run Java’s updater nonetheless because I could be wrong.

  • etim

    @Ashraf: Good to know–thanks.

  • Ashraf

    @Nancy: You are welcome!
    @GF: Also for financial gain.
    @michel: Are you sure you want to uninstall Flash? Uninstalling Java people can get away with. However, a large part of the web still uses Flash.
    @etim: No offense to Gizmo’s website but that is a stupid post. It provides absolute no details about the vulnerability or the update. From what I can tell, Oracle has not released any major updates recently (next update is scheduled for Feb 19 — see so I can only assume the post is referencing prior updates. In other words, it is a late post. I could be wrong, however.

  • etim
  • michel

    could you please write an article on how to get along without Flash and Java?

    I’m just so tired of having to update this crap all the time. Especially considering it all crashes so frequently. I finally just uninstalled Java and now won’t use it again. How do I do this with Flash?

  • GF

    @Nancy: > They ruin peoples computers for no reason

    I think that they ruin peoples computers for fun. It should be a great satisfaction to cause trouble for many people all over the world.

  • Nancy

    Thanks so much for the heads up! I don’t understand why people want to make up virus; and things. They ruin peoples computers for no reason and sometimes, its just not easy to go out and buy another computer.