• Ashraf

    @7777: If it has it, I was unable to find it.

  • 7777
  • Alan


    If Windows has access to my external hard drive and the external power fails, I get FTDISK errors in the event log.

    If Acronis has MOUNTED an image, then Windows will see that “virtual” partition, and what Windows can see then Windows will own, and upon UNmounting that image many glitches are put into mysterious NTFS security files and chkdsk is needed to fix them.

    My observations cause me to think that bad things happen if Windows can see a partition and then the partition is snatched out of its control.

    Acronis requires exclusive control of F:\ when restoring to F:\,
    and if it restores whilst other things also have access then damage could happen, and I assume that is why Acronis will reboot if it thinks anything else is sharing F:\ in some fashion, such as Windows Explorer having a look inside F:\ whilst it is being restored

    It occurs to me that a similar situation arises when Easeus is altering the size/position of F:\, and it would be appropriate for Easeus to insist upon a reboot before implementing such a change, and if it proceeds regardless without a reboot, Windows will issue punishment ! !


  • Ashraf

    @Alan: Well the “crash” was upon a reboot so I am not 100% sure what you mean.

  • Alan

    Re your “EASEUS PM crashed Windows for me once”
    Could that be due to an instance of Windows Explorer being aware of F:\ ?

    When I restore an Acronis image of C:\ to a spare partition F:\,
    Acronis insists upon a reboot if any Windows Explorer or Xplorer2 are running, even if they are not looking at F:\.

    Perhaps Acronis knows that if anything in Windows can “see” partition F:\ then Windows will crash, hence their caution.

    Maybe Easeus are not aware of the danger, hence they proceed and Windows plus other running applications decide to crash when F:\ is removed from accessibility.


  • Ashraf

    @sghouse: You, me, and everyone else. As I stated above, they have similar interfaces and similar features so one is most likely a rebrand of the other. I see no major advantage of one over the other which is why I recommended freeware Partition Wizard over free-for-24-hours-only EASEUS PM Pro.

  • sghouse

    Ashraf, Am I missing something or is this program (EASEUS) and Partition Wizard basically the same software? If so, is there an advantage to either? I burned the bootable ISO from each and I had to do a double take when I saw how similar they appear.


  • Inuhanyou

    My advice would be to play with it in a sandbox. If you have the resources, I would recommend using “my virtual pc 2007” or virtualbox, OR if you have the money, “vmware”. Combine that with regshot and you can really get an inside view of how the software plays with the system, without the fear of it messing up the main partition.

  • Tortuga

    Hi Ash :D

    Other than Thank You, just wanted to add that your notes comparing the day’s soft w previous offers either from GOTD or Promos, are *GREATLY* appreciated. It really makes all the difference, and puts your reviews a step above!!

    Like today, you noted that if we already have the previous GOTD’s EASEUS and/or Paragon PM Pro, there is no need to install this one.

    You know, we get so much “stuff”, sometimes I just totally forget what I’ve dwlded already … I suppose old age doesn’t help either *sigh*
    So it’s very helpful ;)


  • Peter

    Hi, Ashraf

    another free alternative is GParted which also has windows and linux support.
    Check it here:

    Screenshots and filesystem supported here:

    Can run from cd and usb.


  • Ashraf

    @Rob: That is an excellent, and very smart, suggestion. However I hate having to reboot my computer for something that I can do from within Windows.

  • Rob

    You are a braver man than I am.
    If most of the functions can be done from the bootable CD, I would recommend doing the adventurous stuff from the CD, not from within Windows.
    My 2 cents,

  • My windows didn’t crash during a reformat, and also it didn’t ask me to reboot after resizing the new partition.