FBI likes to torrent, too — here are some of the FBI’s favorite things to pirate via BitTorrent


Try going to MegaUpload.com and you’ll see an FBI anti-piracy warning. The warning is for the purposes of discouraging people from pirating copyrighted content. But that doesn’t mean the FBI doesn’t like to pirate things themselves! BitTorrent monitoring company ScanEye has once again given us a little peak into what the feds are watching and downloading these days. Check it out:


These downloads are all tied to IPs from the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division, the FBI division that is responsible for providing “criminal justice information” to the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. Sure, it doesn’t necessarily mean an FBI agent or FBI employee did the downloading; it could’ve been somebody who doesn’t work for the FBI, maybe even an idiot intern — anyone that had access to the network. But what if it really was somebody from the FBI? Talk about hypocrisy, no?

Either way, they (whomever they are) have pretty good taste in TV shows. Dexter and Homeland are both good choices, although I haven’t seen any of the other shows they’re watching. Parental Guidance, however, was supposedly a pretty bad movie. Anyway, regardless of who downloaded these, it only proves once again that piracy is indeed everywhere… and that includes FBI premises. And the US House of Representatives, by the way.

[via TorrentFreak, Gizmodo, image via Cliff]

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