[Windows] Stop your mouse from accidentally double-clicking with Left Mouse Button Fix

Left Mouse Button FixWe have all more than likely experienced it at some point. You are using your mouse like normal, you click something, and your mouse double clicks. It can be very annoying! This goes double when trying to highlight things or just use your mouse in general. Usually the best solution to this is just to buy a new mouse… until now. This is all thanks to Left Mouse Button Fix.


Main Functionality

Left Mouse Button Fix is a simple program that keeps your mouse from double clicking when you don’t want it to. In short, it fixes one of the most common issues that are experienced with mouse hardware today. Overtime, mouse hardware just wears out. Now, however, instead of pumping money into a new mouse, you can extend the life of the one you already have.


  • Keeps your mouse from double clicking by accident
  • Does NOT prevent you from being able to double-click to open files and programs
  • No installation required (is portable)
  • Extremely small and uses practically no computer resources
  • Tells you how many mouse clicks it has fixed


  • Requires .NET Framework (not sure on which version exactly)
  • The program has only been tested on Vista (as described by the developer’s website) so it may be hit or miss on other systems


Left MOuse Button Fix ScreenshotI wish there was more details I could give you on Left Mouse Button Fix, but really there isn’t much to say on the program. However, in this case, that actually turns out to be a good thing. This program is good for one thing and one thing only, and that is fixing mice that are wearing out and starting to double-click when you don’t intend to. That’s it!

This is a program that really hits home for me. I use my computer a lot, and because of that, I seem to go through a lot of mouse hardware. It always seems like I have the same problem with them no matter what brand I get. Overtime they simply start double clicking no matter how light or frustratingly hard I hit the button (yeah, I know that second one isn’t good for the mouse, but double clicking on me isn’t good for my stress level).

I wish I could tell you how the program works, but I am not 100% sure myself. You simply download the program, click to open and you’re done. If you minimize its little box, it will run very quietly down in your taskbar.

My biggest fear about this program was that it would keep me from being able to double-click at all, but it doesn’t. I am still able to double-click to open files, programs or whatever. I assume the program works by reading how quick you are pressing the button. I’m guessing that when the mouse double clicks by itself, it happens quicker than what we can push the button, and the program picks up on that and stops the second click.

I put the program through a few good tests. I just recently purchased a new mouse that has had no problem. I plugged it up and started clicking as quickly as I could. Not once did it stop a double click. Then I pulled back out my old “broken” mouse that double-clicks all the time. Sure enough, the mouse started working like new. At first I assumed that it was a miracle and the mouse healed itself. Then, I pulled up the Left Mouse Button Fix box and saw that it had fixed 32 bad double clicks. At this point I was impressed, because I didn’t even know it was working… expect for the fact that my supposedly dead mouse now had new life.


I am not sure how it works, but Left Mouse Button Fix does. It has saved my old mouse, and that is reason enough for me to recommend it to you. There is no installation required, and it’s extremely small. Do keep in mind the program has only been tested on Vista so there is no guarantee it will run on other systems (maybe some dotTechies with other operating systems can test it out and see if it works to let us know).

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 1.0

Supported OS: Windows Vista (Developer’s website said he only tested it with Vista so he’s not sure what other systems it works with. I also tested it on Vista.)

Requires .NET Framework

Download size: 76KB

VirusTotal malware scan results: 0/45

Is it portable? Yes

Left Mouse Button Fix homepage

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  • Abdelghany Hindam

    isnt there a program for the right click ?

  • Taters

    You have given my beloved ( and discontinued) Logitech G9x a new lease on life for which I’m eternally gratetful.
    XOXO =)

  • Lovely Evaris

    It’s working! (Windows 7). No way am I going to get a new mouse after having it for less than a year, no freaking way.

  • Terry Dillon

    Does NOT work with Windows 10.

  • Arglist

    I didn’t download or use this program but it inspired me to write my own little C# program to fix it. It worked, so I wanted to thank you for the idea!

  • Arglist

    It is a free solution that helped many people. Maybe your situation was different, so it couldn’t help you.

  • Zack Xcuz

    I have a Logitech G602 with Windows 10 and this program seems to be working so far. My mouse probably has the common double-click hardware issue, but I’m too lazy to fix it. This works though.

  • Tolga Dede

    Hilariously foolish program. Don’t even bother. didn’t fix my issues.

  • madeupname

    I feel like this comment section is made up, however if I can see this message show up this proves me wrong!

  • prut

    This works on Windows 7 64bit Home Premium. It’s a shame it does not include customizing the time to for blocking double-clicks. I have a program where I want to completely prevent doubleclick. But Left Mouse Button Fix only blocks really fast double-clicks, seems to be clicks faster than 100ms…

  • Budagchin

    Thaks guys it’s working on windows 8.1!

  • Edwin

    I’m trying this on Windows 10, so far so good, hopefully it will fix my DeathAdder 2013 issues :D

  • Shirley

    Thank You!! It works with Win7 on my computer~

  • That one guy

    Is this compatible with windows 8?

  • Heidi

    I love this!

  • Anon

    This software has saved me a lot of frustration. My mouse suddenly started double clicking at random times when I only clicked once, which made pausing videos a nightmare if my mouse felt like it. Hasn’t happened once since running this. Only downside is that when my mouse started acting up it was with both the left and right buttons, and while this seems to fix the left button my right button continues to play up from time to time.

  • nitav

    thanks justin you saved my mouse and money.!!!
    Really liked software controlling hardware.
    But I only thing I don’t like is – it is not working when dragging the mouse click.


  • Neil Berman

    Anyone ever see this mouse problem? SOMETIMES (not all the time) when I click on a “button”, instead of executing the action. the one letter that I happen to click on becomes highlighted and I have to click again, this time being careful not to let my cursor land directly on any letter

  • kingchild

    Works great on Windows7 64 bit

  • stefan

    @Justin: An update for ya. Problem has been solved! It was another program running in the background (namely Holdkey) which was causing whole issue. I discovered that thanks to very quick and helpful respond from Left-Mouse-Button-Fix developer. Mind you that similar problems can be caused for example by some key-logger working away silently in the background so be aware ;-)

    Now, lets see if my dear mouse got any better?

  • stefan

    @Justin: Glad, I made you laugh. Yes it can be extremely frustrating at (most of the) times. Especially trying to work with any CAD or graphic software… I have Microsoft .NET 4 Framework (v. 4.0.30319) installed I guess… that’s what Toolwiz Care found anyway and Windows Vista Home Premium.

  • @AFPhys: Wow! Ten years is very impress for any mouse. But there you go, they don’t make things like they use to.

    Oh, and thanks for the info! Like I said in the article, I didn’t know for sure how it worked. It could be magic fairy dust for all I know, I was just happy it stopped the double clicking. Anyway, it is great to have some common knowledge on how this program may be working

  • @stefan: I have to admit, when I read your post it made me laugh, but just because I understand your pain with opening up two tabs with one click. It is a very frustrating thing to work with.

    As for your problem I don’t have any idea as I had no such problem with the program. What .NET Framework do you have installed? I have been checking online to see if I can find someone with your problem and I haven’t come across anyone yet. I will keep looking to see if I can find a fix for you.


  • AFPhys

    Justin, I am certain that this is simply a standard “debounce” program.

    If you look at how a switch is functioning on an oscilloscope, you will find that they often make contact momentarily and break contact several times before finally closing for good. Taking that into account is an important engineering problem in many science applications (timing or counting things, for example). In the past, this type of function was encoded in hardware, especially in dedicated PS2 mouse ports on good motherboards. With USB mice, it has to be done in software, by detecting close-open cycles that that occur too fast to be legitimate mouse clicks.

    Frankly, I am surprised that you are having this problem since I have never seen it. Perhaps that is because I have used a single Logitech mouseball for a long time (over ten years) and perhaps a debounce function is programmed into their driver. I am surprised it is not built into the standard MS mouse drivers. Perhaps I am simply very lucky to have bought the best mouse switches ever :-)

  • stefan

    Hi Justin I was struggling with my double-clicking mouse for quite some time now so I felt a bit of relief reading about this little program here. I clicked on Left Mouse Button Fix Homepage link provided by you and (after choosing one of the two newly opened tabs ;-) i downloaded it on my PC with Vista. After firing it up I could see this tiny window on my screen counting a number of fixed clicks of my mouse. Unfortunately I couldn’t do anything else. Couldn’t minimize/maximize or close this program for some reason. It responded to mouse clicks but did not let me work normally outside it’s window. Had to right-click on it and choose “close” with Enter key.

    “Just as I thought I was out, they pulled me back in!” he-he

    Do you have any idea what could cause this issue or should I contact my compatriots who wrote this soft?