[Windows] Stop your mouse from accidentally double-clicking with Left Mouse Button Fix

Left Mouse Button FixWe have all more than likely experienced it at some point. You are using your mouse like normal, you click something, and your mouse double clicks. It can be very annoying! This goes double when trying to highlight things or just use your mouse in general. Usually the best solution to this is just to buy a new mouse… until now. This is all thanks to Left Mouse Button Fix.


Main Functionality

Left Mouse Button Fix is a simple program that keeps your mouse from double clicking when you don’t want it to. In short, it fixes one of the most common issues that are experienced with mouse hardware today. Overtime, mouse hardware just wears out. Now, however, instead of pumping money into a new mouse, you can extend the life of the one you already have.


  • Keeps your mouse from double clicking by accident
  • Does NOT prevent you from being able to double-click to open files and programs
  • No installation required (is portable)
  • Extremely small and uses practically no computer resources
  • Tells you how many mouse clicks it has fixed


  • Requires .NET Framework (not sure on which version exactly)
  • The program has only been tested on Vista (as described by the developer’s website) so it may be hit or miss on other systems


Left MOuse Button Fix ScreenshotI wish there was more details I could give you on Left Mouse Button Fix, but really there isn’t much to say on the program. However, in this case, that actually turns out to be a good thing. This program is good for one thing and one thing only, and that is fixing mice that are wearing out and starting to double-click when you don’t intend to. That’s it!

This is a program that really hits home for me. I use my computer a lot, and because of that, I seem to go through a lot of mouse hardware. It always seems like I have the same problem with them no matter what brand I get. Overtime they simply start double clicking no matter how light or frustratingly hard I hit the button (yeah, I know that second one isn’t good for the mouse, but double clicking on me isn’t good for my stress level).

I wish I could tell you how the program works, but I am not 100% sure myself. You simply download the program, click to open and you’re done. If you minimize its little box, it will run very quietly down in your taskbar.

My biggest fear about this program was that it would keep me from being able to double-click at all, but it doesn’t. I am still able to double-click to open files, programs or whatever. I assume the program works by reading how quick you are pressing the button. I’m guessing that when the mouse double clicks by itself, it happens quicker than what we can push the button, and the program picks up on that and stops the second click.

I put the program through a few good tests. I just recently purchased a new mouse that has had no problem. I plugged it up and started clicking as quickly as I could. Not once did it stop a double click. Then I pulled back out my old “broken” mouse that double-clicks all the time. Sure enough, the mouse started working like new. At first I assumed that it was a miracle and the mouse healed itself. Then, I pulled up the Left Mouse Button Fix box and saw that it had fixed 32 bad double clicks. At this point I was impressed, because I didn’t even know it was working… expect for the fact that my supposedly dead mouse now had new life.


I am not sure how it works, but Left Mouse Button Fix does. It has saved my old mouse, and that is reason enough for me to recommend it to you. There is no installation required, and it’s extremely small. Do keep in mind the program has only been tested on Vista so there is no guarantee it will run on other systems (maybe some dotTechies with other operating systems can test it out and see if it works to let us know).

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 1.0

Supported OS: Windows Vista (Developer’s website said he only tested it with Vista so he’s not sure what other systems it works with. I also tested it on Vista.)

Requires .NET Framework

Download size: 76KB

VirusTotal malware scan results: 0/45

Is it portable? Yes

Left Mouse Button Fix homepage

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