This is how music was pirated in the 60s [Image]

With the advent of digital recording formats (e.g. CD) and the internet, piracy of copyrighted content — particularly music — has become a relatively not uncommon task among the general population. However, it must make you wonder: did people pirate stuff pre-internet, if so how? My guess is “yes, we always have”. As for how? Check it out:


[via Reddit]

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  • Shwan

    Not a bad method of duplicating but I used to do the same thing with white glue to clean old vinyls worked great and best of all I could resell them at a higher value when the disks we’re flawless..

  • KMHamm

    I always had trouble doing this – the labels kept coming off. Seriously, it’s a lot nicer now to be able to download the one or three songs from an album w/o having to take the ‘lesser’ tunes too. I have no problem paying a buck to get a song I like instead of – what? – $10 to have to pull it from a set of songs. And with services like and Pandora, I can listen to a lot of music before I buy. That’s one of the reasons people (used to) pirate, I think – needed to sort thru a disc or LP to get the songs they (we) liked.

  • Col. Panek

    No. We made mix tapes on 1/4 inch tape.