This is what happens when you refuse to pay the freelancers you hire [Image]

As a webmaster, I have worked with more than a few freelancers over the years and still continue to work with many today (the great people who bring you great articles on a daily basis). Anyone that has worked as a freelancer or has worked with a freelancer knows there is one thing that makes freelancers stay awake at night: not being paid. You see in the age of the internet it has become easier to work from home but that has also increased the risk of getting cheated for your work.

Apparently Fitness SF, a gym that operates in California, decided to hire web development firm to create Fitness SF’s website but never actually paid FrankJonen. So what did FrankJonen do? Simple — they brought down Fitness SF’s website. Check it out:


If you visit, you will see the above page instead of Fitness SF’s website.

Of course there are always two sides to a story and we don’t have Fitness SF’s side yet. However, the moral of the story is: pay people for the work they do… especially if they still have the keys to your kingdom!

[via Reddit]

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