This guy cleverly made his online resume look like an product page [Image]

When it comes to resumes, it seems like everyone has some advice to give. Do this, don’t do that, put this in, don’t put that in, etc. Instead of listening to all the armchair critics, Philippe Dubost decided to do something different. So he built an online resume in the form of an product page. Check it out:


Personally, I think the resume is really stupid. However, it is unique and clever, and that has earned Dubost a lot of global exposure. According to stats he posted on his Tumblr, (the page where the resume can be found) has received over 1.3 million unique hits from 219 countries in roughly three weeks (primarily due to the resume going viral). Not bad for something that probably took him to a weekend to do.

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  • Donna

    Shows he has imagination and smarts! Would def hire him if I had something to hire him for! Bet he gets lot’s of job offers. Just will he want any of them?

  • Mags

    In this day and age, one needs to do something to stand out from the crowd. Today, most resumes barely get a glance before they are tossed into the garbage.

    This guy has the right idea. I actually read his resume.

    Did I like the format, no, but it did get me to notice it and read it.

  • AFPhys

    Clever. I wish him well.