Kevin Richardson lives, feeds, and sleeps with lions (and other wild cats) [Amazing Photo of the Day]

We have already seen one remarkable man who tickles lions. Now let’s take it one step further and meet the man the lives, feeds, and sleeps with lions.

Kevin Richardson, also known as the ‘Lion Whisperer’, is a South African “animal behaviorist” that has spent considerable up-close-and-personal time with wild cats — lions, cheetahs, leopards, and hyenas. How personal Richardson gets with these animals is simply amazing. Check it out:














Kevin Richardson, Leeu


Anyone that wants to learn more about the man can hit up his Wikipedia page in the source link below.

[via Wikipedia, Telegraph, Facebook]

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  • hussein

    This is really nice!! Se3n him on nat geo wild its amazing! But honestly anybody can do what hes doing god tells you if you fear him more than you fear the lion or any predatory animal in the wild they will submit to you seen it with my own eyes! Anyway good on ya kevin keep up the good work nice to no there is someone lookin after our animals people paying big money to shoot a wild lion is sick it made me cry man can be so ruthless!

  • Eric989

    I wouldn’t recommend lion back riding.

  • s66

    Great story, loved it!

  • Seamus McSeamus


    Here ya go:
    Note – different link from above post.
    (Yes, I am being a smartass!)

  • Paul D


    Google ‘White Lions’ and click on Images

  • riya

    Why are those lions white? I have never seen any white lions before..

  • Donna

    I love just LOVE Lions. I love all Cats but Lions are my fav. Keep up with the pictures. The last week can’t recall seeing any cat pics. Missed them.

  • Mario

    with hyenas is a first time

  • Ed

    Wonderful & amazing!