Kim Dotcom wants to expand Mega into email, chat, voice, video, and mobile products


Kim Dotcom advised his Twitter followers not to use US-based web services like Apple’s iCloud, Google Gmail and Skype because they “provide (by law) secret & untraceable NSA backdoors to all your data.” So what will people use if they ditch those services? His next tweet provided the answer:

In the coming years #Mega plans to expand from secure cloud storage to secure email, chat & voice, video and “mobile”.

If Mega were ever to launch services like email, the servers would definitely be located in New Zealand, which Dotcom believes is “a safe haven for companies competing with insecure US providers.”

Normally I wouldn’t take something like this so seriously, especially if it came right after a continuous rant about privacy, but Kim Dotcom did deliver with Mega — so far anyway. Don’t be too surprised if MegaMail launches sometime in the future.

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