Kim Dotcom wants to expand Mega into email, chat, voice, video, and mobile products


Kim Dotcom advised his Twitter followers not to use US-based web services like Apple’s iCloud, Google Gmail and Skype because they “provide (by law) secret & untraceable NSA backdoors to all your data.” So what will people use if they ditch those services? His next tweet provided the answer:

In the coming years #Mega plans to expand from secure cloud storage to secure email, chat & voice, video and “mobile”.

If Mega were ever to launch services like email, the servers would definitely be located in New Zealand, which Dotcom believes is “a safe haven for companies competing with insecure US providers.”

Normally I wouldn’t take something like this so seriously, especially if it came right after a continuous rant about privacy, but Kim Dotcom did deliver with Mega — so far anyway. Don’t be too surprised if MegaMail launches sometime in the future.

Would you use an email service run by Kim Dotcom? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Enrique

    [@The Living Spirit] Love the analogy! Still bummed about Megaman Legends 3…

  • deyanick

    He’s looking a bit like Kim of Pyongyang. Awesome! :)

  • “Megamail” makes me think of a Capcom-endorsed mail service for their classic franchises. I call shotgun on Rockman[at] if it happens!

  • Rob (Down Under)

    I reckon this was it. It is a weekly current affairs sort of program on the Aust TV channel SBS
    It was one of the three segments in the one hour show –
    Dateline – 12 February 2013
    Aired – 12 February 2013
    Mark Davis goes inside the world of controversial internet entrepreneur, and self-proclaimed defender of internet freedom, Kim Dotcom
    . . .
    There is a link to read about the SBS’s podcast feature, and a link to subscribe to download the podcast
    A lot of the interview, and video was about the heavy handed massive raid on his property, and the obvious presence of US during the raid, and the complicity of the NZ government, and the rejection by the NZ courts of the attempts to extradite him. But he does discuss how the governments are monitoring everything. And he plans to prevent that, with encryption.

  • JMJ

    [@Rob (Down Under)] The Orwellian monitoring has been going on for decades, even before the explosions of electronic communications and the Internet. Every copier imbeds an invisible code on every output page identifying the make, model and unique serial number of the copier used to make it.

    As early as 1989, the U.S. government was allowing sales of X-ray machines that were being sold to and used by… get this… the CCCP / USSR to routinely examine EVERY piece of international mail delivered to its citizens. Of course, EVERY SINGLE international telephone call was RECORDED for possible later use. I personally know one family that found that out the hard way.

    Most or all of our mobile-phone traffic is monitored for “buzz” words and phrases. All of the traffic cameras, security cameras, credit/bank cards, GPS devices, etc., etc., that many people routinely use give governments incredible access to information about their activities, locations, etc. All of the webmail providers scan our emails in order to “provide relevant ads”, they tell us. But include a few “no-no” words/phrases in several of those emails and Somebody with a gun and badge will soon be coming to your home for a “friendly visit”.

    Rob, What’s the name of the documentary and do you have a link to it? Thanks.

  • tony

    Megamail may be good, my current email got hacked and spammed sometimes, may be the hackers, spammers dare not mess with this guy

  • Rob (Down Under)

    I saw a documentary on this guy very recently.
    The good news is, he is drawing attention to the ‘1984’ Orwellian monitoring (or stored data that can be interrogated later) that Governments are doing.

  • mary yasuda

    I don’t trust Mega and Less than a month before their other websites were shut down, I purchased the VIP subscription to them. I got ripped off as they got shut down and not a cent got returned for services I never used even once. I later go the impression that folks like me would be given the VIP subscription to their new services when they got them up and running. That was not the case. Wrote them inquiring about it and was told that the new service was totally unconnected with their previous services so there was nothing they could do. I just think the new plans are aimed at making money to pay off debts due to the litigations and to turn a profit. I don’t see having any real care for clients and customers. They just want to make money and anyone who suffered fallout from their past are just collateral damage. Hell if I am going to put my trust in them or make use of their services.
    I never used their site when I had a free account for anything illegal. I had plans for uploading and sharing legal content in the future and that is why I invested in upgrading the subscription…..

  • Tom

    The devil dresses just as you and I. We’d be fools to trust this guy.

    BTW, he’s looking a bit like Kim of Pyongyang.