[Windows] Convert your writing into pictures with Text to Image

Text to ImageWe have talked about programs in the past that can pull text from an image, but what about a program that can turn text into an image? Well that is just what Text to Image does. This is a program that allows you to write your own text, choose your own customization options for the text and convert it into a picture.


Main Functionality

Text to Image is a simple program that allows you to convert text that you write or paste into the program into an image file. You are given many different options, including choosing the background color, text color, font size and even the font style.


  • Convert text into image files
  • Customize your text by choosing background color, text color, font style, font size and even effects like strike out or underline
  • Saves pictures as .PNG files
  • Choose the location were your new image files save to
  • Works with the new Windows 8
  • Supports all languages


  • Would have loved to be able to convert text into other image files, not just .PNG
  • Not able to see the changes you have made to the text until you convert it into an image


Text to Image ScreenshotText to Image is a simple program, and there is not too much to say about it. Overall, this is just a program that you can use to convert your text into images. You are given a few options to adjust how the “image” will look, but that is about it. This is not really a bad thing, as the program does what it says it will do perfectly.

Using the program is about as easy as possible. Just launch the program (after installing), and you will see a text box with a few options on the right side. Simply type or paste some text into the box and then use the options on the side to adjust the text. You can choose the color of the text, the background, font style and font size.

While we are on the subject of customization, this brings me to my first major problem with the program, and that is the fact that you cannot see the changes you make. So let’s say I wrote in the text “dotTech” and then turned the letters blue. Well, the text in the box would not change. All I would see is the text still in black and white. However, when I convert the text to an image, I would than see that the text is blue. This is annoying, because you have no way of knowing just how the text in your image is going to look until you create the image.

When you create an image from text, it will always be a .PNG. I assume you could easily change this with a picture converter, but it would have been nice if they gave you more than one option. In this day and age, I should be offered more than one choice as far as image types go.


Overall, Text to Image is a neat program. It does one thing and one thing only, and that is convert text to images. The good news is that it does a good job of this. There are a few drawbacks, like the inability to convert your text to anything but a .PNG or the ability to preview changes made to the text before you create the image. However, these can mostly be overlooked. If you are looking for a decent text to image converter, Text to Image is a good starting point.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 1.0

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Download size: 4.35MB

VirusTotal malware scan results: 0/46

Is it portable? No

Text to Image homepage

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  • Peter

    Nearly every image editor has a text tool that allows you to write text, in any font that you have, color, size,and effect ,on any background, and save it in a large number of formats.

  • AFPhy6

    General principles: if you desire best efficiency and clarity with this type of object, GIF is typically the best choice of format. At least, always try it as one of your choices with any simple, few color image.

    What difference between this program reviewed and a screen capture of a [rich] text editor, by the way?

  • Shawn

    My fun with infranview is to convert a image to two colors (black and white) and convert it to a font glyph.

    But your right I had forgotten about that feature. Thanks for reminding me.

    P.S: On another note with Text2Image make sure to add a space at the end as it crops any Italic text.

  • Irfanview lets you do most of this (and does have a preview) and obviously lets you save to a large variety of formats.

    From the Image menu choose “create new” and choose a size
    Then from the Edit menu choose “Insert text”

    You then input the text and choose a font style, size and colour. It also has semitransparent and transparent modes (transparent so you can just “outline” it)
    as well as shadow.

    The only drawback is the limited list of colours to choose from for the font colour

  • Shawn

    I currently use imagemagick with a windows shell script for doing the same with the advantage of different file formats and centering…

    But for quick and dirty results I give this tool a 9.5/10.