“How to use a floor buffer” — today’s hilarious animated GIF [Image]

You ever see a janitor or cleaning person or someone with a similar job use a floor buffer, also known as a floor cleaner or floor polisher? They typically use it very calmly and slowly (and, for some reason, always while listening to music, podcasts, or whatever else you can listen to via earphones). They make it look so easy. Guess what? It isn’t. Check it out:



No amount of military training could have prepared him for that.

[via Reddit]

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  • Art K

    Maybe not military training a just a tiny bit of common sense would have helped!

  • etim

    See? This is exactly the sort of thing guys do when their porn sites get blocked!

  • ds5929

    Ran one years ago. If you tried to muscle it around, the buffer’d win every time. Once you realized that, and let it do the work, you could steer it around with two fingers on the handlebars. Raise ’em a little to go one way,lower them a bit to go the other way. Kinda fun once you got the hang of it.

  • AFPhy6

    Those suckers are tougher to use than they appear. First time I did a floor with one, it was throwing me all over the place. Though it isn’t long before being able to use it with precision and calm, the first hour of operation can be quite a panic … not to be done around breakables.