We all love Windows XP, but let’s face it — driver support in XP sucks [Image]

Without a doubt one of the most successful iterations of Windows is (was) Windows XP. Even today, eleven years after it was released and three major new versions of Windows out (one of which, Windows 7, is also a huge success), millions of people insist on continuing to use Windows XP. However, as much as we all (most of us) love Windows XP, there is one reality that must be admitted: driver support in XP was (is) terrible. Check it out:



It should be noted, before I get flamed, when I say “driver support in XP was (is) terrible” I am referring to native Windows support for various different hardware in Windows XP; sort of like how in Windows 7 you can simply plug in most hardware and drivers will either be found locally or downloaded via Windows Update. Non-native driver support (i.e. drivers available via manufacturers) for Windows XP was (is) of course excellent.

[via Reddit]

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