We all love Windows XP, but let’s face it — driver support in XP sucks [Image]

Without a doubt one of the most successful iterations of Windows is (was) Windows XP. Even today, eleven years after it was released and three major new versions of Windows out (one of which, Windows 7, is also a huge success), millions of people insist on continuing to use Windows XP. However, as much as we all (most of us) love Windows XP, there is one reality that must be admitted: driver support in XP was (is) terrible. Check it out:



It should be noted, before I get flamed, when I say “driver support in XP was (is) terrible” I am referring to native Windows support for various different hardware in Windows XP; sort of like how in Windows 7 you can simply plug in most hardware and drivers will either be found locally or downloaded via Windows Update. Non-native driver support (i.e. drivers available via manufacturers) for Windows XP was (is) of course excellent.

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  • Kerry

    The only problem I have with xp is is won’t run Delrina winfax scanner and software from the 90’s. Loved the program and scanner. Have it hooked to a pc with 95 on it, its the only way it will work and actually is a win 3.11 program but its flawless.

  • Col. Panek

    [@michel] The point is, Linux can replace XP on your old computer; you don’t have to buy a new one or pay the Microsoft tax to have a modern, safe OS. As for being an “amatuer” OS, well, it runs on Raspberry Pi, but also on almost all servers, stock exchanges, banks, military hardware, and IBM’s Watson.

  • Jim Carter

    It had a wonderful life, but the time has come to toss the dirt and fill the hole. The love affair is over, Windows 7 is solid as a rock!

  • michel

    [@vandamme] Yeah, thanks for being so friendly. Typical linux lout, this is about windows, no need for your comments about linux.

    FYI, I got a new printer recently. Windows 7 found and installed the proper driver on its own. No clicks.

    Enjoy your amatuer operating system.

  • Rob (Down Under)

    I agree.
    History will look back on these two unrelated issues, and concede that –
    . . .
    – The 50’s to the 80’s was the peak for economic wealth for the masses.
    It was downhill from there.
    . . .
    – XP was the peak for MS OS’s
    It was downhill from there.

  • Susanne

    I do, and thank you so much for your kind good wishes.

  • Gonzo

    I kind of have to disagree with you on this Ashraf.
    When it comes to drivers “bundled” with Windows (the ones included by Microsoft in their Windows CD), starting with Windows XP they always had a good driver base.
    However, that base is only good for a little while, as new devices are created every day, so the driver base in the CD becomes obsolete pretty quickly.
    Try installing Windows XP on several computers manufactured in 2001/2002 and it should have the drivers for most hardware.

  • michel

    No, we don’t all love it. I stuck with win 2000 because XP looked like ass from the beginning. Big step backward in design, which wasn’t fixed till Vista, still the best looking OS MS ever released. Now with Win 8, they’ve lost their minds.

    It’s the kind of thing that drives people to the Mac – which is also butt-ugly, but at least has real, consistent integration in the visual design.

  • Installing drivers in Linux usually takes 2 clicks. No disks, downloading or other BS.

    Unless it’s an old, non-Windows 7 scanner. Then, you just plug it in and it works.

    Enjoy your antique Microsoft operating systems, guys.

  • Mags

    I’ve never experienced problems with updating drivers on XP.

    Guess many of you young ones have never tried Win98 SE. That OS was the BEST!.. I never really liked XP much and still don’t. (However, I still have it on my laptop.) I will only admit that XP was better than some other MS OS, other than WIN 7.

  • AFPhy6

    Only problem I ever really had with drivers was wireless.