[Windows] Free Expert PDF 8 Professional (fully featured PDF editor)!

2013-02-20_123349UPDATE: This promotion has now ended. Sorry to all those that missed it!

Need a good PDF editor without paying an arm an leg? Then you have come to the right place because in this post we describe how you get can Expert PDF 8 Professional ($95 value) for free!

Software Description

The following is the description of Expert PDF 8 Professional, as per the developer:

Quick Summary

Create PDF
Expert PDF Profesional Edition is the complete PDF creator and PDF writer tool. It lets you create PDF files from any document that you are working on so that you can save and send your work securely.

Edit PDF and modify
Once created you can view and edit PDF documents as easily as Word documents using the Expert PDF Editor. You can modify text, images, layout or add comments quickly and easily. Expert PDF can also be used as a default viewer for all your PDF documents.

Convert PDF to Word
If you receive a PDF that you want to change, Expert PDF Profesional Edition enables you to convert PDF to Word using the PDF converter. Simply make the changes and save it back into PDF before saving or sending the PDF file.


PDF to Word conversion – One click conversion of any PDF into a document that can be read and modified in Microsoft Word. Expert PDF also places a handy link on your desktop to provide easy access to this useful program.

Easy conversion of a PDF file into a PDF Form, which can then be filled in on screen with only a standard PDF Reader!

Create new and fully customised PDF forms, and edit existing ones.

  • Add and edit form controls such as Text zones, radio buttons, check boxes, drop-down lists and action buttons
  • Edit text and object attributes: font, colour, line width, display options…
  • Associate actions to objects within the PDF Forms: eg auto complete, opening web pages etc

OCR (Optical Character recognition) – Turn your PDF files into easily searchable documents!. OCR makes it possible to search for text within scanned images/documents, making your PDF documents more time efficient to work with.

PDF/A Support – Optimises long-term PDF file preservation, ensuring the files you create now, will continue to be relevant and usable in the future

Document Management – Expert PDF includes support for the Bates numbering system which is widely used in the legal, medical and business worlds.

Multiple document merge – Select several documents in various formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, URL, etc.) for conversion as a single PDF, or as separate PDF files.

Integrated toolbar – Expert PDF 8 Professional Edition is fully integrated into Word® and Excel® toolbars, making it easy to convert a document into PDF without switching programs

Image conversion – Documents can be converted into popular formats – JPG, GIF, TIF etc.

Hyperlink and URL management – Direct links within PDF documents to websites, and when you convert your document to a PDF, all hyperlinks are preserved.

Easy Emailing – Convert a file to PDF and email it to a friend or colleague in just two clicks

Text editing features – Cut, copy, paste, resize text and visuals within your PDF

Graphic editing tools – Add images, geometric shapes, Bezier curves, and more to a PDF file.

Annotation tools – Add notes, watermarks, comments and stamps to your PDF documents

Document protection – Secure and protect your PDF file (password encryption) with rights to print, edit and copy etc.

Compatibility – Compatible with Adobe® Acrobat® or Acrobat® Reader® (but not required), all Microsoft Office programs, as well as support for converting Javascript into PDFs.

Secure – Create password protected PDF files for restricted access. 256 bit encryption is also available for PDF files that require the highest security level.

dotTech Advice

Get this freebie while you can. It is a very good PDF editor (it is a real editor — you can edit content of PDFs with this program), converter (e.g. PDF to Word), and creator (e.g. PDF printer).

Freebie Details

Expert PDF 8 Professional is being given away for free by Avanquest. These are no details how long this freebie will be available so grab it while you can; if history is any indicator, as soon as an Avanquest freebie is posted on dotTech it is reposted all over the web and Avanquest shuts down the freebie for those that haven’t already gotten it.

To get Expert PDF 8 Professional for free, do the following:

Version being given out for free: v8.0.350

Free updates: Unknown

Free support: Unknown

Supported OS: Windows 2000 and higher

UPDATE: For some odd reason, some Windows XP users are unable to install this program properly while others are installing it just fine. There are no issues with Vista, Win7, and Win8 users.

Download size: 48.1 MB

Giveaway time-frame: Unknown — it can be closed at anytime

Can be installed/reinstalled at later date: Unknown

  • Visit the promotion page, fill out the form, and hit the submit button:


If you do it successfully, you should see the following success page:


When you see the above page, you can close it.

  • Now check the inbox of the email address you entered. Look for an email from “kontakt@avanquest.de” with subject of “Ihre PDF Experte 8 Ultimate Seriennummer: E-Mail-Bestätigung”. (If you cannot find the email, look in your spam/junk box. Gmail sent it to spam for me.) In the email there is a link you click to click/follow:


  • Once you click the link, you will be taken to a page that gives you a serial key; copy the key:


  • Download and install Expert PDF 8 Professional. The installer and program are in English.
  • Once installed, run the program, go to ‘Help’ -> ‘Register Full Version’.
  • Paste the serial key you copied earlier into field that pops up and click ‘Activate’:


  • If you get the following success message, then you are done:


You can confirm successful registration by going to ‘Help’ and a) making sure ‘Register Full Version’ is no longer there and b) clicking ‘About’ shows version number and serial key:


Grats, you are now the owner of Expert PDF 8 Professional. Without paying a cent.

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  • Dave wright

    Is there any tricks to install windows xp home edition onto advent 7039 laptop without the cd install

  • chucklw

    Hi Ashraf,

    my hard drive crashed.
    i had installed this software.
    any idea if i can reinstall it?



  • internetexplorer

    Glad I did not let it overwrite my version 6 since I had not read comments yet. Last time I checked, it was still possible to get version 6 for free if anybody needs it.

  • mukhi

    i am mad to see today that the software says the license has expired! going back to adobe for read.

  • I tried old link and below new link as well and it seems I am not that lucky.Always getting error. Tried with two different email accounts. I have to uninstall trial version.


  • Donna


    Well I Had lot’s of printing problems with this program. Not only would it not reconize my Ebson printer it caused conflicts with my printing from other applications. I realy wanted and needed this program but had no choice but to uninstall. Which I did and everything is back to normal.

    So I reinstalled and Yep, had the same printer problems. It list the printer in the print selection but with an X. Which would have been fine. I could have used the program then printed from Adobe or one of my other PDF writers. But again it caused problems with all the printing processes. Anyway, thanks anyway for the thought. They have some fixes they need to make. Everything else about the program seemed to be excellent.

  • Gregory


    You are absolutely right! This is the another fake promotion of Avanquest!

  • Wiz

    Did you mean that the one from the last promotion is still registered? My post was about the Christmas promotion mentioned by eric506. After that I gives up and doesn’t tried the last one. We will see will be still registered after 15-20 days.

    BTW, I always disable automatic updates for giveaway software (for those which doesn’t offer disabling autoupdate feature I block the server using hosts file).

  • Sammo

    I followed these instructions to the letter and I get the EXACT same error regarding an invalid serial number except that its in German. These guys are a joke and I will give them no more of my time.

  • Ashraf

    [@Ashraf] [@Ashraf] Turns out that promo is for Expert PDF 8 Pro Converter, not the editor. Anyone that wants just the converter (does PDF to Word conversions, OCR, plus has a virtual printer) do the following:

    1) Grab serial key from http://register.avanquest.com/ABSOFT/produits/Promotion/enregistrement_presse/register_cov_gd.cfm?idcgd=546 (in German)
    2) Download and install ftp://ftp2.avanquest.com/evaluation/ExpertPDF_Converter/8/PDF_Experte_8_Professional_TRIAL_DEU.exe (in German)
    3) Run program, go to ‘Hilfe’ -> ‘Vollersion aktiverion’ and register with serial key
    4) Close program
    5) Go to C:\Program Files\Avanquest\PDF Experte 8 Professional. Find all the .DEU files and delete them (you can filter by file type).
    6) Done. You should now have Experrt PDF 8 Pro Converter in English.

  • Ashraf

    [@Ashraf] I went ahead and uninstalled my registered Expert PDF 8 Pro to try to test this new promo page and it doesn’t work. I’m looking into alternative ways. Hang on.

  • Ashraf

    [@Wiz] [@Ian] Can you guys register at http://register.avanquest.com/ABSOFT/produits/Promotion/enregistrement_presse/register_cov_gd.cfm?idcgd=546 (different promo page) and see if that key activates your license? I’ll update post if it works.

  • Ashraf

    [@Ian] [@Wiz] Mine is still registered. Maybe the unregistration is coming but I’ve disabled automatic updates (Help -> Update) to try to prevent it.

  • Wiz

    This version reverts on my PC to the trial about 15 days after activation. Reactivation wasn’t possible because “the key is expired”. That was the 2nd time i tried promotional “giveaway” of this editor with the same reasult. So, I count that ExpertPDF promotions are a pure cheating. :-(

  • Thom

    [@Alien] [@Alien]

    What a farce….they sent the serial number without the link while the promotion was still active….now, their ftp server is overloaded. Did anyone get the file?

  • mukhi

    dang it, i forgot to install in my win7 lappie, i have the serial, let’s hope installation may work at a later time(?). in xp, it is still working good, and working better than adobe reader (faster to open, way faster than acrobat, and it opens multiple PDFs in tabs).

  • Ian

    Not only has the free offer ‘expired’.

    My previously successful activated and registered PDF 8 from this offer no longer works as of this morning, having reverted back to a (useless) trial version. They must have “unregistered” me.

  • Ashraf

    Updated article to reflect that this promotion has now ended. Sorry to those that all missed it! Until next time, friends.

  • Alien

    Tried the latest link but they must have withdrawn the offer. Now it’s only “trial” and “buy” $59.99 AUD… and no “promotional”…

  • George Valentine

    Thanx for the tip, Ashraf. Too bad I seem to be getting your emails a day later than dated . . . .

  • David

    Thanks Ashraf,
    Unfortunately this link no longer has the free download of Free PDF editor. If this offer should open again would appreciate you sending a good link. I was surprised they stopped the offer after such a short amount of time. Thanks for this great site.

  • Bob

    Still no freebie with the supplied link.

  • Mags

    [@AFPhy6] [@BaiM] [@normofthenorth] [@normofthenorth] Guess I was one of the lucky last ones. I was able to get this earlier this morning. Installed without any issues.

    After reading the above 4 comments I clicked on Ashraf’s link again, and sure enough it went to the home page, not the registration page.

  • normofthenorth

    And no joy with a German identity with OkayFreedom VPN, either. Seemed worth a try.

  • normofthenorth

    Same problem as AFPhy6 & BaiM. When I switched from North America to Deutschland, I did see the program featured, but no freebie. Gone, I suspect.

  • BaiM

    promotion link dead (?). —Directed to home page–BUT a lesson to visiteven often your site ;).

  • AFPhy6

    I would like to get this, but when I hit the link, I get their home page instead of the promotion page. Someone, please check and note whether this is still in effect or not. Thanks.

  • Donna

    No problems at all! Thanks bunches and bunches!

  • Druid

    Thank you Ashraf : I just received my reg. code

  • Bushidojoe

    [@cj] Thanks That worked :-)

  • cj

    I was getting the invalid serial number message (00000017) too. I went back to the email they sent with the serial number (which I had translated to English from German in Chrome) and thought maybe there was some type of error coming from the translation. I viewed the original email (in German) and sure enough, the serial number changed. When I copied and pasted the untranslated serial number into the PDF Expert program (downloaded from the link from the article), it worked! I just did this a few minutes ago and all is well.

    Hope this helps!

  • s66

    [@Matthias] [@Matthias] [@Matthias]
    I got, invalid serial specified.(00000017)
    using the serial number that came up from their website after clicking their first email
    “klicken Sie bitte hier.” but when I retried with the exact same number BUT copied from their second email giving the serial, it worked. ???
    I don’t know why, but copy the number from the second email, …it’s luckier

  • s66

    I get, invalid serial specified.(00000017)

  • jumbi

    Great piece of soft, I was very satisfied from previous version and I am glad to see new version (also compatible with win 8) available as freebie!

    Thanks for letting us know!

  • Matthias

    Could download and install, but when trying to start the program I got an error, saying the build-in serial number has expired. No way to put in the correct serial. Schade!!! No good deal.

  • MMartin

    I’m running XP with Chrome and I too couldn’t get it to accept the code. Then I noticed in the email and web page when the code is being translated from German to English some of the letters are in lower case. I copied the original German (letters all upper case) and pasted it into the box and it worked! Maybe that’s the problem.

  • Ashraf

    [@Al] Mine also went to spam. I should update article, can’t believe I forgot to mention it.

    [@Doru] The download from VisageSoft won’t work, you need to use the one from the link I give in article. I’m not sure why it isn’t working for some XP users and does work for others…

  • Doru

    I tried with the visagesoft version. Installed, but not accept the license I got for the version downloaded from Avanquest.

    I’m running on Win XP Pro SP3, fully patched.

  • Al

    [@Trevor] Maybe email went to spam folder, because in my case it did. I used gmail mail in the registration.

    I don’t know the reason but OCR doesn’t work. When I launch OCR on a page, program shows access violation in module tesseract3.dll error. Is it working for others?

  • Ashraf

    [@Trev (Down Under)] VisageSoft is the developer. Avanquest is the software retailer.

    [@Trev (Down Under)] Looking into it, thanks.

  • Trev (Down Under)

    [@Trev (Down Under)] I see 2nd party sellers get System Requirements wrong all the time.
    PS- Dottech’s Comments “Edit” and “Delete” still don’t work/load properly.

  • Trev (Down Under)

    [@Ashraf] Wouldn’t the Home Page be more accurate?- System Requirements Vista & Win7. http://www.avanquest.com/Australia/software/expert-pdf-8-149988?meta=corporate_solutions
    What is visagesoft.com?

  • Ildar

    I’ve just installed program on Windows XP SP3 and registered it without problems. It works good.

  • Trevor

    [@Trevor] Well, another email did not help. Perhaps the deal is over. I have sent an email to them but don’t really expect a reply. It is a pity as I could really use this software. Oh well.

  • Trevor

    [@Ashraf] Ok, I do understand. I will try another email address but the first one was good anyway. Thanks!

  • Ashraf

    [@Trevor] Sorry, that is against dotTech policies. The key may be generic but the very little we can do for the freebie is do as the developer asks, i.e. submit the form. Have you checked junk? Tried another email? My email came instantly.

    [@Sammo] That would be why. For some reason some XP users are installing this fine but others are not.

  • Sammo

    I’m running XP SP3 32 and downloaded from your link.

  • Trevor

    Dis everything and no email arrived for confirmation although the address is correct. Any ideas?
    If the key is generic perhaps someone would send it to me?

  • Ashraf

    [@Sammo] What OS are you trying to install this on? Are you downloading from the link I provided above?

    [@Bub] Welcome!

    [@eric506] Welcome!

    [@Mark] Welcome!

    [@mukhi] Welcome!

    [@Mr.Dave] Welcome!

    [@M Carr] The serial key won’t work with the download directly from VisageSoft, so there is no point in download from there — you need to download from the link I provide in the article. I’m not sure why some XP users are having trouble installing this while others can install this just fine.

  • M Carr

    When the first version was locking up, …
    I used your link to a Win XP compatible version:
    http://www.visagesoft.com/products/expertpdf/requirements.php states: “Windows® 2000,XP,2003, Vista, Windows 7 (64-bit editions supported)”. Have you tried installing this version on XP?

    I uninstalled the version I first downloaded.
    I then installed the above referenced version.
    It locks up the same as the first. Task Manager can kill it.

    Also, this second version will not accept the license I got for the first version downloaded.

    I’m running on Win XP Pro SP3, fully patched.

    Am I “stuck like chuck,” or is there something else to try???

  • Mr.Dave

    Everything was smooth and simple. Got the serial number, downloaded, installed (it saw I had version 7 and asked if it should update), registered, ran it. So much easier than the early days of installing the English trial version, copying out the help files, installing the German version with giveaway license code, and copying the English help files in where they belong….

    My favorite program for reading, creating and manipulating the contents of PDF files. Thanks muchly, Ashraf and Avanquest!

  • mukhi

    UPDATE: kewl, it has replaced version 6 (obtained by dottech tips before) in xppro successfully!!! thanks!

  • mukhi

    [@kevbo] “Boss-Man” – Ashraf, you got a new designation, LMFAO!

    i am gonna install it in my xppro and 7pro64 using two different email names/addresses. let’s see what happens!

  • Sammo
  • Mark

    It installed on my XP Pro without a problem. Thanks for the tip!

  • eric506

    The same version and serial number were given out during a giveaway in early December 2012 (don’t remember the source), so it is indeed a generic key. Nice software, works fine on Windows 7, 64-bit system. Thanks, Ashraf.

  • Bub

    The installation and activation worked great for me. (Windows 8) This certainly appears to be the type of PDF editor that doesn’t exist as open source or freeware. Thanks for the tip!

  • Ashraf

    @Everyone: Welcome!

    [@Dave] Probably a generic key for all, then

    [@Sammo] If you can show a screenshot of the error you are getting, we may be able to help better

    [@Doru] http://www.visagesoft.com/products/expertpdf/requirements.php states: “Windows® 2000,XP,2003, Vista, Windows 7 (64-bit editions supported)”. Have you tried installing this version on XP?

  • Doru

    It does not suport XP or earlier.
    On the product webpage says:
    “Windows Vista 32-bit,Windows Vista 64-bit,Windows 7,Windows 7 64-bit,Windows 7 32-bit,Windows 8 32-bit,Windows 8 64-bit”.
    I never could install this software (Version 5, or 6, or 7…)
    I have XP Pro 32 bits.

  • kevbo

    Installed without a hitch. Playing around with it right now.

    Thanks Boss-Man!

  • Frank D

    Downloaded and installed (Win7 64-bit), activated and used it. Great program! Thank you!

  • Thank you !!
    Merci !!!

  • Sammo

    I followed all the instruction to the letter. I tried copy/past of the serial number and manually inserting it. No joy. I uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled and still no joy.

  • TerenceJC

    Hi Ashraf,

    Installed & activated without any problem.

    Thank You for the info!

  • Mrlasky

    [@Sammo] Check your copy/ paste for leading or following blank spaces.

  • Ian

    Worked perfectly for me, using Windows 7, 64 bit. “About” shows me as using version 8.0.350 with the serial number.

  • Sammo

    Invalid serial number error. Can’t use.

  • Dave

    Worked Fine. Install & activation was a breeze.

    I decided to get a 2nd key for my desktop at home I’m traveling. Used a different name & email address. The 2nd key is exactly the same as the 1st?

    Thanks Ashraf


  • Mo