Firefox 19 is out, brings native built-in PDF reader


Another day, another Firefox release; this time it is Firefox 19.

On the whole, Firefox 19 doesn’t bring too many user-facing changes — except for one. Starting with v19, Firefox now has a built-in PDF viewer meaning you no longer need third-party programs/add-ons to view PDF files in Firefox. The only other major change affecting the average Joe are two modifications made in Firefox 19 that enable Firefox to open quicker (i.e. faster startup performance). Other changes are for developers and stuff most of us don’t know or care about.

Firefox 19 is now being pushed out to all Firefox users that have automatic updates enabled. If you don’t have automatic updates or don’t want to wait for the automatic update to trigger, you can download Firefox 19 from the link below and manually update.

Firefox homepage | Firefox 19 release notes

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  • BearPup

    As the recent article and 64+ comments on PDF readers makes anyone aware, some of us have particular preferences when it comes to PDF readers (I’m a Sumatra fan). To dump the Firefox 19 version of a PDF reader, go to Tools | Options | Applications, then scroll down to PDF files, click on it and that will open a dialog box where you can choose your preferred PDF reader.

    So even though my default application for PDF files is Sumatra, I still had to go to that page in Firefox and change the Application for PDF files from Firefox to Sumatra. So much for Firefox following user preferences!