Horrific crash at NASCAR Daytona causes car parts to fly into the stands, injures 14 fans [Video]


Yesterday the NASCAR Nationwide Series DRIVE4COPD 300 race took place at Daytona International Speedway. Unfortunately for a select few, the race ended up in disaster when Kyle Larson (#32) and Brian Scott (#2) collided near the end, sending Larson’s car into the fence that separates the race track and onlookers. This resulted in debris and car parts flying into the stands, injuring fourteen people who came to watch the race. Check it out:







[via CNN, BleacherReport, Reddit]

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  • Mr.Dave

    I’m always amazed at how destroyed the cars can be, and the drivers usually just climb out. I hope much of the NASCAR safety technology finds its way into the cars all of us non-racers drive. Also, I looked at other videos of this on YouTube, and I’m so impressed by the driving skills during and after the wreck. I wish we could get more of the pickup truck drivers around here to learn something from the pros! This is yet another non-tech post, but thanks for putting it up here for us!

  • chuck (detailer)

    [@Paul D] So you think the Nationwide race at Daytona this weekend was boring?? Never mind the wrecks,the actual racing was some of the best car control I’ve seen in years.
    Are you a “one pass a race” Formula 1 fan?

  • Paul D

    In another thread I mentioned that the post editor wasn’t working properly. Now it’s gone completely.

  • Paul D

    Oval circuit racing is utterly boring. It relies on crashes for interest, which is a bit sicko.

    I hope someone sues the venue for inadequate safety provisions.

  • Nancy

    Oh man! Thats sad. Hope there are no fatalities. But i have to be honest and say back when i used to love to go to the races, well… nothing was better than a good wreck! LOL! ( No one getting hurt of course)

  • Seamus McSeamus

    I don’t pay a lot of attention to the left turn only circuit, but did see this last night on the local news. Yikes!