Play tug-of-war with tigers at Busch Gardens Zoo in Florida [Amazing Photo of the Day]

As dangerous as they may be, we have seen plenty of instances of humans interacting safely with tigers (and lions). And this applies to playing tug-of-war, too.

The following photos are of Busch Gardens Zoo in Tampa Bay, Florida (USA). As you can see, zoo visitors get to play tug-of-war with tigers — and I think the tigers are winning. Check it out:




[via Reddit]

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  • Damon

    The men were much stronger, but they cannot effectively pull individually to use all of their strength as a whole. 100 men pulled 12000 lbs on a dynamometer. 120 lbs per man, though the average man can pull 330-525 lbs on a dynamometer.

  • Eric989

    That looks awesome. It reminds me of a video I once saw of a female elephant vs I believe 400 men. The elephant fell down and was drug several feet. Once she regained her feet and started forward momentum it was game over.

  • Susanne

    By the looks of it, I’d say the tigers are enjoying it easily as much as the people — perhaps they think if they just pull hard enough, they can haul someone through the fence to *really* play with them! Or maybe they do it for the same reason my cat pulls the drawstring out of every jacket & hoodie I own.

  • Donna

    I have been to Bush Gardens years ago. The tigers were in a small area with a mote and all the did was swim around. But that was long before they started making larger areas for the animals. Looks like Bush Gardens as upped it to interact with people. Good or Bad? I don’t know. but it sure shows how strong they really are.