Kaspersky tells user to “ignore” Trojan found on computer [Image]


…A clever Mother Russia joke is on the tip of my tongue…

[via Reddit]

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  • Hamza

    This is why I prefer not to use an anti-virus, I manage all my system manually.

  • Grantwhy

    hmmm ….. HEUR:Trojan.Win32.Generic ?

    From the little I know about Anti-Virus programs, that is not an actual virus.

    It is just the name an AV program uses to when it finds something that that it finds suspicious.

    Sometimes this is a False Positive (aka not a virus). I get this occasionally with my AV program on NirSoft programs and just recently one EXE file I created with a BAT to EXE converter (of course, the AV doesn’t detect the other EXE file I created at the SAME TIME as suspicious)

    I’m guessing in this case, the Kaspersky AV 2013 collects info from it’s users (who have approved it) and if enough people are marking this (file?) as a false positive then the AV is suggesting to users the same action?

  • o(o.o)o

    … aahh, the beauty of having SRP/Applocker settings in place. No need to worry about drive-by executables.

    Coupled with Sandboxie and EMET, then you have an excuse to go and browse and surf the way you like (within reason of course).

    At this day and age, people shouldn’t be relying on antiviruses solely.

  • mukhi

    never trusted kaspersky since the time they blocked my access to my a/c in a well-known bank! now-a-days, i use MSE only although there are so-called-better programs in the market. my point is that infection is possible in presence of every AV, so why not use simple powerful enough AV given by the OS provider, and be careful in doing things?

  • bogdanic

    My question is: what is the difference between “ignore” and “do nothing”?

    I guess there is one ’cause they are recommending to ignore…