Samsung Galaxy S IV design leaked on Twitter [Rumor]


The @evleaks Twitter account has leaked what may be images of the Galaxy S IV that’s set to be announced not too long from now.

First, we got a huge leak on all the specifications of the device, and then rumors of the device’s software tricks like eye-tracking to scroll pages surfaced. Now, we’re potentially getting a glimpse of what the device looks like. The first thing you’ll probably notice, the device is indeed going to be bigger which somewhat confirms the leaked spec of a 4.9-inch screen.


You’ll also see that all of the specs here line up with the previous leak, making it much more likely that this is indeed what we’ll be seeing in the new device in its official announcement.

There’s only one slight issue that I have with this supposed “leak.” Is it just me, or does that device look too plain? It’s almost as if it’s just a mock-up render. However, Evleaks has a pretty good track record so far, so there’s still a very good chance that this is the design. We’ll find out soon enough.

As for why all the leaks have been occurring, I think I might know who was responsible.

What do you think of the leaked Galaxy S IV design? Love it or hate it? Tell us in the comments!

[via @evleaks (Twitter), Engadget]

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