The shadow cast by a mountain [Amazing Photo of the Day]


That is Mount Rainier, for those wondering. And I’m guessing this is sunset but I am afraid to proclaim it as sunset because if I am wrong, and this is actually sunrise, I will be flamed to hell. No pun intended (really).

[via Imgur]

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  • Justa Comment

    I’m from flat country. When I arrived at Fort Lewis (just South of Tacoma, from where that picture is taken) it was a January and there was nothing but clouds for 3 solid months. The day the clouds broke and I saw Mount Rainier the first time I was almost dumb struck how imposing it was on the landscape. (Pictures never do these things justice). My first thought was ‘I can understand how the native indians would worship that mountain.’ Wow, indeed.

    Theme song from the TV Series “Here Come The Brides” (1968) sung by Perry Como was “The Bluest Skies You’ve Ever Seen Are In Seattle”. Of course, when you see nothing buy gray for months on end, it’s no wonder the sky seems bluer there.

  • etim

    [@William] I agree. Also I’d expect that if it was early evening, there’d be a lot more lights that building.

  • William

    I think it must me sunrise as I don’t think the city in the foreground could be to the east of Rainier. So I’m guessing the city in the foreground is to the west of Rainier with the sun rising.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Mount Rainier, or (dramatic music here)… Mount Doom!!?

    (Apologies to all non-Tolkienites out there. It couldn’t be helped.)

  • kevbo

    Wow. My first reaction was Photoshop! (I’m a cynic, I know). But after a web search there are many other photos of Rainier casting a similar shadow. According to one photographer: “This rare and remarkable phenomenon only happens when the sun rises farther to the south as Winter solstice approaches. At the right place and time, Mount Rainier blocks rays of morning sunlight, casting a shadow like you see above. When the cloud coverage is just right, you get this incredible scene.”

    Very cool indeed, as if the mountain is touching the roof of the world. Thanks.

  • JT

    Very cool pic.