Samsung executive feels “Windows 8 is no better than Windows Vista”, calls Windows “the less-competitive platform”


It has been a very long time since we last heard some Windows 8 hate. (And by “very long time” I mean at least a few days.) However, thanks to Samsung’s head of memory division Dong-Soo Jun, now e have some more gossip to, erm, gossip about.

Talking to reporters in South Korea, Jun hit out at Microsoft’s latest baby Windows 8:

“The global PC industry is steadily shrinking despite the launch of Windows 8. I think the Windows 8 system is no better than the previous Windows Vista platform.”

He further went on to take more jabs at Microsoft:

“MS’s rollout of its Windows Surface tablet is seeing lackluster demand

Meanwhile, previous vigorous pitches by Intel and MS for thinner ultra-books simply failed and I believe that’s mostly because of the less-competitive Windows platform.”


Luckily for Microsoft, Samsung is not too big in the Windows scene outside of South Korea (yet), so their opinion doesn’t carry much weight when it comes to Windows. Unfortunately for Microsoft, Samsung isn’t the only speaking out against it.

[via Engadget, Korea Times]

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  • DoktorThomas

    Another win(H)8 user comes to the fore.

    I like the Samsung brand …

  • Bruce

    It’s the old ‘every other release’ syndrome that started way back in the DOS days.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    The bigger story would be if an executive from Samsung (or another competitor) heaped praise on M$. :)

    “John Doe, head of Apple’s Paperclip Recycling Division, says Windows 8 is the most awesome o/s since Windows 8 RC!”