Who needs Google Glass, Google just introduced talking… shoes. Seriously.


At its SXSW Interactive headquarters, Google just introduced a talking shoe which provides snarky comments based on your leg movements. And it isn’t a joke; it is real. The talking shoe is part of Google’s new ‘Art, Copy, Code’ project which, as TechCrunch puts it, “aims to breathe a social, life-like experience into everyday objects”. Check it out:

Although the shoe may look like a fun gag (or annoying piece of shit, depending on your point of view), it isn’t simply for kicks and jiggles (no pun intended); it is intended to help improve ads:

It’s explicitly aimed at how translating how Silicon Valley thinks about technology into how creative agencies think about advertising. -Aman Govil, project leader

The shoe is still far from being released but Google has already made it clear that they are looking at applying the same talking concept to other everyday objects, like an alarm clock or a watch.

What I want to know is: will the shoe have built-in Internet connectivity or will an Android phone be required as shown in the video?

[via TechCrunch]

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