CapsLock Warning

CapsLock Warning Overview

CapsLock Warning is a simple but elegant program intended to help avert Caps Lock-related problems by displaying a “CAPS LOCK ON” message to users whenever Caps Lock is turned on:

Since v2, users can also use CapsLock Warning to monitor NumLock:

CapsLock Warning Options/Settings

Via the program options (right-click system tray icon -> “CapsLock OPTIONS”), users are given the ability customize how CapsLock Warning works:

  • Watch NumLock INSTEAD – this setting allows you to tell CapsLock Warning to watch NumLock instead of CapsLock. CapsLock Warning can only monitor CapsLock or NumLock – it cannot monitor both at the same time. However, if you want to monitor both NumLock and CapsLock, download two copies of CapsLock Warning and keep them in separate folders; configure them as you please and they will both run at the same time, one watching NumLock while the other watching CapsLock.
  • SOUND ON – this settings allows you to turn on/off an audio warning which accompanies the popup warning. You can control the duration and frequency (in hertz) of this beep.
    • This setting works for both the NumLock warning and the CapsLock warning.
  • TEXT ON – this allows you to turn on/off the popup warning.
    • This setting works for both the NumLock warning and the CapsLock warning.
  • WARNING HOW MANY TIMES – this setting allows you to control how many times the warnings will be displayed or played:
      • This setting works for both the NumLock warning and the CapsLock warning
    • “ONE Warning Blast” makes it so the popup warning and audio warning occur just once. Unfortunately currently this feature works so that even if you have popup warning and/or audio warning disabled, both the audio and popup warning will occur once with this option.
    • “Fives Times” makes it so the popup warning and/or the audio warning will occur five times. If you have popup warnings disabled and only audio warning enabled, only audio warnings will occur. If you have audio warnings disabled and only popup warnings enable, only popup warnings will occur. If you have both audio warnings and popup warnings enabled, both will occur.
    • “WARNS all the time” makes it so the popup warning and/or the audio warning will occur all the time. Like with “Fives Times”, the warnings that you have enabled will only occur.
  • WARNING Frequency – this setting control how fast the warnings (popup and/or audio) occur.
    • This setting works for both the NumLock warning and the CapsLock popup warning.
  • TEXT Where on the screen ? – this setting allows you to select which part of your screen the popup warning message will be displayed (top, middle, or bottom).
    • This setting works for both the NumLock warning and the CapsLock warning.
  • COLOR – this setting allows you to set the color of the popup warning.
    • This setting works for both the NumLock warning and the CapsLock warning.
  • SYS TRAY ICON – this setting allows you to enable/disable the flashing of the system tray icon for this program.

Additional CapsLock Warning Information

In  addition, to the “CAPSLOCK ON” message display, the system tray icon for CapsLock Warning continuously flashes while Caps Lock is on. The same thing happens if you are watching NumLock instead of CapsLock.

If/when you want to turn off CapsLock Warning, all you need to do is right-click the system tray icon, and select “UNLOAD THIS PROGRAM COMPLETELY”.

CapsLock Warning is a portable program, so after downloading it, just unzip it and run CapsLockWarning.exe to use it – there is no need to install. Since it is a portable program, you may place CapsLockWarning.exe in any folder on your computer except for your main directory (i.e. C:/) because it uses a Settings.ini file to save your settings. (Keep in mind if you want CapsLock Warning to watch both CapsLock and NumLock, download two copies of CapsLock Warning and keep them in separate folders.)

After you download the program, please pay particular attention to the Readme.txt because in it there are important instructions in there, such as how to make CapsLock Warning turn on automatically at Windows boot.

CapsLock Warning Changelog

  • v2.5 (April 28, 2010)
    • Added ability to disable system tray icon flashing
    • Added ability to enable/disable the popup warning (so users can now just use audio warning)
    • Various housekeeping improvements made
    • Minor bug fixes
  • v2.00 (April 24, 2010)
    • Users now have the ability to change color of popup
    • Added the ability to enable an audio warning in addition to the popup warning
    • Users can now make CapsLock Warning monitor NumLock instead of CapsLock
  • v1.00 (February 23, 2010)
    • Program is released.

Download CapsLock Warning

CapsLock Warning is available to dotTechies only. In other words, you must be a registered member on dotTech in order to download CapsLock Warning (registration is free and takes about one minute). If you are already a registered member, please login and come back to this post; if you are not a registered member, register, login, then come back here.

NOTE: Please do not host CapsLock Warning on any other website/server, and please do not directly link to the file on dotTech. If you want your friends and family to know about and get CapsLock Warning, simply provide them a permalink to this  page. Rob, the author of the program, took his own personal time to make this program, and he wishes for it to be available for dotTechies only – so please respect his wishes!

To get CapsLock Warning, simply download it from the following link:

Current version: v2.5

Supported OS: All Windows

Download size: 82 KB

CapsLock Warning download link

NOTE: Please delete your Settings.ini file when upgrading to a new version to avoid any potential problems.

Thanks Rob!

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  • Rob (Down Under)

    Not OK
    The last email that I used (successfully) was –
    admin AT dottech DOT org
    I just sent the attachment to that address and got this error –
    Illegal attachment
    Bloody Google is too picky.
    Do you have an alternate email address ?
    Post it here, or email me direct at –
    robhp AT iprimus DOT com DOT au

    PS Just tried again with .IAmAnArchive as the extension, instead of .zip

  • Rob (Down Under)

    OK I found the correct email address

  • Ashraf

    @Rob (Down Under): Email it to me

  • Rob (Down Under)

    Could you remind me how I got it to you last time ?
    For those upgrading, it is probably wise to follow my suggestion and delete the Settings.ini file
    If you all have followed my suggestion to use a folder like –
    then close the program, and add_OLD to the end of the folder name.
    Then create a new folder –
    and unzip the latest program into there.
    When it runs it will create a fresh Settings.ini
    To later refresh YOUR memory as to the settings you were using, you can close the program, and run the one in the _Old folder

    PS I am using SLASH instead of a back slash, as they don’t appear when we try to post it here.

  • Ashraf

    @Rob (Down Under): Send me latest version and ill be happy to update

  • Rob (Down Under)

    Just looking in my gmail account
    BobbyScotland AT gmail DOT com
    It appears that Ashraf does not have the latest (wav playing).
    And it is possible that I have missed some requests, as I rarely look into that account.
    If anyone does (or has) email me, could you also post to this dotTech page, as I then get a notification.
    If they get too numerous, we can pressure Ashraf to get me to upload that version.

  • Rob (Down Under)

    Hi Seero,
    I only have one Win 7 PC, and that crashed a while back, so I don’t have a running Win 7 at the moment.
    Is C:SLASHProgram Files one of the Win 7 default folders (Created by Win 7) ?
    If it is, I would avoid using that for any of your portable programs.
    Can you close the program, and turn off Auto Start (I have created a companion folder for Startup that I call Startup_Disabled. To disable a shortcut, I just drag it into the Disabled one).
    Create the exact folder that I described in post 15
    Don’t bother with the Startup folder for the moment. Just start it by double clicking my program.
    Try it out and let me know if there are still problems, and we will then investigate/experiment further.
    PS I am old so not sure if Ashraf’s copy has the play a wav file magic.
    Email me at the address I posted earlier, and I will send you the latest copy. In fact I can send you the full working folder (with a wav).

  • seero

    @Rob (Down Under):

    Hi Rob – please forgive my frustration. Sorry for the delay in coming back to you.

    This is the Path:
    “C:SLASHProgram Files – non-RegistrySLASHCapsWarningSLASHCapsLockWarning.exe”

    It is launched from: Start, Startup i.e. automatically upon Reboot and continuously through Return from Hibernate.

    I look forward to hearing your possible fix.

  • Rob (Down Under)

    I wrote the program. No ploys.
    I don’t have a 64 bit machine, so i cannot test it. But I have helped people with similar problems with other 32 bit XP’ish programs.
    Can you paste the exact path that your program is in ? EG mine is –
    . . . .
    I have a more specific solution in mind, but first I wish to ensure that there are no complications caused by where you are running the program from (Win 7 plays smoke and mirrors with some of it’s folders, and also has restrictions on some folders).
    Also could you tell me how the program is launched ?
    PS the Editor (or whatever) is stripping out the back slashes from the folder path I posted, so I have substituted SLASH
    Could you do the same, thanks.

  • seero

    Sorry, this only half works.I get the visual alert – which would be fine if I was a touch-typist, but for a ‘hunt and peck’ typist like me – I do not see the warning unless I look at the screen. This is not very helpful since the sound does not work. Yes, my usual Windows 7 (Utimate 64-bit) information sounds work fine. I tried putting a .wav file in the directory and that does not work either.

    Is this just a ploy to get us to register with the site?

  • mukhi

    cool program, gotta see its all features! thanks.
    Giovanni’s recos sound good but beware, he almost never tests software before recommending it. you should install them with caution (virtual system or a PC you don’t care about is recommended).

  • Rob (Down Under)

    Beware of Russians bearing gifts

    PS My gift was OK, because I am(was) Scottish

  • Giovanni

    Hey ASHRAF!!

    Just use this FREE MAGIC TYPING HELPER TOOL for this kind of problem:

    It can even convert text between different keyboard layouts within a second!


    hELLO wORLD -> Hello World

    Highly recommended!!

  • Rob (Down Under)

    The program was not installed.
    The program made no changes to your system.
    If you delete the folder that you placed it into, then it will have been completely removed from your system.

  • greerso


    Please please please tell me how to unistall this usless app

  • a

    Neat. My standard PC keyboard has a Caps Lock and Num Lock light, right on it

  • Fivish

    My internal speakers are working just fine!
    Are you saying that a PC (desktop) with speakers connected via the 3.5mm jack will not get any sound?
    I have returned to this after a gap of several months as I had forgotten about it!

  • DaveF

    I am also not getting any sound on my laptop, with the internal speaker confirmed as working. I have sent you an email at the above address.

    On a separate note, I’ve noticed the icon flashes when the caps are ON and stops when the caps are OFF, so your clever program knows the state of the Caps. May I suggest, if you are so inclined, the possibility of two sounds – one that beeps (higher freq Hz) or plays one wav when the Caps come ON, and another sound (lower freq Hz) or second wav when the Caps go OFF. This is how the default WinXP Accessibility ToggleKeys work. Unfortunately, on two separate Windows installs, the ToggleKeys feature has stopped working.
    Thank you!

  • RobCr

    Probably your system’s internal speaker is not working.
    I enhanced the program for another user, so that it can play a wav file instead, if it sees one in the same folder as my program. (See post 2 above)
    I am old, so my memory is faulty. But if it is working (my memory), I do not believe that version has been uploaded to Ashraf’s site (lack of demand).
    If you email me at the address mentioned above, I will send you a copy of that version.

  • fivish

    I am not getting any sound. Have I not set it up correctly?

  • RobCr

    Regarding your middle request, I have done an unofficial enhancement for another user who has no internal speaker.
    If you place a wav file in the folder, it will play that instead.
    see Post 20 on this page –
    It does not do it for the setting of one single blast, but does do it for the 5 or continuous sound setting.
    Email me direct at  BobbyScotland  AT  gmail  DOT  com
    When I say unofficial, I mean it has not been uploaded to Ashraf yet.

    Regarding your first request, I might hesitate to complicate the Options screen, if your need is rare.
    However we may be able to enhance the program, to study the name of your wav file. If it was say 30secs.wav I could have code to do the delay you requested ?
    Does that sound (cough) like a plan ?

  • JonE

    Outstanding program; especially for twits like me who use Caps Lock a lot, but invariably forget to turn it off, however, three suggestions if you will please, sir.
    1. Time Delay; a period of time either variable or set, say 30 seconds to a minute before the lights start flashing and the whistles start blowing, which would be reset if I sometimes get a brain and  remember to turn Caps Lock off, before it starts flashing.  I do occasionally remember to turn it off.
    2. Sound: the ability to choose my own sound file, which would also be on the same time delay, if implemented, as the text and tray.  Or a choice of different sounds.  I can barely hear the onboard sound provided in the program.  I understand program size is a major consideration; why I suggested the ability to select my own sound file, if that’s possible.
    3. Text Location:  The ability to place the text in upper, middle, lower, left or right screen, since top, middle and bottom is not always ideal.
    Thank you, for sharing this outstanding program with us.