Lady writes a real letter to a company asking to be unsubscribed from email newsletter [Image]


Poor oblivious Joyce. Or, I suppose it could also be a prank.

[via MakeUseOf]

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  1. Col. Panek

    My Internets get too full all the time also. I wondered if Joyce’s letter worked?

    I have CRS Syndrome too, and I can’t use Ubuntu because I can never remember what the name of an app is. I like a nice clean tiered menu like Mint. Windows 7 was a cluttered mess.

  2. MikeBear


    A thousand apologies,Ashraf… was NOT this site I had trouble with.
    Having signed up to a daily email I could hardly complain at getting such emails.
    Please keep up the good work and please re-subscribe me.

  3. MikeBear

    I’ve been tempted to try snail mail to unsubscribe from one supplier of really useful software which sends messages about it’s products too often,many times a week.
    Their unsubscribe link does not stop messages so I have resorted to blacklisting them…harsh,but effective!

  4. John C

    Did anyone actually notice the *date* on which the letter was written… March 4 _2008_

    I know the (US ;-) postal service is slow, but (the apparently) FIVE YEARS to deliver this letter? Epic fail LOL.

  5. OldFart

    I think the most silly reaction came from the one who wrote an article about this.

    The web is overloaded with banalities and this is one of them. But what does one expect from people who put their private lifes in the cloud and on FB, getting a hissy fit if they are not liked.

    Yes, your are all sooo special. And by the way: do you know how to use pen and paper with your wet fingers ?

  6. RogueBase

    Well, you know Ash… when some of us get older(rolls eyes)sometimes the thought process doesn’t work as well as it used to. Now I may be wrong and she might be REALLY old, which might explain it, or new to the web thanks to her grown kids or grand kids or she might have had a blond moment ( I know those well). Regardless, I have a pretty bad case of CRS as it is and I’m..well, old enough lol But if it was just a faux pas on her part, I feel her pain. I muck up regularly. Bless her tho, she tried & has lovely handwriting to boot! :)