How to set a password on Outlook data file [Tip]

Do you wish to protect your Outlook emails and calendars from others? If your system is used by many, then it is always better to protect your emails and calendar tasks from Microsoft Outlook by setting the password on your Outlook data file, i.e., in .pst file. Here, we will look at the steps to set a password on your Outlook data file.

Before you start with creating a password on your Outlook data file, you need to understand a few points. First of all, you’re going to set the password for a single account or for the data file. This means others who have access to your system can open Outlook and use it. But, they will not have access to your emails and calendars. Another point to remember is that by protecting all your data files using a password. You cannot individually protect specific folders and emails. The protection is for the entire data file.

Steps to Set a Password on Your Outlook Data File

For setting a password on your Outlook data file, you need to first open Microsoft Outlook. Now, right click on the name of the account in the left panel. The next step is to choose “Data File Properties.”

Microsoft Outlook will now display a “Personal Properties” dialog box. In that dialog box, click on the General tab and from there click on the button “Advanced.” An “Outlook Data File” dialog box will appear. Now, click on the button “Change Password.”

You will be asked to enter an old password if you have previously set a password for your Outlook data file. If not, leave the field blank and enter a new password and verify the password. You need to make sure you’re using a strong password for your Outlook data file. You can get the help of password manager apps to create a strong password for protecting your data file.

Problems of Saving Password to Open Emails

If you do not wish to enter the password every time, you can click on the option “Save this password in your password list.” With this checked, the system will automatically log you in, which can be very convenient, but it also defeats the purpose of setting a password. If you really want security and you’re sharing your system with others, then you should not check this option as it allows them to access your email and calendar from Microsoft Outlook. Also, the purpose of setting a password on your Outlook data file is to protect it from being viewed by others. So, it is best to leave the “Save this password in your password list,” unchecked.

Closing All the Open Pop up Windows

Once you have passed up the “Save this password” screen, click on “OK” button twice in the “Outlook Data File” window to close the window. Again, you have to click on the “OK” button to close the Personal Properties dialog box. Now, close Microsoft Outlook and reopen it. It will ask you to enter the password when you try to open your emails or access the calendar.


Setting a password on your Outlook data file is one of the easiest and best ways to protect against others accessing your Outlook emails and calendars. The steps given above are simple enough and an easy way to keep prying eyes out of your Outlook files.

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