‘Her’ is a movie about a man who falls in love with artificial intelligence, literally [Video]


We’ve seen movies about artificial intelligence before, but a romance film involving a man and an operating system? Not so much.

The upcoming film ‘Her’ stars Joaquin Phoenix, a heartbroken man who ends up falling in love with his companion A.I., which is voiced by the lovely Scarlett Johansson. The movie is being directed by Spike Jonze, who is responsible for Being John Malkovich. The result is a movie that as a science fiction geek, I just can’t wait for:

Her is scheduled to be released later this year on December 18th.

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  1. CJ Cotter

    C’mon guys, run with this…..

    4) The computer becomes a female version of Hal in the movie, “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

    5) He merges with the computer as what happens at the end of “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”. His “pet” name for her is V’Ger.

  2. CJ Cotter

    Might I propose some possible endings?

    1) A tear-jerker ending as the computer dies from a blue-screen-of-death.

    2) The computer breaks up from him by saying, “GET A LIFE, YA LOSER!”

    3 The computer dumps him for Ashraf.