dotTech has over 1000 members

Recently, dotTech celebrated its 1 year birthday.  Now, dotTech is celebrating its first 1000 members!  This just a year and two months after its founding means we have an average of two and a bit new members a day.

Thanks to everyone that has helped build this great community!

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  1. AlanR

    Dear King of Google Wave,

    Your majesty says, “freely I give out Wave licenses.”

    This Knight of the Empire desireth of thyne aforementioned largesse and wouldst humbly implore thee bestoweth such benevolence upon me.
    With said “weapon” at mine hand, I may thus courageously venture forth to challenges of unknown territories.

    With expectations of thy lords’ gracious bounty – thanks.

  2. Shueygal

    Welcome back Ashraf
    You deserve all 1000 of the members. I am sure that before we know it you will be sending out an email stating that you are celebrating 2000 members. This is all due to your kind help.

  3. MikeR

    Well, I hope all those here who’re welcoming Ashraf back on the basis of today’s membership announcement pay slightly more attention to, er, Ashraf’s actual reviews. . .


    Anyway. Welcome back, Jean-Luc (posting, fairly clearly, as Locutus.)

    As for Ashraf. . .

    He’s over there on today’s GOTD review page.

  4. Emrys

    Man, here in my little world in OKC, often my friends think that I am the Geek. Nonsense. You are the Geek of the Week of every week that I turn to and will have no other beside you. (Blasphemy? Perhaps). Other pages (unnamed) have left me high and dry (no help) but you have always found time to fix my problems. I don’t have too many geeking friends and they always get your website from me, but you do a service to the web community that is without match. Thank you for being a friend. I wish you and yours the best of health, wealth and the strength to carry on. Love; Emrys