dotTech Picks: The best of the best freebies of 2010

Although dotTech likes to think of itself as a review website (and likes to think it is an animate object capable of intelligent thought), freebies are an intricate part of dotTech. The following list lists the best of the best freebies that were available in 2010, some of which are still available.

The best of the best freebies of 2010

Still Available


Final Words

2010, especially towards the end, has been a great year for freebies. Let’s hope the freebies keep on comin’ in 2011. Happy New Year’s everyone!

If you have any freebies you believe belong in the above list, let us know in the comments below!

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  • Jimmy

    Thank you for the article Ashraf.

  • Ashraf

    @Tortuga: Technically AnVir TM is a ’09 freebie, which is why I didn’t put it on the list. It is a great freebie, though.

    @Tortuga: I don’t know anything about SplashTop but I will look into it.

  • Ashraf

    @Suze: My apologies for the mistake. I thought it was still available. I have recategorized it in the post above.

  • Suze

    Happy New Year, y’all!

    I just checked to see if Paragon Drive Backup 9.5 Professional was still available, as is noted. However, even though I was able to download the software, when I clicked on the ‘Registration’ page, I got

    “End of registration period

    Dear Customer,

    Your registration period has expired.
    Belated registration through our sales-department is not possible.”

    Maybe there is another way to register this, but I think that it is no longer available :(

  • Tortuga

    Hey Ash

    On that new HP Pavillion W7 Pro x64 I got, it had «SplashTop» (a Linux variant) installed as a dual boot.
    Amazing little critter! Fast-Fast-Fast! Had never even heard of it b4!
    But I’m already getting the hang of it. Me likey!!!!

    Did quite a bit of research on that. They are opening it up to be installed by users also, instead of only on pre-installs under different names (HP calls it “QuickWeb”, Dell, Toshiba, etc, dunno what they are calling it). It installs in the BIOS, so you get it b4 Windows boots => You are up and running within 5 seconds!! Blazing fast!

    So anyway, what I did not yet understood is:
    •• Can it ONLY be installed on Laptops?
    Till now, it appears only laptops had them. B4 now, my last laptop was from early 2005, so dont know whats been happening since. Does everybody have it and I’m the last one to know?!!

    Would like to install on the new rig I got (yes yes, a super duper dual boot rig XP/W7 on a Cooler Master HAF932 {what a beauty!}. Did I say I’m still spinning???!!!)
    Would like it to be triple boot w the SplashTop & eventually also install on much older rig that would be used only for web access, eMail, quick research.

    What say you?
    Do you have *ANY* info on it? Do you know where I could learn more? I read their site up, down & sideways, still cant figure it out!

    Any help / info / hint/ … would be VERY much appreciated!!


  • Tortuga

    @Xinnia: Hello Xinnia

    Yes indeed, I do agree w you! ERUNT is a must. I’ve set it on auto on startup, so almost forgot about it!
    Old brain …
    Everybody should have it.

    My husband went all crazy for XMas & got me so much tech stuff I’m still spinning :*) Oh YEAHHHH
    Amongst it all, a new HP W7 Pro x64.
    •• By any chance does anybody know if ERUNT is compatible?
    If not, any alternatives? I dont think there are any alternatives, but just in case…

  • Tortuga

    Hi Ash :*)

    Great list!
    But me thinks you may have missed AnVir TM?!

    As per your update of mid-November, it’s still available, right?!

    Had a bunch of problems on my laptop, bad sectors & whatnot, it wiped ±50 programs (Arghhh!!!)
    One of those that “disappeared” when it came back from repairs w a new HDD was AnVir.
    Realized I couldn’t do without it. Yes, it’s a great startup guard, but its all the other little extras it has that does help a lot. The first bunch to get installed were AnVir, cCleaner (w cCEnhancer!), Q-Dir, Revo, NOD, … And a few GOTDs that I manage to rescue, like Clipdiary. Still trying to figure out the rest *sigh*

    To *ALL* in this great community a wonderful New Year w lotzz & lotzz of tech goodies!!
    To you dear Ash, a heartfelt thanks for EVERYTHING. You are one of the good guys!!!


  • Xinnia

    My only addition is ERUNT and NTREGOPT, old faithfuls but still good for aging machines.

    Many, many thanks for all the hard work and dedication this past year. is now my first visit of the day, am grateful for all the terrific promotions and the detailed and patient instructions. Just wanted a spot to say that and to wish you a healthful and bountiful 2011!

  • g

    Hello. I love your list but I want to add another PDF tool for consideration. It’s called PDF Xchange Viewer. I just read about it and downloaded it. I tested it briefly and itt works fine for me and it is free though there is a paid version. Best of all there is a portable version. Check it out at the following link:

    Thank you for all your efforts this year and best wishes for another great year.

  • Rob.C

    Just like to wish every body a happy new year. To Ashraf, I have only be visiting your site for a few months now and well…I can say that I am hooked. It is very hard to find straight, truthful no BS answers and solutions when it comes to software and related issues. I find every thing and more from Thanks for all your hard work and late nights to make this site what it is.
    P.s. that Kitkat bar just gave me the munchies so now I have to go get one. lol
    have a great new year

  • Bosco

    Tried to get jv16 PowerTools 2009. I followed the instructions from the link (August 23, 2010) but was unable to register the program. The “Install new license . . . ” tab would not function and “Autofind a new license . . . ” failed to automatically detect the “license.xbin” either from “desktop or in My Documents.”


    Thnx for all your hard work and great freebies over the years ^^

  • MikeR

    Good list, Ashraf.

    The freebies you mention are, of course, offers of fully-featured apps that normally have to be paid for. But it would be a shame for anyone to conclude that they’re missing out on something because a particular offer has expired, seeing as how many freeware versions are almost as good as the commercial product (a point you mention in your other comprehensive round-up of best apps & services 2010, where it’s nice to see YoWindow qualifying for an honourable mention.)

    In the category of, er, freeware-that’s-almost-as-good-as-the-commercial-version, I’d just like to mention a couple that in my experience are well worth having:

    * Bill P’s marvellous WinPatrol; and:

    * ProcessLassoo.

    Doubtless there are many more, but as those two have been the subject of full version offers in 2010 that have now expired, they’ve come immediately to mind.

    Congratulations on another excellent year for, thanks for all your efforts, and best wishes for a New year that’s as happy as it’s healthy.