The results are in: Most dotTechies want me to make the decision on the forums

Long, long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, I asked everyone their opinion on the current dotTech Forums. The poll has closed and the results are in; most dotTechies want me to make the decision on to keep or ditch the current forums, but there is a large following that demand a forum sacking:

[poll id=”13″]

Thank you everyone that provided their feedback. As it stands, yes the forums are a bit skimped in terms of features, but I am going to keep the current forums because I really, really like their superb integration with dotTech proper.

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  1. MikeR


    Agreed. . . though if you’ve got  it,  can I have, er, the lassoing a fire hydrant one?

    (I’ll swap you my PomPom Lady Banging Big Drum. I never did figure out where its use might be appropriate.)

    * Insert here Richard Fuld Leaving Bankrupt Lehman Bros With Only $50 million In His Pocket sad smiley face.

  2. Ron

    @MikeR: Funny!
    I admit to using the occasional smiley, but they don’t really convey the nuances of my intentions when writing/posting. And as phoenix said, the jumping, whirling, lassoing-a-fire-hydrant sort put me off completely. Too cute.

  3. MikeR

    I’m with phoenix on this one though will likely be in a minority.

    I still remember (from a different forum) a poster who penned three paragraphs of complaint about software bloat. The text was accompanied by seven different smileys.

    Irony, wot irony?

  4. phoenix_rising

    @Locutus: I didn’t say I didn’t like them. I like them fine … in moderation (happy, sad, angry, confused, embarrassed, etc). It’s those mindless dressed-up, doing-dumb-things smilies that drive me batty. I can understand the attraction for, say, a 10-year-old, but beyond that it’s a stretch for me to understand why anyone wants to pepper their posts with them. I know I’ll get howled down for saying it, but it makes people who do it look like morons. *Preparing for barrage of comments from silly smiley lovers*

  5. phoenix_rising

    I don’t get the whole must-have-mass smilies obsession, personally. What’s here already does the job, covers the basic emotions. Personally, I get put off by posts that have running, leaping, jumping, pom-pom waving, beer-swilling, devil-horned smileys. Looks silly and juvenile, IMHO.