[Ask dotTechies, iOS] New Security Information Required on iDevices

There is something that has come up recently on my iPhone that I couldn’t find a whole lot of information on except for a few other sites. Apparently Apple is beefing up their security measures to ensure that your Apple ID is safe and will not be broken into by someone unauthorized. This goes beyond what you have set up in the iTunes software on your computer and even accessing¬† your Apple ID on apple’s site (http://appleid.apple.com).

When you try to download something from your iDevice’s iTunes app (I’m assuming it is on all Apple devices), you get a message that states “Security Info Required.” You are then taken into the iTunes app and you are to provide three different and unique security questions and type in the answer for each as well as provide a separate email address other than your Apple ID. When this first popped up on me yesterday, I thought it was some sort of phishing attempt to access my personal Apple ID information.

I could not find anything official from Apple which really bothers me a great deal, but I was able to find a couple of blogs with the same problem that I am facing. One site stated that they weren’t sure if this was real or not, and the other one stated that they were able to confirm that this is “indeed legit.” This whole thing was announced on April 12, 2012, but this didn’t start happening to me until about April 20th. I at least had the apps I needed to test until I had no choice and do this security measure on my iPhone for today’s post.

I was wondering if any others have seen this pop up on their iPhone, iPod Touches or iPads especially since I have been doing the iOS Discoveries of the Day and downloading like crazy (again). I’m hoping someone else saw the same problem and tried to download something and saw that message. If I had thought about it I could have done a screenshot of the message and question page, but I will provide the link on the article I read about this which also included both images you will see on the device.

Here’s the article: http://arstechnica.com/apple/news/2012/04/apple-prompting-users-for-security-questions-to-bolster-apple-id-security.ars

When I was about to publish this, I thought about changing my password on my Apple ID account. When I went there, I noticed that after I logged in to my account I was asked two of my three security questions I set up on my iPhone. Also I needed to verify the rescue email address I provided so that it can be used to have you recover your account through a different email address other than your Apple ID. So after feeling disturbed that this happened, I feel a little better that they have added an extra layer of security for your Apple ID account, but I still am not at all pleased that Apple didn’t let the general public know they were doing this.

What are your thoughts about this new security practice that Apple is doing?

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  • al lipsky

    The worst thing about it is you need a DIFFERENT password you never used before…
    At age 77 where and how do you keep making passwords AND try to remember them?

  • ptlf

    I got it the several days ago when downloading an app on my ipad. Really annoying. The answers to their questions can be obscure and difficult to remember exactly how you had replied. ie: Q- First car? Hmm, did I enter Toyota, or Toyota Celica, or Celica, am I even spelling it correctly? Entered as upper case, lower case? This account is used by several in the family who can download to it. How will they know what I answered? Additional question options might allow more definitive answers. I agree with previous comment, I don’t store my credit card info in the account, on the ipad, or store passwords. Maybe I am just now understanding the security risk. Maybe someone can enlighten me.

  • Old Poet

    It struck last night. More useless stuff to try and memorize. When you are my age trying to remember teachers names, or your best and wort automobile is a struggle. I do not bank in Apple sites so I categorize these questions as invasive and a pia. Hrummph

  • Robert

    @muhammad: At first I was worried, but my last paragraph did confirm that it was all fine and dandy. The rest was just me wondering what was going on basically so I’m all good now. :)

    @mardel53: Did you key that gift card in on your device or was it done on your computer?

    @Seamus McSeamus: I tried my best to find out information on Apple’s web site, and I guess I wasn’t searching the right thing. At least I did find a post somewhere that said it was legit, and confirmed that it was good myself.

    A thought just occurred to me. What if they were doing this on your device knowing that the account is linked with it and someone else knows how to get in your account. If they let known this was going to happen then a hacker could get in and set their own security questions to basically lock you out of that account completely. I personally don’t have a credit card linked with my iTunes account, and I use the iTunes cards just because I’m very concerned about my card information being out there since my ex-wife had her card number charge up some unauthorized purchases which was stored on an online retailer.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    I got it yesterday when I was updating an app. I thought it was unusual, so intentionally entered an incorrect password, knowing that if it was legit I would be prompted that the pw was incorrect. Still, I did a search and found a thread on Apple’s forum that satisfied any concerns I might have had.

    I understand why Apple is doing this, but it would have been nice to get an email or some other form of communication from them to alert customers to expect it.

  • mardel53

    Same thing re my ITunes account; it came up when I was simply redeeming a gift card that I had since Christmas. Couldn’t redeem it until I did what they asked. I have an IPod Touch. 4th gen but this request was simply for my ITunes account!

  • muhammad

    Dont worry dear,

    i got the same message and i went through the three questions…

    it happens once and will not annoy you anymore