[Ask dotTechies] Best (worst) virus infection stories?

Recently I had to clean the computer of a family member who got infected with a rogue antivirus. That lead me to a semi-good idea: Let’s see who, among dotTechies, has the best/worst virus infection story. To kick this off, I’ll share my story.

Dear ole Dad purchased a product from an online retailer. After he ordered the product, he just happened to get an e-mail from “FedEx” informing him about his recent “delivery”. (The product purchase was a legitimate purchase from a legitimate e-tailer, so the e-mail from “FedEx” was just a coincidence — or so I hope.) Said e-mail had a file attached and encouraged my dad to open the file if he wanted more information about his “delivery”. Little did he know the only thing he was going to get delivered from that e-mail was a rogue antivirus. His computer has been infected before so he recognized the signs and asked me to fix the computer. Luckily the rogue antivirus he got infected with was a known threat so a little Googling and a little work got his computer clean, so it wasn’t too much of a hassle; but boy was I pissed, primarily at my dad who, for being extremely intelligent, does not know jack about technology. Now I keep wondering if the reason his credit card keeps being “hacked” is because of phishing scams my father falls for… (I’ve told him him if he wants to make any purchases online, from now let me do it for him on my computer.)

Okay, so you have heard my story. Let’s here yours. Fire away in the comments below.

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