[Review] DoubleSafety 4.4

Giveaway of the day for August 4, 2009 is:

DoubleSafety 4.4

Version reviewed:

Software description as per GOTD:

DoubleSafety is a program for automatic data backup. With an effortless user interface, you can store backups on your hard drive or use a local area network, send them to an FTP server or write to a CD/DVD or Blu-Ray/HD-DVD. You can also automatically encrypt data using the 256-bit AES algorithm.Benefits of using DoubleSafety:

  • Thought-out interface
  • Powerful and flexibly customizable scheduler
  • Encrypting with the AES standard
  • Uploading backups to an FTP server
  • Writing backups to CD/DVD and Blu-Ray/HD-DVD
  • Version control
  • Incremental and differential backup
  • Open files backup


DoubleSafety was last given out in March as v4.3. I wrote a full review on it back then. You can read it by clicking here.

Today’s version is v4.4. Here are the changes as per the developer:

  • Added E-mail Notifications.



  • Added Windows 7 Support.
  • Fixed some interface problems.

For the full review, final verdict, free alternatives, and recommendations, please refer back to my earlier review.

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  1. vortex

    I echo Dan’s appreciation, Ashraf. What can we do to help you get the advanced access you need? You are the best reviewer I’ve ever seen — deep-pocket$ magazines should be paying you big buck for the quality you produce. Anyway, thanks for the great past reviews and any future ones you can manage without knocking yourself out. With Kind Regards, v

  2. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Dan Laemont: I wish I would say I am “back” but I just don’t have the time to stay up all night writing reviews anymore. If GOTD would allow me access to the software say 24 hours in advance I could publish a review during the day and be done with it.

    @Bill Gates II: I have no experience or knowledge of Win7 backup so I can’t say.