Apple copyright claims hit a new low [Comic]

Anyone that reads any technology related news knows about Apple’s vendetta against Android… about Apple waging war against everything Android vis a vis lawsuits and litigation. If you think Apple has already hit a low in their crusade against the little green robot, you would be wrong. It could get worse — a lot worse. Check it out:


L.O.L. !

[via Manu Cornet]

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  1. Jeania

    Hi, this is off-topic but wondering if there’s a way to request an article somehow? I am familiar with your writings via GAOTD and like what you’ve had to say. I’m having trouble finding a good app (pref cheap or free) for android that manages budget (w/o being hooked up to your bank/bills online -.-) but i’m having trouble finding one that’s both good but a nice clean attractive interface. I don’t suppose there’s either been an article written on that or could be one? :/