To all dotTechies subscribed via Feedly: the naked women picture is not us!

Hello dotTechies,

UPDATE: This appears to have been fixed now by Feedly.

I have just been notified that, for some reason, dotTechies subscribed to dotTech via Feedly have been seeing an image of a semi-naked women next to some posts:


I’ve looked into this matter and I assure you this is not dotTech’s doing. We do not, and never will, display such images on dotTech. Our RSS feed and our posts do not contain such an image. The issue is at Feedly’s end; I’ve contact them to see what is going on and why this is happening. They need to fix it ASAP.

Sorry for the inconvenience (and for ruining your virgin eyes).

-Mr. Boss

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  1. JMJ

    @Mr. Boss – Please clarify the following for this loyal but confused reader:

    1. Were you serious when you said, “They need to fix it ASAP.”? Pictures of naked women? What is there to fix? Since I never saw them, can you postpone that ‘fix’?

    2. In this post’s title, you said, “the naked women picture is not us!” Does that mean that you, Enrique, Justin, et al, *never* post as naked women or just not in this instance?

    3. Finally, referencing your post, “Tiger + snowball = unique pic” : Many of your posts are so amazing that they *seem* to come from a Cosmic Tech God but, heretically assuming you really are just a mere mortal Earthling, please tell me where on Earth you have thrown snowballs at “an ice cream truck”?