Hungry? This fridge magnet allows you to order pizza by simply pressing a button


When you want to order a pizza, what do you do? My guess is most people either opt to go to a pizza place, order over the phone, or order on the Internet. Red Tomato Pizza, a pizza parlor based in Dubai, wants to make it easier for you to order pizza. So they created a refrigerator magnet which allows you to order pizza by simply pushing a button.

Dubbed ‘VIP Fridge Magnet’, the magnet comes in the shape of a pizza box and requires that you have a Bluetooth-enabled phone. When you first get the magnet you must sync it with your phone. After that, all you have to do is push the button to order pizza. The magnet orders the type of pizza you set to be the default of your account so it is highly recommended to hit up Red Tomato Pizza’s website and customize your pizza the way you like it.

To help prevent accidental orders, whenever the button is pushed a confirmation text message (SMS) is sent to your phone. If you ordered by mistake or want to cancel your order, you can do so easily by replying to the message.

Red Tomato Pizza has even come up with a fake movie trailer to help spread the word about this magnet; check it out:

Innovative? Maybe. Useful? Heck yeah.

[Thanks WildCat, via DigitalTrends]

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