500,000 Google Reader users have moved to Feedly in two days


Feedly, a news aggregator and RSS reader app available on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Android, and iOS, anticipated the end of Google Reader and were ready for it. As soon as Google announced the end of Google Reader, Feedly made posts informing users of not only Feedly’s intent to make a Google Reader clone but also about how Google Reader users can seamlessly migrate their feeds and subscriptions from Google Reader to Feedly. It looks like Feedly’s foresight has paid off.

According to a blog post made by Feedly, 500,000 Google Reader users have moved to Feedly in 48 hours. The sudden influx of users has, of course, put strain on Feedly’s servers and caused their website and service to slow to a crawl immediately after Google’s announcement. However, since then Feedly has added more servers and increased bandwidth by 10x to help keep the service running smoothly.

Well played Feedly, well played.

[via Feedly blog, Engadget]

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  • AT

    I think Google hired the same people who dreamed up Windows 8.

  • victorm

    Feedly – terrible – it wastes so much screen space and doesnt even flow like google reader ever did

  • DoktorThomas

    Is something in the wind at Google?

    I noticed their ad service has been increasingly off (inaccurate) for about 9 months.

    Data mining overload?

    Or, just too huge to function?

    Missed the EOR announcement. Oh, well, webusiness is slowing as 0 driven inflation creeps [sic] in. ©2013

  • Enrique

    They couldn’t have handle this whole thing any better actually. From adding the servers and putting up helpful posts on their blog to accommodate all the new users, they’ve been doing an awesome job.

    But I think what really sold me and I’m sure a lot of people as well is the fact that the whole experience is seamless. Log into Feedly with your Google account and it’s like you never left — some tweaks here and there are still needed but for the most part it all works, it’s also actually even much nicer to look at.

    And when Reader is shutdown, they’ll transition to their Google Reader API clone, ‘Normandy’, and it’ll supposedly be like nothing ever happened.

    Hard to compete with that.