Researchers revive dead and extinct frog using somatic-cell nuclear transfer


We’ve seen some cool things here on dotTech, such as cloning clones, coffee with portraits, and DNA being used as a data storage mechanism. However, if I were to pick the coolest of them all, I’d have to say bring a dead frog to life tops the list. And that is exactly what has hapened: researchers from University of New South Wales and University of Newcastle (both Australian universities) have been working on a project that allowed them to revive a dead frog. Seriously.

Dubbed ‘Lazarus Project’, thanks to a procedure called somatic-cell nuclear transfer, the scientists took nuclei from a dead and extinct frog — the Rheobatrachus silus, a frog extinct since 1983 and best known for eating its eggs and giving birth through its mouth — put it inside eggs from another frog (replacing that other frog’s nuclei), and were able to induce embryonic growth of the Rheobatrachus silus. Unfortunately that is as far as it got — the eggs died after a few days and no frogs were actually born. However, the fact that the scientists were able to make a dead frog reproduce — even if that reproduction resulted in no new frogs — is a major scientific advancement and has the right to claim honors for bringing back the dead… literally.

Pretty cool, no? The best part is the scientists are not stopping here. They plan on trudging forward to see if they can bypass hurdles and get some baby frogs hopping. Only time will tell if they succeed, but if they do…

[via CNET, UNSW, UoN, image via D. Sarille]

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  • AFPhy6

    They also used a 3-D printer in Jurassic Park 3! That is the first time I heard of the concept. … JP is the essence of great sci-fi … “Future History”

  • albert

    What happened to the baby frogs? Did they croak?

  • Mike

    What’s so cool about this? Michael Crichton did it back in “Jurassic Park” . . . .


  • AFPhy6


    ROTFLMPO… **

    Your second comment makes me glad that I flagged this article to be notified if more comments. I have to agree, though, that bringing back TRex may not be so great an idea, but I would love Stegosaurus… LOL… and I’m not real worried about the flora and fauna, except for the eagles that are getting wiped out by windmills.

    **The “P” stands for “Pajamas”

  • Susanne

    [@Suanne] And you know you’re having a bad day when you can’t even manage to spell your own name correctly . . .

  • Suanne

    Okay, this is one of the coolest things I’ve seen yet! Mammoths, that’s what I want brought back. And sabre-tooth tigers. T. Rex? Not so much. The way we humans are wrecking the environment, we may be using this on more species, flora and fauna, than we like to speculate on, sooner than we think.

  • AFPhy6


    “Cool or creepy” … perfect comment. I’m not sure myself which.

    I wonder if they could then bring back the dodo bird or carrier pigeon…

    It is not Jurassic Park … ,,, … yet.

  • Gonzo

    One step closer to zombies! :P

  • Kelltic

    Cool or creepy. Take your pick.