Samsung apologizes for sexist Galaxy S4 launch [Comic]


LOL! I really hope Samsung does not respond like that, if they do apologize at all.

By the way, I watched Samsung’s Galaxy S4 felt it was intended to be humorous, not sexist. In my opinion, some people need to lighten up. It seems the popular move nowadays is to condemn whatever you don’t like as discrimination, regardless of intent or reality. And Samsung needs to learn how to launch devices. I hate to say it but… just follow Apple’s example.

By the way (again), this post is a joke. Don’t flame me for being sexist.

[via Joy of Tech]

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  • Mike

    Society has gotten to be very intolerant (unless you are infamous in the U.S.–then you get away with things, and in fact get celebrated for them).

    People routinely yell that someone should get fired when having done something wrong. But think about it: should the person who screwed up really have his or her livelihood ruined, if something is an honest mistake that one can be educated about?

    Tolerance: it’s a good thing . . . .

  • Coyote

    The same can be said of racism, classism, and most any religion. If you claim any assumption about another person you are some sort of bigot. That’s not to say you’re not right in your assumptions, many people are exactly what they look/sound like. Hence the very idea of race, religion, society. The trick is to remember everyone is capable of individual thought and reason. The rub is not everyone is taught how.

  • ewsmith

    Aren’t the people who scream “SEXIST!!!” the sexist ones? Most people I know really don’t care what others think.

  • AFPhy6

    Cute post.